Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nice Outfit, Ellie!

I think you know that this is our HAM!
and have I mentioned how many times a night she changes clothes?

Well, that has increased by at least two in the past couple of weeks.
We are going to have to make sure that any shoes we actually want to be able to find in a PAIR when we need them, we are going to have to put on the HIGH shelves in the new house. In this house, all shoes are in a low drawer, and Ellie has total access, (a right she exercises), to them. Then when we need them, like, oh... Easter Sunday, we cannot find them!!
Most of her bows are now kept high on the armoire because those, too, were being found in every nook around the house! I am pretty sure she keeps her own stash in various purses she tucks into her toy box. Like for instance, this lovely hot pink daisy that she felt matched her LEFT shoe! (Penny, WHAT am I going to do!? I don't have time to RACE her! Ha)

And no photo opp is spared from the yoga pose! With a microphone in hand.

I've got to admit... a two year old putting on a pair of tights entirely alone is pretty impressive.

If only she would stick to dressing herself. Her newest fascination is dressing her little sister.... that includes diaper changing. I catch this going on way too often.
For the record, this is the kitchen I intend to PAINT in tomorrow, since my little DIVA is at the beach with her Aunt Staci and Uncle Don and of course, favorite cousin, Maddi. That story to follow... FULL photos to support of her leaving the driveway... NOT easy on mom and dad!
I cannot wait to see what Don and Staci have to say about her shenanigans. Staci says Ellie is not only payback to me for all I may have done to create havoc as a kid, but that Ellie is payback enough for the WHOLE FAMILY!!

She is a handful. To say the least.



Kelly said...

That is too cue. Reminds me of Jenna when she was that age..which wasn't all that long ago. At 4 she is still changing clothes quite often!!

Kelly said...

too CUTE I meant!

Melanie Christian said...

Putting on pantyhose is very impressive! My 8 year old can't even put them on right without ripping them! Go Ellie! I love her poses! They are so cute and funny!

Amy K said...

Ellie's at the beach...I'm jealous...she must just keep you guys laughing all the time!
What is it with girls changing their clothes all day long? My 10 yr. old STILL does that, and I sound like a broken record about how I have other things besides laundry to do....gotta love 'em!
Happy painting Mo!

Brienna Scott said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one with a 2 1/2 yr old that changes clothes about 10 times a day AND has her own sense of style- which usually involves a dress a cowboy boots!

Beth E. said...

Watching Ellie leave had to be hard. How long will she be at the beach? I bet you'll get a lot accomplished while she's gone! lol She is just a hoot!

I think it's a great idea to get all of her shoes, accessories, etc. put up. It will make your life much easier if you don't have to spend time picking things up or searching for things. :-)

Unknown said...

She's adorable! Love the tights!!

Vicki said...

Maybe she's doing her Pippy Longstocking impression. She's adorable!

Carrie said...

Well, she is the cutest little handful I ever did see! Hope she is having fun on vaca. Don't forget, you need a break to get your stuff done too!

Penny said...

Believe me, racing isn't a time sucker - it speeds things up - and you are both getting dressed at the same time. Racing and/or saying "By the time I turn around you better be dressed" in a mock angry voice then "try" to catch her not dressed. That used to speed Emma up too. - Of course, Emma was 3 - 4 and older for this stuff. Ellie is pretty advanced in the whole dressing herself thing! Ellie may be a handful - but boy, what a personality! Priceless!