Saturday, February 20, 2010

More on our once every 10 years SNOW DAY!

I really didn't do due diligence (is that how you say that?! Scott... I know you are out there ready to correct me. Fire away!) to the fact that it SNOWED in Louisiana... and to this degree!
This is our front yard. We woke up to WHITE! This is amazing. Seriously, I think it has been 10 years since it did this; like this.

It was fun to wait for the girls to wake up and go look outside. I imagine they were thoroughly confused at why our yard and back deck looked so different.
We got this much snow...
And as my family enjoyed the view, I trudged right on my merry way to work. I stopped at the bottom of the hill to take a picture of our "old" house in all its glory. Todd was at the top of the hill with the girls and took my picture, unbeknownst to me.
Earl didn't seem to mind it at all. In fact, it is safe to say, he "frolicked"!
And there she is... only ours a few more months! It has been a good ol' house! And look right off the front porch. The main reason I will miss this house. It is where our babies came home from the hospital, has the porch swing where I would put them to sleep, and the front yard where they first played in snow!
Can you find my little bunnies?

Good ol' Dad. He put warm clothes on the girls (although I note he left them in their pajamas!) and went out with them to build a snowman.

Awwww... look all three of our babies!
Naturally, the snowman took a turn toward the golf theme by the end of the morning. Golf club arms. WHO does that?!
Gabbi much preferred the swing to the snow! THis is later in the day. Can you see how the snow is already almost gone?
B y now, KK is here and she had the girls in slightly more appropriate snow attire. (Todd, I am not complaining. I am so proud of you for tackling all that AND emailing me a picture of them and snowman to work!)
This picture cracks me up. This reminds me of the kid on The Christmas Story.
Ellie didn't want to leave the yard.
Poor old snowman. Can you see the golf show that Earl has scored in the background?
And Ellie used the ends of the golf club shafts to eat snow.
Gabbi just wanted the HELL outta there!
Takes after her mama! I am not a big fan of cold either.
And before I even got home from work, this is how our ground looked. Sad, isn't it?
KK took the girls walking around the neighborhood to look at other snowpeople.
If I saw one Drew Brees/ Saints snowman, I think I saw 1000. Definitely the snowman of choice this year.
Ok, so even though our snow day has come and gone.... I had to share this. After all, it only happens once a decade or so!



Beth E. said...

I think the snowmen are great...Todd's golf-themed snowman is my favorite. The beret was such a nice touch! lol

Poor Gabbi...I feel the same way about snow. We've had sooo much of it this year - a little more than 45" over the winter! Not much in comparison to other areas, but it's a lot for us!

The pic of your soon-to-be-old house is so pretty. You should frame that one. How's the packing coming, Mo?

Renee said...

Great golf snowman! I too am let Gabbi. I like the snow to look at, but I don't like being wet or cold, so the one hour of snow we had down south was more than enough for me. Or I guess I could take a whole day of it.

kimybeee said...

It is very nice to see that you guys enjoyed your special snow day. We have had so much more snow here than usual that most people are sick of it. I love - love - love it!! I have missed a few days of work because of the snow and the kids here in WV have missed more school than I think they ever have.

The snowmen are adorable. My kids don't care so much about snowmen anymore. They have to take care of the barn chores in this weather and I think they are getting pretty tired of the snow too - but snow beats mud in my book anyday!!!


Unknown said...

Enjoy the snow! Loved looking at the pictures.

tricia said...

great memories captured in pictures for the girls!

Amy K said...

Awww...I love this post. Us northerners take our massive amounts of snow for granted I guess. It's fun to see your little ones experience it for the first time. My son still gets excited when it snows - he loves to play in it.
Todd, you did an excellent job with the girls and snowman! Check out this link...they have built a giant snowman like this for the past couple of years.
And, you might like the owners' last name!

Dottie said...

Hey Mo,

Great Pics....TODD you made a great snowman....hehe....

Mo, My niece just started a site embrodiery for kids and some other stuff please check it out....I tried to friend request u on facebook to no avail.....

her site is she is starting a blog too...Let me know if you can pass it on for her we are trying to get her going....



connie said...

i love your pictures of your snow day we had snow up here in ga too so pretty and just the kind to make snow balls with and snow men me my sister and neice made one i think everyone in our neighborhood made one the kids was out sleding and having fun like your little girls i hope maybe we wil have more snow but who knows. but anyway im so happy your babies enjoyed the snow except Gabbi i dont like the cold either but we dont get snow that much either so i got out and enjoyed it for a few minutes.. well have a wonderful sunday sorry i didnt get to post yesterday me mom and dad got out and rode around for a little while and we took our little dog with us he enjoyed the ride too today is a beautiful day may go out and sit out side.
well i need to go my hands and fingers are going to sleep on me as im typing and its hurting me tingling pin needle hurting ughh and my legs and feet all got to sleep too when im sitting or laying down mo what is causing this?? HELP !! i cant stand it so email me on this i cant find your email address to email you about this. thanks

Jen said...

I love it! Up here near St. Louis, we had a little snow this winter, but I know I didn't get to enjoy it as much as Todd and the girls did.

ScottSeab said...

Great pix, and correct use of "due diligence"! We've got three new inches here and more tonight. Donnie and Marlene should be arriving at DIA this very minute - they are going to be in Breck, Vail, and Aspen this week!

Unknown said...

Great post. We had a golfer snowman at our house too this year!

adrogan said...

Melanie, I love your blog....I have been following for awhile. The pics are so cute. What program do you use it edit them with? I really like the valentine pics...Thanks, Angie Rogan

Jennifer Taylor said...

I'm in China right now adopting our 6 year old girl and it is killing me that I can't see the pictures on your blog!! They are blocked. Can't wait to catch up when I get back home to AR!

Sandy P said...

Last Saturday, we were playing in the snow and sledding down hills with our buddies. This Saturday it was sunny and in the 60's. That's one of the things I love about living in the South. Now I admit I am ready for the cold to go away and enjoy the Spring!

Kendall Family said...

Love the snow pictures... you have to bring back the one of Ellie... you know snow, sled, balcony - love that one.

Happy Nesting!