Sunday, February 21, 2010

An almost perfect day.

And speaking of "an almost perfect day", I am reminded of our question of the week. I have been a slacker in the area of doing my cards. And while I am at it, I will admit to the same on canvases, jewelry, etc. I seem to be in the midst of many, many decisions and all free time is taken to look at granite, stone, wood samples, wall colors, etc!

But I will get this week's question out tomorrow am, so be on the lookout!
Back to our perfect day...
No perfect day would be complete without my first saying, we slept late! I'm just sayin'!

Actually, before the girls got up, I had already been to the store, and dad had already made mini little croissants with cheese sausage inside for "pigs in a blanket". Didn't I say it was an almost perfect day? I LOVE those!

When the girls got up, we were outside unloading the car, and they just meandered right on out to meet us. He convinced them to try the four-wheeler with him. Gabbi got right on. Miss Sassy Pants needed some encouraging.
Don't worry, we are talking SNAIL's pace around the yard.
Ellie had enough after the first lap, but Gabbi Girl could "ride ride" all day long.
Since Big Shot was a little scared, but didnt' want to admit it, she just sat in the driveway and barked out orders, like, "Gabbi, you hold on." ( and many other orders!) with hand on hip and finger pointed. Lord, give me strength!
And she KNEW she really wanted to be on there with them!
It wasn't long until Miss GG was needing a nap-ola! Would you look at that hair? It grows STRAIGHT down? And did I mention we had our first haircut this morning? Todd did it. GUM!! He would not patiently await mayonnaise or peanut butter or whatever home remedies I needed to call experienced moms to ask about (or at very least Google!). He just cut! EGADS!
Thankfully, Sarah came over to preoccupy Ellie. E could not have been more thrilled that they were wearing the same shirt! Shake 4 Jake shirts from last year. By the way, we have a 2010 date... June 26th. Start your planning! And if you or your company would like to be a sponsor, be sure to contact me. It ALL goes to families of kids with cancer. OK, back to my day. BIRD?!
Remember when all of Ellie's babies were called Sue Groves? ANd then at CHristmas, she got a little variety and named her Bitty Twins "Mary Christmas" and "Clara". Well, she seems to be going through an imagination stage!

I introduce to you, " CC". ? I have NO idea!
Did I mention Ellie almost resists my putting her clothes together for her anymore. At TWO YEARS OLD?! She fully undresses herself at the end of the day and gets her pjs on. Same is true in the mornings. She is quite the independent kid. However, she has not mastered the art of matching yet!
E and I went out to my "cobbage" for a while, and she scored big in the accessory department!
SHe can comfortably wear numerous necklaces, bracelets, and any other bling that'll hang off of her all day long.
She was so pleased with her new finds.
Oh, wait. Of course! Here they are.... pose 1.
and pose 2. Whew. Thought we were going to point a camera without seeing it.
Wellll, hello there, GG. You have a nice nap?

I should just call her "Dot"!
and then, I had to show you my most recent favorite hairstyle. I am inspired by the Olympians, particularly snowboarders and downhill skiers. They are so cool! I don't want to work out and train and all that crap. I just want to LOOK like them.
My little husband did his part for SHO!
Our yard is pretty dang big, and he blew leaves for hours!
We are trying to get our yard move in ready for the next occupants. :(
And there you have it... a nice, semi-cleaned up garden.

FUN, fun day!



Denise said...

Yep! That was quite an awesome day. What a change from last week's snow. Bet you're having fun making all those decisions for the BAH. I can't wait to see it some day.
Hugs to all,

Melanie Christian said...

I just love all of Ellie's poses. She's so adorable! Gabbie is such a cutie pie, and her hair is getting sooo long! You have been blessed with two precious girls!

connie said...

i love the pics and oh mo you are so pretty i love that pic of you the girls looked like they was having so much fun outside riding with dad and gabbi enjoying it and elli pointing her finger giving orders lol so cute.. i cant wait to see your new house when it gets done and yall get moved in . im so looking forward to the jewlery kit cant wait to get one i just hope i can afford it.. well have a great night and a wonderful monday. hugs to you all

Amy K said...

It certainly looks like a perfect day! Your hair looks so cute in those braids. And, of course your girls look cute as always!
I'm looking forward to this week's question, since I'm all caught up on mine now. Remember, we're holding you accountable for doing your tags can do it!!

Dawn said...

What a great day. Melanie, God could not have picked a more perfect little girl that is just like you than Miss Ellie Sue. BTW, we already have our calendars marked for June 26th. You KNOW we will be there will bells on! Oh, have you seen the movie UP? You must watch it. After you see it you will be saying "Squirrel" instead of bird. Cute movie!

Renee said...

Precious pics of the girls! Love the new hair style on you. Quite cute!

MLP said...

Love these pics of Ellie. She looks SO GROWN UP!!!

Love your new look, too!

LOVE the pic of Gabbi sitting on this swing in the snow pics.

Ya'll are ALL too cute!!!

tricia said...

Fun post! Did you guys sell your house yet?

Unknown said...

I love the little poses! Do you already have somebody interested in your house?

Beverly said...

Love to see the bling on Miss E! And Miss G's expressions are priceless. Those girls are so precious!

Shan said...

Your day looked fabulous!! Ellie is getting so big. Love the poses!!
Ok have to ask.. My daughter is in love with the #13 because it is Taylor Swifts favorite number... I want to find her a necklace or bracelet with the number on it..can you make me something like that or should I start my search somewhere else...

kimybeee said...

Ellie Sue is looking so grown up and so is Gabbi Girl!! Make them stop.

Looks like you are having lots of fun nesting time with the whole crew!!

Jen said...

I love Pose 2. Such 'tude. :) Good luck with the yard work and the house decisions!

Juanda said...

Mo,thank you so much for sharing
such precious moments of your family.The girls just get cuter alll the time....PS I am enjoying my "chance to grow" and Believe
painting for Christmas.....

Vicki said...

That Ellie just cracks me up!!!! She is such a hoot!!! I can't even begin to imagine how you keep up with her. Gabby is adorable. I know you must be having so much fund with them. I love the picture with the girlies and Todd of the ATV. You look so cute with your pigtails. Wish may hair was long enough to do that - course it's too cold here in Colorado. I'm dying for SUMMER!

Becky said...

So, let me get this straight... about two days ago you were covered in snow and today you are leaf blowing the yard? Sounds like Minnesota weather!

My little four year old is just as independent as little Ellie Sue! If I pick her up from daycare and her outfit is mismatched, I'll ask who dressed her today. She'll proudly answer "ME!!"