Sunday, July 18, 2010

A lazy Saturday morning.

Morning has to be one of my favorite times with little girls!
Ellie always wakes up with a smile. Usually with a "hey!" She absolutely wakes up talking!
Gabbi will start with "mama? Mama?" and if no answer..."Earl? Earl?" As soon as she hears us stirring, she pops up in her crib with a big, big smile!
I LOVE to go over to get Gabbi out of her crib, because she is a snuggle bug in the morning. She will ALWAYS, always, always, throw her arms around my neck and squeeze me in the mornings. I sho do LOVE that!
And then we usually pile up for a few to catch a little Dora! It is just our way!


tricia said...

I love the look of just woken up kids! Awake but not yet awake. Earl? Not Daddy? lol

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

These are my favorite kind of sweet

I also have a new post on A BABY CHANGES EVERYTHING with more of the giveaway on Grammy more EASY chances to win.

SK said...

I watched "The Spy Next Door" and I think the little girl looks like Gabbi will in a couple of years.

Melanie Christian said...

There's nothing like cuddle time with your babies! I love mornings like that, too!

Amy K said...

Awwww, I miss those snuggly morning times!
Gabbi's hair is growing super fast. Love these photos.