Monday, August 2, 2010

Jewelry Making at Spoiled Rotten

Staci had a sale at her store last weekend.
She asked me to show up and make necklaces for any interested parties.
I set up all my gear and got after it.

Basically, I had to make lots of samples for folks to decide if they wanted a simple style or a fancier style or whatever.
I actually had a pretty god set up!

Being organized made me really, really, really long for an art room with all my gear in its special little home!

And here is Veronicia strolling my way!
This is her sister, Nicole, and her niece, Ali. That pose remind you of someone? Maybe a babysitter? Maybe a two, wait, no, THREE year old?
ANd here is my sweet brother in law who had a birthday on the 30th.
But we don't celebrate it then, because that is also the day his mom passed away unexpectedly, so we usually just pick some random date later in the year to call his birthday!

ANd here is Courtney who said my blog was boring and so she quit reading it. She was kidding. But she better watch it now. No mercy... I am ALWAYS with camera!
I had to do a little purchasing of hair accessories while I was there.
This is Staci's store, Spoiled Rotten.
Actually, I bought THESE hair accessories! Ellie is all about headbands these days.
Cynthia, my neighbor to be, purchased this fun little necklace.

I only had one of these little brass pendants, which was about an inch and a half long. I knew she needed plenty of space for all of her brood.
Then, my friend, Julie, stopped by.
She doesn't have lots of kids, but they have long names!
So we chose this style pendant. I have one like it with my girls' names on it.
I really just like the "gold" ness of it!
And then, I had to make a bunch of samples, so I had to use people who I am apt to give gifts to!
This one is not taken, but is for a popular high school here in Monroe.

This chain made of gold and emeralds, May's birthstone, has Staci's initials on it.
And this chain is made of silver and labrodorite. I love this stone. It is great with denim! I'm not telling whose initials these are. I'll see who is reading my blog!
Cynthia also picked out this cool necklace for her sister. I love the family's initial in the middle on that brass shape and the kids' names on the outside.

I worked on a little bracelet for my baby girl!
Which meant my "big girl" needed a prize too!
I practiced textures on Ellie's. And as I am sure you can tell, I am into mixed metals lately!

This Peace necklace belongs to me and I wear it often.
I brought it just to show how we can use two or three things in the middle in a neat way.

And then, I got to try out my new Greek alphabet. I LOVE IT !
Ok, ok... so maybe another one for Ellie! This chain is gold and has an onyx (black) stone on it.

And then I made what may be my favorite necklace ever! Ok, I know... I exaggerate. But seriously... i LOVE it!

I used this mixed stone chain and stamped in my mission statement at MMPT on copper.
Then I used a funky patina to make it old-ish looking.
I wore it every single day this week!

If you have any inkling that you may want to order necklaces or what not for Christmas, try to get me some of your orders in early. As soon as I get in the BAH, I hope to be able to take orders, keep up with orders and fill orders all in a timely manner. Organization should be a powerful motivator for me. I have been working out of baskets and bags and totes from the art room, cottage, basket on top of the fridge... etc! I have to hunt things down before I can even start the project. I am excited!



Amy K said...

These are awesome Mo, and so is Staci's store! What a terrific idea!
Are you also going to be taking orders for Christmas canvas gifts, along with the necklaces? And, I still need to e-mail you about an idea for a couple other gifts!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the necklaces! Does Staci have a website for her store -- I have 6 precious grandbabies -- always looking for a new place to "shop".

Kathryn said...

I love the Stacy necklace! Do you have any chain with little turquoise beads? If so, I would like to order one. And, about a gajillion more. Oh, so lovely!

sportzmom said...

I want to order the mixed stone chain with MMPT's mission statement. I love that sentiment. Please let me know what I need to do to proceed!

tricia said...

Necklaces are great.

Didn't know Staci has a store;she's been at the beach on vacation for over a year!

Monika said...

Love to follow your blog, and love your jewelry, too!
I have one daughter, and would love to order a necklace. I really like the gold pendant with names and the silver cross that sits on top. Let me know what I need to do!

Stacey said...

Love the jewelry. I would like to order a neclace like the one you did for Cynthia's sister.

Have a great week!


Kim said...

Awesomeness!!! Staci's store ~ your necklace's ~ totally cool!! As a reader of your blog, I know that "secret" initials necklace isn't mine ~ those aren't close to mine!! LOVE seeing Staci's store...and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the black Love shirt!! Does Staci have a website for her store??

jneman said...

Where do you buy your supplies for stamping - just took a silver stamping class at an art studio - looking for a place to buy the tools that isn't too expensive. Hoping to take cold connection riveting class later this month.

connie said...

i love the pendants you made and i love staci's store. i want to learn how to do the pendants stamping like you do? what do you need to do it with?? i love the little bracelet that you made for gabbi. can there be one made for a boy? someone asked me to make them a boy braclet for a baby boy with his name on it. i would love to make one like you did just dont know what to get to make them? email me and let me know what i need iam into making jewelry already sold a lot wahoo im going to email you about the tie necklaces i need more of them.. again i loved the pics and does staci have a website for her store. look for a email from me ok hugs