Thursday, May 6, 2010

House update!

Well here it is... an update on the BAH!

We couldn't resist yesterday but to drive up our new tentative driveway. We finally decided to cut down a big oak in the front yard so that we could safely drive between two other big oaks without risking losing them. May sound a little odd, but it turned out exactly how we imagined it!

So, let's look at a few features. This is the garage. and it has the world's best storage area. I am talking about space enough to walk a pre decorated tree right up without ever even taking the first ornament off! Loving that idea! ANd actually, I mean LOTS of storage. ABout 55'x 18' or so.
This is our really cool backyard entertaining area. This is the only place on the outside of our house that we have stacked stone. I think it looks great.

The ceiling hasn't been stained yet, but this is the outdoor kitchen area. The bare wood over the mantle is to bolt a TV to. This will eventually be Todd's nirvhana!
Oh, and this too! This is his "gameroom/ bar" . The ceiling is complete. It is a dark, dark grey called Black Fox. The cabinets are only primed at this point. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stone wall on the inside of our house.
Oh, there is Black Fox.
The walls will be mystic something or another and will be a very dark purple. This whole room will be very dark. But, you know... "man cave"!
This is a view from the other side of the rom. That window is a pocket window that opens all the way into the wall. Both panes slide in. This creates a nice little pass through situation for the Mixer Master! He is the king of the bar!
Except when his dad is here. Then, Larry takes the title! Bloody Marys. OHhhhhh yeah!
That old cypress above was something I found at a cool place that tears down old factories and buildings, and decided I HAD to have some. It came in when I was out of town and Todd said, "Melanie, this looks like someone's old fence and it looks like junk."
I was crushed. I was so excited about getting it, and he was bursting my bubble! Well, lo and behold, as you will see in just a minute, it is so cool... just like I thought! Once the old husband saw it, he, too, had to admit that it was really neat. He added it all around his gameroom. The bar is made of it, and as you will see in a bit, we also used it to trim the room vs. typical floorboards/ moulding.
This is our indoor workshop. I cannot wait til they get the wall color on. Todd is NOT a fan of the bluish grey I chose for the cabinets. And I gotta say, I am not a fan of the way they look with the ceiling. But I am pretty sure that when a lighter grey gets on the wall, it is all going to tie nicely together. This is where I will soon be painting canvases and hammering jewelry! Yoohooo!!!
Would you just loooooook at all those drawers?
I tried to take a picture of the gorgeous view, but don't understand my camera enought to worry with the right settings for such bright sun. Take my word for it. It is beautiful.
Oh, here is the cypress moulding. Cool, huh?
Just thought I would let you peek in our new pantry. That I also had them paint a fun little color called San Antonio Sage.
Here is the fireplace FINALLY stoned, but now all covered up because the ceilings were being sprayed, and, well, stone is NOT a cheap product!
It goes waaaaaaaay up there!
This is Gabbi Girls' room. We are painting it Tantalizing Teal. The floating shelves are going to be Gleeful (lime green). And all the accents in here will be white.
If you look far right, you can see that there is a bare pine on the wall. I had them "pickle" it with white paint so you still get the rustic/ natural affect of the wood. That will serve as the girls' main play area, thus the big ol' game/ toy closet.
Both girls have their own vanity. Every time someone is over to see the house, I ask Ellie to show them her room. (Trying to really get that concept of her sleeping in HER room in her head), she takes them to her bathroom. She always points at that bottom left drawer and says, "this is where I will keep my bracelets and headbands." I think I told her that one day to point out to her that this would really be the home to HER stuff. ANd buddy, she ain't forgotten it!
This little part is a little comical. We added this in retrospect.
It is the inside (sorta) of Ellie's closet and to teh left is her adjustable shelves for her shoes!! Lord help us. Have I mentioned that presently her shoes are in a big huge bag on the stairs behind the baby gate. Todd and I just do NOT have the strength to pick up ALL of her shoes one more time.
She reminds me a little of myself with her all or nothing mentality!
THat is just the rest of her closet.

And would you get a load of Todd's vanity area? Ok, notice where it comes on me in relation to my boobs.
And I am 5'6"! That cabinet BASE is 40". When they add the granite, I will be able to lean forward at it like a water fountain at the school! But, he wanted it tall! He is about 6'4".
Ahhhhh, and one of my very favorite parts of the house... my window by my bathtub! I had them replace my first window only about a week or so ago, because I just didn't think I would ever be satisfied with a window over my tub that didn't actually function. I can't wait to soak and have my window open and listen to the birds and feel the breeze.
We used that dark grey, Black fox, in our bedroom tray ceiling also. The walls will be Dovetail Grey.
And there are lots of little primed cabinets. Mark my words.... grey is the new tan in houses! Just sit back and watch this trend grow!
That little room is the private den off our bedroom. It is small and quaint and perfect for our family snuggling in a smaller space to watch a movie (vs. 21" ceilings! NOT quaint), or if one of us is up at midnight like I am right now while the other is sleeping, we can type away in the small room that is virtually part of our bedroom.

