Saturday, July 17, 2010

Swimming Lessons. First timers!

Here they are... the big girls!
At their very first swimming lessons.... along with all these young uns. This is Miss Robin's pool. She has taught swimming lessons, for like, 20 years. I am being serious. Mary Allison took from Miss Robin, so you KNOW Ellie was all about giving it a try!

Gabbi Girl was just tagging along for the snacks!

And since her mom did not have the forethought for such things, she had to benefit from the planning and generosity of others.

I really wish Gabbi could have taken lessons, but she wasn't old enough. I think she is going to be my little FISH. She LOVES the water!!

But Miss Ellie Sue took to her lessons pretty well too. Here she is learning to kick her feet when on her belly.

And this is my usual view from my lap.

Not a bad view, I suppose. This baby girl LOVES her mama! And her mama LOVES her!

Have I mentioned she is speaking a little more clearly? I am starting to make out a few more words. That makes for slightly less frustration on both of our parts.

Miss Maddi was NOT really a fan of the water initially. ANd believe me...

This shows that Miss Robin is GOOOOOOD at her job. Even Maddi, the princess queen, put her face in the water!

Yay, Maddi!

These two "are like peeeeas and carrots!".

And this one is the mastermind. Maddi, be careful. Be very, very careful!

But I will tell ya.... she was quite the little swimmer!

Miss Robin had Ellie Sue very close to swimming by the first session. She almost talked me into another round. And honestly, we may just show up next week!

Each kid takes about 5 minutes or so of one on one before the next one has a turn. There is a constant rotation between them.

The rule is that when it is not your turn, you have to sit on the steps.

I was proud of this one for not getting in the pool in her clothes. She often does that when she sees a pool.

I thought this was a funny expression.

And if you are wondering about the clothing change, well, it is actually another day at swimming!

Note her own little Ziploc of snacks? Yep... it is a KK day at lessons! Mom... not so organized.

Miss Robin's son also helped with the lessons.

Ellie probably worked extra hard for him. She is a fan of the male species. UGH!

Maddi is a fan of dry land!

But Miss Robin had tricks up her sleeve. First they blew bubbles.

ANd they vigorously splashed to get water all in their faces.

Gabbi Girl cozied up to CoCo. SHe looks like she is having a spa day!

Are you ready for this?

1,2,3, and UNDER!

YAaaaaay for you, Ellie!

and now for a solo performance!

TA DA!!!

And as it stands, Ellie jumps off the diving board with her ring on . She climbs the ladder and slides down the slide all by herself. She readily jumps off the side of the pool with her ring on. She is not really afraid of the water, and has no qualms whatsoever about going underwater!

That's my big girl! I am so proud.



Renee said...

WTG girls! She'll be jumping and stuff witout the ring before you know it.

Melanie Christian said...

Go Ellie and Maddie! I wish I knew somebody around here that teaches swimming lessons. It looks like the girls had a wonderful time!

tricia said...

Way to Go Ellie Sue!

Bella's mommy said...

wtg ellie sue! girl to get those girls all the way under the water...miss robin has to be GOOD! you have to message me her number! bells has MAJOR issues with water in her face!

Amy K said...

Awesome job girls. And, what a good girl you are Gabbi....cheetos are the best, aren't they?
Looks like they have a fabulous teacher.
Great pics - thanks for sharing!

Beth E. said...

How cool is that?! Good for Ellie and Maddi! Definitely continue the lessons, Mo. They'll be swimming like little fish at the end of the summer, and looking sooo cute in the process!

Look at Gabbi girl, using self-control around that swimming pool. I'm proud of her, too!

Shannon said...

Way to go little fishies!!!

Also, good job Gabbi for not getting in the pool with your clothes on!

Beverly said...

Way to go, Ellie and Maddi! You're such BIG girls now. I don't know how you're going to keep up with three fish in the water, MO - but I know you'll be able to find help without a problem. Love those girls.

snekcip said...

Alright!!! I can't wait for my sweet thing to take lessons! She is afraid for water to touch her face! I'm hoping swimming lessons eases that issue! I just haven't found one here locally yet. Ellie and Maddi done great! What wonderful instructors!!!

PS I had to cringe when I saw Gabbi eating that CHEETOS w/the precious WHITE 2pc on!! OMG those cheetos stains are a nuisance! I probably would have passed out if she was eating chocolate!! LOL!!

Unknown said...

I love the truly captured the essence of swimming lessons! I actually began teaching in 1989 and don't believe there is anyone around who has taught as long as I have. I so love teaching this life saving skill and there is no greater reward than watching them swim for the first time! Ellie Sue and Maddie were so much fun and I can't wait to add Gabbi Lou to the mix! I also love this blog...your girls are so lucky to have such an awesome mom and family!