Monday, February 8, 2010

Ready to par-tay!

Ok, back to the shindig.

Girls in cute Saints clothes... check.

Big bonfire... check!
Friend who sets up the party while you are still out of town....check.
Cute new customized Saints jewelry for game time... check.
But wait. There's more!

Homemade tortilla chips, ala Todd... check.

King cake... check!
So, let's recap!

We, as previously mentioned, headed to Staci's house only 4 hours early. Thanks for that, Todd.
Mr. Bo and Ellie have an ongoing and growing affinity to each other. He really needs a baby girl!
Girls had plenty of time to run adn play in the vastness of the Raborn's yard.
This gave Ellie time to change into about four different outfits throughout the duratino of the game.
And just because I had to share... how cute is my big girl in her big girl ponytail!?
And Maddi also went in for a little snackipoo and a jacket. It bees cooooold down here!
And then it was time... Staci and Don looked at all the many, many things there were to place bets on. Would you believe that one of them was the over/ under on the national anthem. Being, could she finish the song in "under" a minute 50 seconds. She did not! (Hey, she is country. She has to hold those big notes!)
And we were having some big time celebrations when we had the big plays.
Pops took the more chilled approach!
This is the outside gang.
THey were the screamers and self-proclaimed "cussers" who felt they should keep their unabashed enthusiasm away from the kiddos inside.
This is the teen den! See all the junior high punks?
Oh, and these three who also think they are big kids... especially that one borrowing someone's Browning jacket!
Crazy Daisy and I cozied up by the fire for a little aunt/ niece love.
The Loftons are huge fans and do NOT miss a game! Their son, Beaux, is a testament to their love of all things Louisiana!
The final minutes. We are a HAPPY crowd!
And finally, Todd takes pics of our little state making history!
MOre pics coming, as there needs to be a whole additional post of the big boys and their friends. I haven't posted about them lately! Look for them tomorrow!

Oh, and 52Q question coming up too. Oh, annnnnd jewelry kits! woo hoo!



Renee said...

Love the Aints pants on the girls. Who Dat? WE DAT!! Geaux Saints!

Christina said...

Cold??? I check the Weather network and we are the same temp and this is warm for us hehehe I am out an about in capris and t-shirts! But I also do not have snow in the forecast!

Beth E. said...

Um, exactly what temperature is it there, Mo? It's in the 20's here, so I bet your 'cold' temps would be seem balmy to us! We've had snow up the wazoo here in SW Virginia, with more on the way. I'm sooooo ready for Spring!

Looks like another fun party at the Raborns...wish I could've been there!

Ellie's ponytail is adorable. :-)

snekcip said...

Now that's a party!!! Love Ellie's coat!

connie said...

i love the pics looks like yall had a great party loved seeing the outfits the kiddo's was in so cute now i cant wait to get a kit or how many are you doing this time i cant wait i have started a bracelet that iam making its so cute and kinda east to make just takes me a little time to make it i do some i stop i do some i stop so anyway i cant wait to see what kinda of kit you come up with.

Susan Hooper said...

Congrats to your Saints from California! I LOVE hearing about all your parties!! Sounds like sooo much fun!

Amy K said...

Looks like another awesome party! I absolutely LOVE Ellie's coat and her big girl pony!
We're looking to be snowed in here today and tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to today's 52Q post.

Unknown said...

I live in WA State so I am a Seahawk fan (not too proud of them lately) and I was rooting your team on the whole way!!!!

Hallie said...

Way to go Saints. We were cheering for them all the way up Can't wait to see the jewelry kit. You created a monster when you did the bracelet kit last year.....I have since spent a ton on beads of my own.