Three MUST HAVES if I was to agree to build a new house.... one. a window over my bathtub. two. a fireplace in my bedroom. and three. a loft, kinda like my cottage.
I got all three!
This is the fireplace in the bedroom which will be covered in translucent glass tiles in four different colors ( olive green, steel grey, java brown, and a tan).

That is the ceiling of my screened porch. More of that reclaimed lumber (beadboard) that I think has so much character!

Ahhhh, and thing number three that I love.... my LOFT!

I just think it is so unique. Those are cedar beams. They are rough and need to be sanded! But, I love how we mixed the new and modern lines with the natural/ rustic beams. I LOVE all the natural elements in the house.... wood, stone, and the tiles we chose for various places are very earthy.... slate and travertine.
They have primed the kitchen cabinets too. I LOVE the black!
I think this island is going to be orange. It is going to have a custom paint treatment on it though that brings in the black and tan. Then, the adjacent dining room will also be orange.
Oh wait... maybe four! I really, really , really wanted a spiral staircase in my house. I LOVE the contrast of the black repetitive iron ballisters to the green behind it. and I LOVE how it is tucked into this little space right here in the kitchen.
I wasn't there, but they say installation was a beee otch.

And voila... more black cabinets. This time in my art room! The walls are next up to get a coat of very bright Synergy which is bright turquoise. I LOVE turquoise and black! The ceiling and trim will remain white and I'm waiting on a bid for linoleum wide striped floors, heat welded to form a cool pattern on the floor.
Just outside the art room is the mudroom.... see....
I TOLD you that raw cypress was cool!

I love this room for the way it looks, smells, and feels!
I have been waiting very patiently for what I finally got to see yesterday!
My main wall color, trim color, baseboard stain and ceiling color.
Because the main living area is so large, I really, really needed to like this combination. However, I hadn't seen it anywhere on the walls together until yesterday. Whaddyu think?! I like it. Very warm.
Oh, and when you come to my art retreats to stay in the BAH, this will be your bathroom. Just sayin'!
Yep. I am really liking this combination. By the way, we are up in the loft now. I don't think I have ever shown any pictures from up here.
This is the guest bedroom. Notice the subtle greyish green on the walls...
Grey wall, meet your ACCENT wall in Surfside (or Surfer) or something like that! This wall will have a cool paint treatment applied to it very soon! Think Moroccan feel!
Bedroom number two upstairs is done in Tupelo Tree.

Ring a bell?
That was the color that I wanted to do the entire living space in. So glad I didn't. I would have felt like I was living in a rainforest!
But I LOVE it for this guest bedroom. Hey, you art retreaters. This room, I hope, will have about 8 bunks in it soon so we can have all kinds of adult pallet party fun. and eventually, the girlies can have 8 of their best buds over for big overnight parties where they can all stay together and far from mom and dad!
This is standing in the loft looking across the top of the den at the fireplace. Todd kinda wishes he'd put in a drop down movie screen to watch movies at this height when we were up here playing. How cool would that have been? Feet propped up on the iron rail (being made now) and eating popcorn?!
One more upstairs room....
This is the exercise room. It opens up to the balcony on the back of the house. I figured if I went to the expense of building an exercise room, maybe I'd better get my lazy butt up there and use the dern thing. It will soon have wide vertical light/ medium purple stripes on the wall to the right. I'll be sure and share!
Reason numero uno the builders hate me for a spiral staircase that was only put in a week ago....
This here ladder...
was the only way to access any of this upstairs space. They built this whole house with ladders adn scaffolding. And Todd and I have trekked up this ladder about a thousand times as well!
This is my dining room. I LOVE it! I really like the grey primer with the brown ceiling, but the actual color it will be is like the trim upstairs, Protege' bronze. I hope it looks good.
And then this whole room will be orange, like the island in the kitchen. Dontcha love how that window looks like a picture frame?
Word to the wise.... stain looks MUCH prettier (and different) once the final layer of "shine" is added.
Ok, I don't mean to brag, but.....
Does that view look like a landscape painting or what?! We may never leave the kitchen table!
Ok, almost done! These are Todd's outdoor cabinets that are also going to be painted our indoor trim color, Protege' bronze.
And when I lifted up that plastic, I found the sample of our granite...
This will be the surfaces in our kitchen... note the brown (trim and floor color), black (cabinet color) and orange (dining room and island color). Cool, ain't it?!

