Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OOh La La.

Just another crazy outfit put together by my looney oldest kid.
There are a few "musts" in her wardrobe lately. One is her pants under dresses.

Another is a sweater, preferably buttoned all the way to the top!
This particular sweater only had one button... BUT... it is, like, 90 degrees outside, so I just don't get it.

She spied my beret from across the room, and like a moth to a flame...
Gabbi's outfit was equally "fine", wouldn't you say?
So, I guess this is proof positive that my kids are free spirited and able to "think outside the box" in the wardrobe department!


My friend, Stacy, took pics at Inspired in North Carolina. You know, that event I attended and left my camera battery at home. That one!
Anyhoo, she is emailing me a few pics of our trip so I can share. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE I DIDN'T HAVE MY CAMERA?! Actually, I did.... just not the rest of the essentials!

And Amy, I found my list of all 52 questions. I will load up two more tomorrow.


tricia said...

You work that runway Ellie Sue!

Amy K said...

Ellie's rocking that beret! Adorable girls.
Yeah, you found your list of ?s - Cool!
So, with all the running you're doing, you've have got to be feeling amazing!! Quite an inspiration you are...

Mary said...

Ellie's looks good in her outfit. I believe you have a little fashion model on your hands.

Anonymous said...

I have visions of Ellie on America's Next Top Model in a few years. Great poses! That girl can "work" any outfit can't she?

And Gabbi is the same age as my youngest and she is just toooooo sweet!

SamC said...

Love the hat! Those two are precious beyond words!

I'm still 52Qing too! I have FINALLY got my craft room together, I just like the finishing touches. Thanks to my hope to be daughter-in-law, Katie, my room is almost finished! That girl can do some organizing. Want me to send her your way when you get in your BAH?? She loves doing stuff like that AND she loves kids. You two would get along just fine. She is a doll.

Okay, enough rambling. Have a great day.

Hallie said...

She cracks me up....love her imagination!