Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Outside with my girls.

Ok, tonight's big thank you goes to Donna, from the MMPT billing department, who uploaded pics from my camera today to her computer at the office and right onto my blogspot spot!

I even left her free reign to choose the photos as she saw fit and I told her I would "tell the story" according to the pics she chose.

This is my little "twoddler". I am thinking this is the word for the toddler who thinks she is a "tween"! ANd for SHO, this is what Ellie thinks she is!

I am a little to blame, though. I mean, I rarely put on the denim! In fact, these crystal-pocketed beauties were hand-me-downs from Maddi to Gabbi. I had to go and buy a belt so Ellie could even wear the things. Ellie is a shrimp. I'm just sayin'!

And, of course, she had to accessorize with a cuff of sorts, an Ed Hardy-esque jacket and some hot pink Converse. Sooooo MILEY!

Prior to the SNOW this weekend, our weather has been getting better and better! And I, for one, LOVE the time change! I LOVE getting home from work and still having time to play outside for hours!
We called our buddy Sarah over for some fun in the front yard.

Sarah decided it was about time for Ellie to learn that cartwheel!!

Do flashbacks of "Punky Brewster" come to mind? This kid is full of spunk!

She saw Sarah riding the trike down the front hill and followed suit. Not really a good idea for a twoddler!

I love this picture. It so captures my Ellie's love of life! Those flowing pigtails! Oh the fun we are going to have together! I can't wait til we are travelling together as a family and learning about all kinds of fun things!
Ellie keeps us guessing with her shananigans.

And this picture, to me, represents PURE JOY!
This is happiness all bottled up!
If only I had not cut her head off!

Other than the trike fun, we also all took a turn at rolling down the hill. Talk about some cheap fun!

There's Miss PUnky again. I am going to miss this house! And this front yard!

A collective, AWWWWWWWW, now!
Of course, I wouldn 't leave out my Gabbi Gull!

Sarah has the only swing on our end of the street, so we just hang out at her house in the evenings. Surely Staci and Don are going to go in with us on a combined awesome swingset system. Ooooh, that is going to be so, so fun!

And let' s conclude this post with Mo's very dark hair with a horrible part in it!
But that doesn't matter. What does matter is that my baby girls were happy to play with their mama. And their mama was happy to play with them!!
More posts coming every single day this week! Tell your friends. Tell them to tell their friends.
Mo is BACK!


Holly said...

Sure glad you're back! I know I don't comment often enough, but I REALLY miss you when you don't post!

Love Holly & JakeDog

Molly said...

Woohoo- so glad Mo is back! Lovin' these pics. Those little piggy tails are too cute. I can just see these outside pics of her in a framed series all together. I've got a grown up twoddler who just turned 15 and let me tell you, I have just loved each and every stage. I remember thinking when she was younger, "I just love this stage!" And that has happened each time she's reached a new stage... even now as a teen (well, most of the time). She's my little sidekick and I can totally see you and your girls ALWAYS having so, so much fun through the years. Sorry for such a long comment- feel like I know y'all in real life though through your blog. ;)

Molly in Georgia

Anonymous said...

LOVE that little jacket on missy pants....she is just too cute! I too am loving this weather here in Missouri and the time change. We have been hanging outside until the darkness is upon us.

Denise said...

Just LOVE Ellie's outfit... she looks like she's ready to go to a Grateful Dead concert! :)


Renee said...

Ellie's hair is precious. Love the pigtails! I agree- fun times are ahead for you and your little smiley girls. We need a BAH update.

Beth E. said...

Wow...if this is how Ellie is now, can you imagine her teen years? lol I'm lovin' the pigtails. And Gabbi...she's a little doll, too!

tricia said...

ellie is such a live wire;love reading about her

Amy K said...

Awww, I love those blonde pig tails! Punky Brewster, now that's a blast-from-the-past. ;)
My kids are lovin' being outside at night too.
I can't believe how long your hair's gotten too Mo. Glad you're back to the bloggin' world!!

Nancy said...

Glad you are back. The day is not complete without my Mo/Ellie/Gabbie fix. Better than chocolate!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I'm so glad your back! These pictures are great - your right, they do capture Ellie's love of life. She looks like she is having a blast. Enjoy your day, Diana from Colorado

GLOANN said...

Love keeping up with your sweet little girls. Always keep Brandon and Amber updated on their lives. How blessed you all are.

Ally said...

Love the outfit!
Hey Mo, I need all the details on Shake, I am coming!!!

SamC said...

We use to roll down hills when I was a kid. Then we would get up and try to walk. That was so much fun. Thanks for reminding me of that.

Love the pictures. Those girls are growing so fast.

Mindy said...

OMG....Ellie looks like such a big girl in these pics!!!