And once back outside, let me give you a glimpse of the transplanted plants I have at the ready when the ol' sprinkler system is in place!
Oh, yeah... mama brought her babies!
And now, I leave you with this....
Our future backyard.
I can just smell the steaks cooking now!



Michelle said...

Love it! Love the COLORS! :)

snekcip said...

Loving the LOFT and WINDOW VIEW of the pond!!

snekcip said...

PS got a name for this post ... BACK TO THE FUTURE!! Did you notice it says May 6, 2009 on this post? Michelle's comment is May 5, 2010 and mine is May 6, 2010!! I know the BAH wouldn't have been this far along in completion in May 2009!! You got me confused now Mo!! That's not hard to do either!!! LOL!!! I found this entry on my BLOG DASHBOARD, but couldn't find this entry, but if I clicked on MY FAVORITES *which this blog is* it brings up the "SPRINKLER FUN" post!

Amy K said...

Absolutely G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!
Brag away, that view is amazing! I just love your loft, spiral staircase, your studio, color choices, fireplaces, outdoor entertaining area, storage area....never mind, I love it all!
Thanks for sharing these photos - you, Todd, and the girls are going to love NESTing there!

Amy said...

Can I come and live in the loft? I love everything Mo! Is there anything you can't do?

Michelle said...


Pepper said...

Love your BAH. It is awesome. And the view from the kitchen, WOW!! You are right. I might sit at my table all day long.

snekcip said...

Whew when I first saw this post it wasn't as nearly as long! Now that my RETINA'S HAVE STOPPED BLEEDING! I have to say, beautiful! Also why not throw in a drop-down screen, it's not too late you know! Oh-oh, the builders will "have my head" if they heard I suggest that!!!

Paige said...

WOW! I love it! You must have been keeping a list of your favorite things for a home for awhile. I am starting to do that since we are buying land next week! Yay! Love your home!

SaraG said...

WOW!! Your BAH is AMAZING!!!
I love the construction process. We own a plumbing business and it is so cool to see how a house comes along!
Take care and thanks for the tour!!

tricia said...

AWESOME house! I'm so happy for your success in life. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Martha from NC said...

The BAH is BEEEEEEEAUTIFUL!!! You have done a great job integrating all your ideas. Can't wait to see the finished product! It'll be awesome. Enjoy these last few weeks as you see everything come together!

breanna said...

LOVE the colors all together too! And i'm happy to see the art room cabinets are black--i was soo confused when they were blue last time. i totally forgot about the primer!

You know you are going to miss going up that ladder now:)

connie said...

i love the pics of your new Bah going to be so pretty when its done. i cant wait to see it finished. i hope to come to your art retreat i know its going to be alot of fun enjoy the next few weeks of it coming together it wont be long you will be moving in and getting settled and back to doing your art stuff i know your going to enjoy your new BAH.

Theresa Shirley said...

LOVE IT!!!! You have such a great sense of style! I'm proud for you that you're getting close to getting into your dream home now...I know the girls will love it too!! Thanks for sharing---you KNOW I've been waiting on more pics of that BAH!!!

stephleighjenkins said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

pickledfairy said...

I love it!! I am particularly in awe of the view from the kitchen table...I think you are right it looks exactly like a landscape painting! The loft space is such a cool idea. It makes me wish I were artsy so I could come crash a Mo art party! :) I cannot wait to see the final outcome.


Tammy said...

I love everything about your new house, can you just go on and adopt me now??

speak said...

Oh how beautiful!! House, views, colors, everything!!! Our bedroom is light Grey walls with a teal/turquise accent wall with black accents everywhere. I love those colors together!!

Carrie said...

Hole-E-Crap! You weren't lying when you named this the BAH! It looks bigger each time I see pics. I absolutely love everything you are doing. So BOLD and bright and very unique. Your kitchen ceiling is my fav though. I just may have to copy that when we build! Thanks so much for the tour and can't wait to see more (and maybe even in person some day!)

SamC said...

Tell Todd that I can just see your "cobage" sitting out there in the back yard by the lake.

I love your new home and I'm glad I won't have to clean that bah! :o)

randdmom said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Is the spiral staircase your only one? or is there a traditional case also? Just wondering...Love it all!!

Linda said...

Love the colors... and everything else for that matter!

Do you have a second staircase? The reason I ask is that we have a very similar spiral staircase in our house, and it is nearly impossible to carry anything up the steps (like a box or a suitcase). I can't imagine what it would be like to have to move furniture (like those 8 bunk beds!) with only a spiral case! If you don't have a straight case somewhere else, PLEASE share how you are getting along without one--our straight case is very steep and I wouldn't mind seeing it gone!

Have you made any progress in the effort to move the cottage? ;)