Sunday, April 4, 2010

More Egg Hunting.

Can it even get any cuter than that? Gabbi Girl let me help her put about three eggs in her basket, then it was slide, slide, and more slide!!

Dontcha just love pink Keds? And a bunny smocked dress? And a sweet pink bow? I could eat this sweet baby up!

I was kinda laughing at this picture. Maddi and her entourage. Courtney (aka CoCo), is Maddi's main babysitter. But I've found their family to be a lot like ours with that whole all for one and one for all mentality! So, that's Judy, Courtney's mom behind Maddi too. They both came, along with first cousins, KK and Lauren, Aunt Stephanie and nephew, Grant. Did I cover all the Cousans clan?

Maddi looks like she's all,"hey,peeps, get my basket and things and follow me."

Our parties are usually for the kids, but make no bones about it, the adults are catered to as well. Todd the Bod did the grilling, and Veronicia was in charge of food of all other kinds.

I was in charge of the facepainting!! I was not crazy enough to think gabbi would sit still long enough to get the full bunny face, so she got a quick, "GG" for Gabbi Girl or even Gabbi Groves, I suppose!

Maddi, on the other hand, wanted the full shabang!

As did Miss Hallie Grace. Seriously though, how cute are these bunnies?!

And speaking of CUTE...

Veronicia's niece, Allie, was in for an Easter visit and just does a fabulous job with our girls. And she Is only 12!

And here's a sweet pic of allie and her Nanny. She is Nanny to Ellie and Maddi too.
You see, the Wood Family is another one of those families that is very close, and like us Masseys, travel in a pack.

Staci and Veronicia date their friendship back to elementary school.
Ok, haveI mentioned how much Gabbi Girl LOVES the Easter bunny? I mean, really, really, really LOVES the Easter Bunny! To the point that she cries when he leaves teh area, and does NOT let him put her down. AT ALL! This is the picture when she first saw him and ran all the way down the hill to get to him! She was a happy, happy girl!
Oh, here goes Maddi with one of her "people".

That was ok, though, because Ellie had some "people" too. KK was also on hand to do a little egg hunting with Ellie Sue.

I guess my days of the beautiful dress for an outdoor Easter egg hunt are over. Miss Priss announced she would be wearing "my green jeans" to the party. Wellll, ok, then!
And more on this later, but she also, SUDDENLY and quite convincingly decided yesterday that she would also be wearing panties from now on. She lets me put on her diaper, but somewhere mysteriously she takes it off and replaces it with panties. People told me when she was ready, she'd just be ready. I just didn't think it would be quite this sudden!
I thought this was a really good picture of Macie and Bonnie. I may have to get this one blown up. IF they comment on my blog and tell me they want it. IF they do that, I may even go a step further and have it mounted on gator foam for a wall mount. Hope they read the blog!
Isn't this just a vision in purple? She and her sister were on hand for all the festivities, and they are soon to have a baby in the family.
By now you know we don't go far without Sarah! She is about to fall apart that soon we won't be living next door. So, now she just kinda travels with us.
Paige was there too.

NOt sure why she isn't wearing her splint in this picture, but Paige has TWO broken arms! The one you can't see is in a cast!
Maddi's days of being in a long, flowy dress are definitely not over. I think she is our feminine one! She and Ellie, unlike totally disinterested Gabbi, had a ball finding the eggs!
And that concludes round two of Easter egg hunt pictures. Lots and lots and lots more to come!
Happy Easter to my Peeps!


Amy K said...

Awww, nothing cuter than little girls in their Easter dresses/outfits. Mo, your little bunny faces are absolutely adorable!
Again, Happy Easter!

Bella's mommy said...

Well Moe, at least Ellie Sue has the right idea on the diaper/panties thing. Bells wants her Dora panties on over her diaper....that way she gets to wear her big girl panties and still doesn't have to teetee in the potty. Apparently she has an aversion to the potty. Hope you have a Happy Easter!!!

Nana's Joy said...

What a fun day!!! It's always so much fun to watch kids grow and develop their little personalities. You certainly hit the jackpot with your group of kids. Sometime I scratch my head in wonder as I watch my grand kids play.
Thanks, for allowing us to watch them all grow.
Happy Easter!

Renee said...

Yeah for Ellie for the panties. Cute bunny face and precious dresses. Happy Easter!

stephleighjenkins said...

Lovin Ellie's "green jeans"!!

tricia said...

looks like everyone had a fun time

Michelle said...

Happy Easter! Thanks for sharing your pics with us! Enjoy every second of it all! -Michelle

Carrie said...

Super cute pictures. Surly worth all of the trouble you had to go through to get them on here. I was uploading pics (or trying to) on Sat and I kept getting errors so I am sure your problem was blogger an not you little angel :)