Thursday, February 18, 2010

A completed canvas and one in the works.

I just love those canvases with a story! This one is for my friend, Jill. Her husband's grandmother turned 80 last week and she wanted a special gift for her. Apparently, she raised a deaf son (? I think I have that correct?!) and for all her grands and great grands, she always tells them "I LOVE YOU" with sign language.
She is also known for saying, "Love you more" when they leave.

If you look closely at her wrist, I did a little "80" with a heart to signify this important birthday.
And around the edge are 20 names of all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren who she has loved and expressed her love to them through this sweet gesture for many years.
And then, this is for a fundraiser, and I am just giving a little sneak peek! I will be making the seams on the basketball and adding outline to the wording. Hey, Nan... do you want anything else on the canvas?
This one is being purchased for a silent auction to raise money for cancer awareness. It is a task taken on by a young man in Minnesota after the passing of his mother to that nasty disease. They are working on fundraising through the Jimmy V Foundation, thus the "Hoops"!
Hope it brings good moolah!

Just sharing. I PROMISE. I will start painting soon. We are heavily into the decision making part of our new house right now, so it seems all free time is going to that! Many people are waiting patiently on their canvases. I am really sorry for the delay! Mo


Kristina said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but I have been meaning to send you a little comment! I would like to note that I am the only one so far!!!

To my point:
Have you seen the new bracelets called Silly Bands? They have a website. You can google them. They are the cutest thing and the first time I saw them I thought about your sweet Ellie Sue. They are little bracelets that are shaped into something like an animal or a tiara and when you wear them they stretch out to be a bracelet but then they go right back to their original shape! So cute. Must get you some!

Shannon said...

Love love love the canvas, as I do sign with my son.

We have built two houses...and wow I totally know what you are going through right now!! Good Luck!

Nana said...


I LOVE the "I Love You" canvas. I thought the little textured Christmas ornament you did for our little JJ (who is blind) was perfect but I may have to have one of these too.

Jennifer said...

oh that header picture is just adorable! Love love those paintings!

Holly said...

I was so bummed as Christmas grew closer and I had not ordered my son and daughter-in-law a Christmas canvas and it was too late. I just love them! But this morning I had a great idea! Buy a really nice easel to sit on a table top and order a canvas for each month! One for Spring, Summer, Fall, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, Beginning of the School Year, Baseball season, that right there is more than a year and they could always have one out. I know you are busy right now, but I am going to be planning my year for when you have time and I could order a few at a time.

Am I genius or what?!?!? I know - or what. But anyway, just thought I would share!

Love ya, Holly & JakeDog

Amy K said...

Beautiful Mo! I absolutely love all your creations.
The house decisions are important...part of your NESTing!

Cathy said...

I LOVE the "I Love You." Mom taught me some sign language when I was little bitty, and the "I love you" sign stuck. We used it in our house, and I use it in my house now. In fact, Mom's headstone has the "I love you" sign on both sides, and I have 3-D hands making the same sign all over my house.

As well as signed that say... "I love you to the moon and back" as you well know. ;o)

I may need you to make that canvas at some point. ;o)