Saturday, February 27, 2010

Therapy and Dress-Up.

This was just another ordinary day of getting ready and heading out to therapy. GG is now going three days a week and we have recently added speech to her regimen. Hey, I AM a therapist, cut me some slack! I see subtle things other people think is "no biggie", and I occasionally see it turn into a biggie! So there.
Anyway, Ellie LOVES therapy days. She calls them her "errand" days. She knows she will always get to leave with Dad, KK, whomever and go run errands. And Ellie's middle name could've just as well been "go"!!
Once back home.... the dress up party begins!
During our packing, Ellie found a box of "coscumes" and dragged them down into the den.
Gabbi got in on the action and donned a crown and grabbed a microphone. I will have to use this on the pre-show of American Idol someday.
Gabbi Girl is having so much fun playing the "big girl" games with Ellie.
and Ellie is having so much fun bossing her little sister around and helping her with her coscume changes.
Poor ol' GG... that hair of hers grows STRAIGHT forward! If it isn't in a bow or pulled back, this is what she gets.
NO matter. She is the cutest little straight-haired, therapy going kid on the block!

Happy Weekend, Y'all.


Georgia said...

Your girls seem to be having a good time!!!! Happy Weekend to you and the family.

Melanie Christian said...

How precious to have such beautiful girls growing up so close in age!

Ronda said...

You may already know this, but I sure didn't. I was complaining about my daughter's hair growing straight forward, and the lady that cuts it finally said I had to comb it back (think Elvis) after every bath to get it going the different direction. Her hair has taken shape, so maybe it is a good tip??

tricia said...

This is what you've waited for..........the girls being not only sisters but playmates. The time is NOW

MaryH said...

Dress up fun is the best. I think it is wonderful that Gabbi has a mom who is also a therapist and who knows when to take action and does. Ellie and Gabbi got the best in the parent department but it goes both ways, doesn't - you all got the best of the best also. Have a good weekend. I miss my grandson!!! He was here last weekend.

Dawn said...

Your girls are precious indeed. I love GG's hair in a ponytail. Maybe one day she'll let you leave it longer. :) I can't wait to see you BAH in person in June.

Beth E. said...

Sweet, sweet baby girls. These pics bring a much-needed smile to my face...thanks, Mo.

Sharidrew said...

Sweet pictures! I took a double take on the one of Ellie Belly. It looked like her shirt said BAH! I noticed the cheer leader and figured it was really RAH...but still! I laughed about it.

Happy Weekend!

MLP said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Love pics like this. So much fun and such sweet girly girls!!!