Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A day in the life at MMPT.

Want to meet some of my peeps? This is Miss Beverly. She has been with me for, ummm.... how many years? 6? 7? More? I will tell you what... she has that WM adult practice running like a well-oiled machine! We LOVE Miss Bev!

This would be a very early appointment (7:00 am to be exact) where Becky, our ortho PT, was meeting a patient and an employee/ patient to teach them about their necks.
This is Jessica, one of our PTA's , who I am glad to announce no longer has neck pain, treating her own neck with a towel.
And meet Becky. She is alllllll about the neck these days. She just got back from a continuing education course (an INTENSE one) about the cervical spine, and she is loving all things neck!

And speaking of necks... well, I have to say, Miss Becky has become quite the pro-fesh-on-AL on the subject! And she and I are scheduled to fly to Tulsa, OK, next weekend to learn even more on the subject.
I, personally, think the best thing we can do as Physical Therapists is to EDUCATE the patient. We spend a lot of time making sure our patients know why they are in pain, why they are in therapy, and what they can do at home to maintain their own wellness once it is established.

If ever you were a patient of this woman's....
and you do not know how to maintain your own wellness, give me a call, and we will alleviate that situation!

This is Tyler. He is a physical therapy tech and is currently applying to and awaiting response from various PT schools. He rocks.
And meet Lindsey. She is one of our "fresh" PT's and has brought a breath of fresh air to the crew. She is so much fun. I am love having her on our staff. She is working with Jeremy, who by the way, told me I could put him on the blog.
Did you look there in the background and see this? My boys, Hunter, Hayden, and Jake, are with me in our treatment room every day!
Here is Lindsey, the fruit loop, again, with Angela, PTA. Angela brings a lot of experience and knowledge to our adult practice.
And we seem to have visitors on a fairly regular basis. This is a group of students from our local Career Technical College who are training to be physical therapy techs/ aides. Karl is the therapist doing the work.
They are lucky to have the opportunity to watch such a skilled therapist. And it is always so revealing to see who is genuinely interested in the field they have chosen and those who are bored stiff. Dude. Do something else!
This is Miss Sayla. She is a precious angel. I plan to be blogging an entire post about her IMOT session and party soon.
Landon was also doing an IMOT session at the same time, spending a lot of time with MIss Jessica. (whose neck by the way is feeling great!!)

Someday, I am going to go in depth about the IMOT program and how we use the "spider cage" to help kids/ adults with neurological injury. It is super cool and helps them a lot as well as the therapists to free up much needed hands to aid the patient.
I just thought this was sweet, so I took a couple of pics of the cards. I actually got many cards, and was so impressed that the teacher "made" them write these thank you's.
I spoke at a career day at our local High School. I do it every year for the freshmen who are trying to just start learning what they may be interested in one day as a career. I have a blast and I love that so many of them have such good questions regarding PT.
Alrighty, I am finishing up my day at MMPT per blog post. This is Karl, and I KNOW you are familiar with Karl Kaufman. He is my clinical director REGIONALLY which means he helps me make decisions regarding all of our clinics. He is a GOD SEND!

You may also recognize him from TEAMJAKE!!
And finally, Meet Renee. I LOVE me some Renee. She is one of those employees who has a smile on her face every day and basically answers, "SURE I CAN" when asked if she can help me with something before she even knows what that something is. It wouldn't matter. She is loyal to me. and you know what that means... I AM LOYAL to her!

I think this is her, "I am so cute with the stylish mailbag on my shoulder" pose.
She even makes that look cute.

Hope you enjoyed meeting some of the staff.



Amy K said...

What a great group of people you have on staff!
I love your Believe picture frame, and Mo you look so cute in your braids!
Can I nag you for a moment? I think I'm in 52Q you have last week's and this week's questions ready? If so, I'm ready to get my creative juices flowin'...I know you are an extremely busy woman, so forgive me for nagging you about these weekly questions! You got me started, now I don't want to stop! :)

Amy said...

I sure wish I lived close enough to go to one of your clinics. I have terrible neck pain and hip issues. I've had so many injections that just don't l;ast long. I would love to be pain-free!

Kathryn said...

They are wonderful! How is that sweet child you brought to my house?

SK said...

Hey, it's your patient Ted H.'s sister, Susan. We love everyone one at MMPT but my mom thinks Mrs. Beverly rocks! I hear about her from my mom.

Beverly said...

You have created a wonderful workplace for so many awesome people. I, too, wish I lived close enough to pay MMPT a visit. I have neck and back issues. I would love to learn more about my old bones while having a good time! I think you're the best!

snekcip said...

Wow you have a wonderful staff it seems! I also notice you LOVE "checkboard squares and lime green"! *take a peek behind Karl*! It matches your kitchen!!! Yeah, I noticed!!! LOL!!

snekcip said...

BTW: My hairdresser shop "sports" the same design!! Checks and Lime green!! Is that the hottest design or what?

Beth E. said...

I sure wish I lived near you and your centers. I would loooove classes and therapy sessions for my neck/shoulders!

What a blessing to have so many great people working for you. :-)