Monday, May 17, 2010

Going to play at Ella Kate's.

About two weeks ago, the girls and I went out to check on the progress of our new house. When there, we walked next door to pick up their favorite cousin. We decided to see if our neighbors across the street would mind if we used their "swing set".
Comical to call it a swing set. We call it "Parker Park"!
And this is Ella Kate.... the OTHER two year old on the end of the street. And these are the three monkeys I was responsible for!
They play so well together. Well, MOST of the time, anyway.
Today was a good day!
I guess I am going to have to get out the little riding toys again. They don' t play with them at our house, but seemed to LOVE them at Ella Kate's!

I was so proud of how Gabbi girl worked to keep up with the big kids.
This one injured herself, like three times, during the play time. I'll tell you about the worst injury in just a minute.
Ella Kate has FOUR brothers. This is Cole. He is the third in line and the kid who is just older than she.
And might I add.... Ellies' FAVORITE friend!
This was one of the first times that I could really watch Gabbi Girl and realize that she was doing so much better physically. I was able to step away a bit and let her play without staying right atop her.
Ella Kate plays just about as hard as Ellie Sue!
Speaking of Ellie, here she is with her best buddy!
Oh, Maddi needed a little push to0. Check out those seesaws in the background. They have a lot to do with our injury! This is Sam...Parker child #5!
OK, so this is the big incident!
And this is just a few seconds before it occured! Ellie and Maddi were learning to seesaw. They had never done that before. They were having a ball.... UNTIL....
Ellie decided she was DONE with the seesaw and just got right off. With Maddi at the top of the other end. When she did that, Maddi slammed to the ground and the butt end of the see saw came up and hit Ellie in the mouth. I thought it was her nose at first, but saw blood coming from her mouth. I checked it out, and she had totally ripped that frenulum (stringy tissue) on her top gum just above her top front teeth. UGH!
I couldn't decide whether or not we needed to seek stitches. I googled it and it seemed that we may be ok, so we just watched it and she healed fairly quickly.
Onto something sweet...
The girls were LOVING the slide. But Cole th0ught it was funny to slide right down on top of him... one after the other!
Whooooooa, Nellie!
We took a little Cheeto Puff break, and Gabbi decided to just pocket hers and keep right on playing!
My little chipmunk!
OK, I couldn't resist. I just love a kid who loves my kid!
Injury number two!
This little playhouse turned into Ellie's nemesis!
She got her finger caught in the hinge side of the swinging door when the other little girls were going in the hut.
OK, I can kinda get that one. BUT...
Later, she was looking up and screaming, and when I went over to check it out, she had her CHIN stuck in the same swinging door. How in the world this kid managed that... I will never know. But, one of the kids was holding the door open and Ellie was on the hinge side, so she apparently was trying to look through the gap, and....
whew. She wears me out!
But as you can see, she bounces right back.

It was a fun day. We look forward to living across from Parker Park. Look out, neighbors, here come the Crazies!


Amy K said...

Look at that Gabbi Girl climbing up that ladder - yay!
Cute pics. Ellie's mouth injury made me cringe a little. I'm the same way as you when it comes to deciding on stitches.
Now that you're home and back into your busy life, I don't suppose I could talk you into posting the two 52Qs you owe us?? ;-)
I need to e-mail you to work out some plans for a canvas for my daughter's graduation -- plenty of lead time, because she graduates next year!
Just another manic Monday....

SK said...

I love the photo of Maddi's hair standing straight out! I think you need to frame that one.

tricia said...
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tricia said...

Omg my post got all out of sync and was unreadable. I deleted it;I'll try again.
The pics are great! It looks like everyone was having a fun time.Gabbi is so precious. Maddi's hair is just wild that's for sure;no more neat bows.Ellie is the energizer bunny.

Molly said...

So fun! All those kids are going to have a blast growing up together when y'all get to the BAH. Exciting to see Gabbi Girl branching out and doing so many new things... she's really looking grown up in your last couple of posts. Looking forward to hearing more about your weekend after you recover from being away.

Anonymous said...

Look out neighbors! Looks like fun!

snekcip said...

Now that is a nice swingset!!! Ouch!! Ellie "takes a lickin' and keep on ticking"!! We had a ZIPLINE incident on a recent park trip! It seems it was "all fun and games at first, then Bree decides she is MORE interested in a "vacated" swing and literally lets go of the zipline in mid-air!! PLOP!! Gravity was NOT her friend!!! After a quick "look" and some "NEO TO GO", she was off an running again!!! She still loves the ZIPLINE and refuses for me to hold her!! She is in the stage of "I CAN DO IT MYSELF"!!!

Gabbi is doing wonderful by the way and I justlove the STATIC HAIR pic of Maddi!!!

Kelly said...

Wow...what a great playset! Love it!

Renee said...

Wow, Parker Park is Suhweeeet! Precious kiddos!

randdmom said...

I think my laughter woke the neighbors! How do you get your chin caught in a door?! OMG your posts crack me up! Gorgeous kiddos and lots of fun at Parker Park!