Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Girlies go to Ruston....

So our Daddy is out of town on a boys' golf trip. Back tomorrow... woo hooo!
That leaves mama trying to get to work (or to a college this morning to teach pediatric to a group of PTA students) an hour + away! My sitter on Wednesday is in college herself until 10:30, leaving mama in a quandry!

Enter Jessi. Yaaaaay, Jessi! She met me bright and early at the Ruston clinic prepared to hang on to my little rabbits (that's what Miss Jean calls them) until KK could come get them and take them to their respective very important days. For Gabbi that seems to always include therapy!

Anyhoo, because it was Jessi, and because I KNEW she would.... I left the camera conveniently in the diaper bag. She snapped the following pics for me, loaded them onto her computer, then posted them in blogger for me to tend to when I got home. I think I need a full time staff for that. Talk about taking a load off. Thanks, Jess!

So, anyway, she told me that she made a few comments with the pictures so I could see what the girls were doing around the clinic this morning. I decided to leave them just like she wrote them because I thought they were pretty funny. Hope you enjoy!

**This is when they were taking a pretend trip. When asked where they were going, Ellie said "Dis-a-ney World with Mama".
**We took a walk outside. Ellie tried her best to hold Gabbi's hand,...
but Gabbi wasn't having it.
**Ellie stacked the stools. Everytime she turned around Gabbi would steal one and stack them back up.
Then Ellie did her "tricks" with Katie.
Yoga pose. AGAIN.
Aunt Kimie came by to get her some baby girl lovin'!

**Ellie ditched her pigtails for a 1992 of her.
And that concludes our March 24, 2010. It was a fun one!

Can't wait to see what adventure tomorrow will bring.


tricia said...

its so great that everyone loves your girls!

Carrie said...

You are one lucky lady to have so many willful helping hands! Looks like the girls were having a blast and keeping very busy and how nice of Jessi to post the pics for you and her comment on the hair clippy was hilarious!

Beth E. said...

Those girls have everyone wrapped around their little fingers, don't they?! Looks like they had a blast! Oh, and Ellie is workin' that clippy. lol

Kim said...

A trip to Dis-a-ney World ~ even *pretend trips* are to fantastic places ~ what an awesome imagination Ellie has!!

Ummmmm.....I spy some boxes ~ is it perhaps a kit of some kind in the work's!!!!!?! Hope it is the awesome silk tie necklace kit!!!

Amy K said...

You are one busy woman Mo - you teach too? And, Jessi rocks.
Ellie & Gabbi look so adorable in their dresses with their hair all done up!
BTW, do you happen to have a question for us this week.....?

Liloia Family said...

You are very lucky to have such wonderful people in your life who love on your kids!! How wonderful for them also!! I guess it really does "take a village". Great pics, I loved them, especially the last one, love that clip, I think that look is coming back!! LOL.

Beverly said...

WOW! Jessi did great! She can 'guest blog' anytime! Love Ellie's outfit today. She looks so cute with that '1992 hair clippie'. What a life you have with those two precious girls. Thank you so, so much for sharing your life with all of us.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I just love Ellie's yoga pose - she has got it DOWN! I also love seeing their day together - just adorable! Have a great Thursday, Diana from Colorado

Kelly said...

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Have a great rest of your week and weekend!