Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Last Saints post. (for now!)

I can't help it. I took so many fun pics from our Saints extravaganza! So... that is what you get to read about too! Bare with me!
I wonder where Ellie gets her posing from...
And have I mentioned that Gabbi Girl has grown a tap root down into my hip? She is the biggest mama's girl ever to be born!
Little bit fussy and even more clingy lately because I am guessing she has a new tooth coming in! She is snotty, drooly, and generally grouchy!
Here is my Sunday afternoon babysitter, giving up her time with friends on Superbowl Sunday to help me with my chillin.
Ok, this is a view from Staci's backyard. And see that BAH over there? It is ours!
West Monroe, where the kids are rednecks,
and sticks are their toys!
Ok, so I wanted to do another post mostly to show you how the "big boys" have grown. This is Nick and Hayden. Years ago, Nick would ride with Hayden up to St. Jude to see Jake. He has been a part of some of the most critical time of Hayden's life. I wonder if these boys will ever understand the impact of their friendship to the "big boys" during their brother's illness.
Same with Keelan.
Keelan made many a 5 hour trip to Memphis with me and the boys to visit Jake and to provide comradery to Hunter. They have been friends since they were less than a year old.
I love my "big boy" nephews. They are special to me, and I can't wait to live right next door to them.
This was the big kid crew. Cole, (middle) and Tyler (far left) were also a couple of guys who made a St. Jude run too.
They were advised to go out and dump the old Christmas trees in the pond. I suppose to draw in the fish? I don't know?
Back of the BAH! Coming right along, I'd say!
Ok, again. Redneck parties ALWAYS include bonfires!

Another shot of Ellie Sue and her buddy, Mr. Bo.
I am standing in Staci's back kitchen area and looking to the side at the BAH. It is a bit of a pulled in picture, so it is actually a little further away than it appears.
I thought this was pretty sweet. This is one of Hunter' s best pals, Jordan, and he had no idea I was coming over. He was in the back of the truck, holding Maddi as if he was glad to have her part of the pack.
I love that Hunter and Hayden's friends love these little girls!
Ok, so, I will try to sustain from any more Saints posts this week. It will be hard. To say that our state is a bit cookoo over our win would be an understatement. I mean, EVERYWHERE you went today, from grocery store to convenience store, to restaurants, to PT clinics (!!), there was nothing but black and gold and WHO DAT's! We are so excited about the win. Sorry to you Indy people. We needed this. Our state really needed a dose of "good"!



snekcip said...

Girl post all you want!! I'm so happy for the State of Louisiana!!I say GET YOUR CELEBRATION ON AND CRACKING!!!!! The COLTS aka "Count On Loosing The Superbowl" would be celebrating if they won!!! Hey LA is our neighbor and believe me we are celebrating here in TX BIG TIME!!!

Now on to the BAH...girl that house is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! I can't wait to see you decorate it!!! I have to know and I'm sure ALL the MOMS in your reading audience wanna know...but were to afraid to ask....Is there gonna be a fence that separate that pond? I know...it's just the MOM in us!!! LOL!!!

PS Check your email!

MaryH said...

You have probably already heard this but my daughter saw this on a website for a New Orleans band - it is not WHO DAT it is WE DAT!!! I thought that was great. Happy day. Thanks for sharing your festivities.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ Great pictures and your right about the boys friends loving Maddi & your girls - you just KNOW that they are good kids when you see that. Your nephews are very lucky to have such nice kids to pal around with, and we all know that makes a world of difference.
Keep the Saints posts coming all you want, we enjoy them.
I hope Gabbi's tooth comes in real quick so that you can all be happy! Have a wonderful day, Diana from Colorado

Anonymous said...

Who DAT??? lol
Looks like you all had a fabulous time. I love how close you and your sister/family is! I wish I had family like that! It's a true testament, thanks Mo!
Your house is gorgeous and I can't wait to see more pics of it. How many bedrooms is it, etc? You could probably fit my entire wee little house into your bathroom lol....Looks like a dream, can't wait to see the inside pics and stuff.. I bet you can't wait to just let those cousins (Ellie, Gabbi & Madi) be together running amok in all of that land....heavenly!

Shannon said...

ah...this is hard for a Colts fan to read Mo. I am happy for your team and state!! Congrats!!!!! But I must admit I am "blue"...tee hee!

Sandy said...

Mo love the post Who Dat!!! Our state really needed this win. I was born here and continue to live here in LA but I have roots in IN. I lived in IN when I was very small and when my parents split up my father went back to live there and my mom here. So I have ties to both states. My father passed away almost 2years ago in In so I have had to make amany trips back there to tie up loose ends to the legal things. I also still have a brother and sister in IN but I am truly glad that "our SAINTS" won. We as Louisiana people needed the win. Thanks for the post. your house is coming along queite beautiful. Let me know if you need a full time house keeper I may be interested I would so love to get lost in it.lol

Pepper said...

Loved your post. Can't beleive how big they have gotten. I do think that they will always have those guys has friends. You don't go through something like that with someone and not have a major connection. Loved your house. Looks beautiful.

Beth E. said...

So glad to see pics of the boys included in your post! My, they all have grown up, haven't they? What great friends Hunter and Hayden have!

I love the pic of Jordan holding Maddi. She has a big ol' smile on her face. So glad to see that, because the last few pics you've taken of her she wasn't very happy! lol

Hope Gabbi sprouts that tooth so she'll feel better.

Your house will be built before you know it...are you packed and ready? ;-)

Denise said...

Feeling your LA pride a couple thousand miles away!!! Awesome game!
I've been enjoying your photos including the ones of your BAH. Did I mention that it took me weeks to realize what B*A*H meant? :)
Big {{{hugs}}} for y'all, including those beautiful babies of yours.
Denise, xo

Amy K said...

Your BAH looks amazing! We have redneck bonfires just like that; however, we have been known to have old recliners and pianos that are ridden by the adults while being pulled behind ATVs. Then the evidence is thrown into the bonfire.
The boys sure have grown up too!
Thanks for sharing your celebrations with us. It's nice to see land without it being covered with snow! :)

Renee said...

Will never get tired of reading about our Saints! Who Dat! WE DAT! I can feel the BREES! GEAUX SAINTS!!!

Mary Allison said...

Fyi, that's the nastiest picture of me! Cute post though!

MLP said...

Keep on with the Saints post! I wore a black sweater and gold scarf today in your honor! SAVOR the moment!

Your house is looking AWESOME!!! Looks like the Pierce Party of Five can vacation there!

Love your relationship with your nephews. I feel the same way about my niece and nephews. Such a bond!

Oh and Mary Allison........you are gorgeous!!!

kris said...

I am from Indiana and love the Colts, but also went to Purdue during Drew Brees. I guess it was a win win for our house. I just cheered for the offense. Enjoy your win!

Kenzie Holley said...

The house is looking great!! I'm sure you all are SO excited!!

Carrie said...

You ain't a lyin' when you call it a BAH! Holy crappers that is one monster of a house. I am super jealous. We are in the process of buying some land and then building a house down the road but I could only hope it is as big as your garage!
Congrats on the Saints win too!