Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gabbi at OT.

Guess what I didn't do today.... go to Staci's to upload new pics for the blog this week.

Guess what I did do. Got a lot of paintings completed and ready to ship out first thing this week! That includes those for.... Tina, Lea, Shea, Susan, Niki, and almost you, Mindy. Also almost for Bajeerah, Kimie, and a 30th birthday that is soon approaching. I need more details, Jennifer, for the wedding canvas, so email me. It is only a couple of weeks away, so we need to pull this one off soon! Oh, and I started a Tucsan, "Have you danced with your wife today" too. ANybody wondering if I have forgotten them? Probably have! If you didn't see your name, please re email me as I am leaving paints out til all are completed this week. Oh, and Rachel, if you read, I am almost done with a big oak tree too!

Well, you know I can't do a post without a picture of my kid, so here you go....

This is sweet little Gabbi Lou working on fine motor skills in OT. She really still can't do this by herself. I don't think any of them, is that correct, Patchez? She can close them down from the top, but doesn't quite understand the mechanics of all the knobs and turny things.

She is learning though. On this particular day, I stayed a while in OT, so we had to give her this sucker so I could make a smooth exit. Otherwise, it would have been a nightmare for me to leave!
Gabbi requires pretty close one on one attention in OT. Similar things she is needing help with is feeding herself with a spoon, turning her hand palm up (bout got that mastered), getting small things into and out of a small container, adn getting tops on and off. She can't turn a light switch on or off, Patchez. I keep forgetting to tell you that.
I hear she is a pretty good worker as long as they don't try to take her outside first. This is my baby who LOVES outside! Once out there, it is hellacious to try and get her back in. SHe just ain't having it!
And then every once in a while, KK lets Miss Priss here spend a little time with Gabbi at OT. I just wish someone would monitor those SHARPIE markers she chooses! She KNOWS what they are because if I am around she says, "Mom, is this a special marker?" Umm hmmm... she knows!

Ok if you think I may have forgotten you, email me at . I hope to finish up this week. And I know, there are a few jewelry orders waiting on me too!
Hopefully, I will get some pics on for later this week. I really want to share a festival we went to this weekend.... me and Gabbi Lou. It was fun. Check out my Facebook page for a few pics. And by the way, if you have requested me as a friend, but didn't mention you were a MoJoy reader, then I may have just not recognized your name, so I didnt' confirm. I have to have some sort of reference to acknowledge. Just sayin'!
Have a great week. Ellie Sue will be back in my life by early morning. Look out world!


kimybeee said...

okay, how do I find you on facebook - i am kim landis black if you would rather find me than post it here.

kimybeee said...

found ya - ignore the previous. left you a note about following...

Amy K said...

Gabbi sure looks intent on trying those knobs. If I remember right, we had a toy like that, and they were hard to do.
Welcome home beach baby Ellie! I'm sure Aunt Staci has some great pics for Mama to share here! :)

Pepper said...

Never heard from you on the apple painting that you had posted before. Did anyone get it or do I need to send my money? Also, about painting houses, is that something you can do or is it too hard?

SamC said...

Okay, Mo, it is week 15 and the last question I have is from week 12. Have I missed something?? :o)

Melissa said...

Catfish Fest???

My step mother had a booth there this year selling the cutest kids clothes! I think she was one of the only handmade booths there.

MLP said...

Just caught up on you and your girly girls! Ellie Sue is a HOOT! Can't wait to hear how the beach trip went. Gabbi Girl melts me! Precious!!!

LOVE the pics on Facebook!!! Oh my Goodness!