Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's in conclusion. (Maybe)

This is exactly how Ellie went to church Sunday. Welllll, not exactly!

She had taken her ponytail down and that nappy hair went right back up into a pony and bow prior to going into the service!
What I am referring to, though, is all of her accessories! She had on all five of the heart necklaces Dad gave her, oh, ten-ish heart bracelets, and two bags of candy that she was clear on that she would have to share with her Sunday School class if she took with her.

And this is how Gabbi looked.
Oh, my sweet, simple, little Gabbi!

I bought this skirt in New York last August and have never worn it. I thought it was downright Valentinesy!
And if you look closer you can see my rhinestone, MM + TG pin that I wear every Valentine's Day.
Dang. I'm suing my sunbed place! Their bulbs cannot be new!
Just kidding! I don't tan in sunbeds. (much!)

Ok, so after we got home from church, Mary Allison came over for her obligatory sitting job on Sunday!
and she and her mom did NOT come empty- handed!
My girls don't have a chance but to be a little bit spoiled! Everybody around them brings them prizes!
This baby girl is so cute! How often do I say that? well, I mean it! She is precious!
And within minutes... heeeeeere comes JinJin! Bearing, what else? "Prizes!"
The girls just fell right in like they know this drill all too well!

It is fun to see GG liking the opening and surprise factor of presents and prizes.
Oh, and look at her new trick! That is Ellie's boot. Gabbi is LOVING trying on too big shoes.
JinJin wouldn't come over without bringing her "big baby" a Valentine!
and for those of you who have contacted me about it...Yep, she is also getting me the Pottery Barn Nest pillow!
Oh, LORD. Please don't tell me that is GlipGloss!
So, Ellie checks out her stash and is pleased with her haul!
Oh, thank you, thank you, JinJin! We LOVE our goodies!
Valentine's Day. The new Christmas!



Melanie Christian said...

The girls are so cute! I'm loving all of Ellie's accessories! It never hurts to be spoiled! Just ask my kiddos!

kimybeee said...

Our Easter's were our new Christmas. We always enjoyed that! The girls look like they had tons of great loot to play with as well as plenty of playmates.

Michelle said...

The girls are such fun to see pictures of! My daughter is a few months younger than Ellie and has the same wild hair and same love of accesories. :) Fun. Fun. Love the nesting thing going on... my word is time... I don't think I ever posted it before but I am being more cautious of my time this year. Living in the moment... especially with the little things of the day with children growing up so fast. So time... that is my word! :)

Renee said...

I know I've said it before, but your girls have quite the stylish wardrobe. Too cute! You can see how happy Jin Jin is to share her goodies with the girls.

connie said...

oh i love the pics of the girls so cute and i know they loved the stuff they got for valentines day they looked like they was enjoying the stuff alot and so so cute all dressed for church and oh mo you are looking great i soo love the new skirt you wore and the pin is very pretty did u make it?? thanks for sharing your kids and your valentines day with all of us that read your blog i love you all and i hope one day to meet you all maybe at the art retreat that u are planning.. hugs to you

Denise said...

Mrs. Melanie Massey Groves!!!! You are one HOT momma!!! You have lost one heckuvalot of weight, and you're looking sooooooooooo good! Congrats on a job well done.
Looks like your entire household had a wonderful Valentine's Day.... and WOW! your Tod the Bod has earned himself top prize for pulling off the holiday with high honours.
Big hugs,

MLP said...

Just caught up on all this Vday LUV (I have strep throat). Love it all...especially Tod the Bod's gifts to his girls!!! And yours to him. Yall are the!!!

Amy K said...

Oh Mo, your girls couldn't be more loved! Absolutely precious. You look fantastic too!
And how awesome is that Nest rug?!! Way to go Jin Jin.
I'm finally caught up on my Word tags - now I just have to get the pics uploaded...I need to quit slacking off!!

kate523 said...

Mo.... You look FANTASTIC!!!!!

Melissa said...

My kids didn't get as big of a haul as they usually do. Audrey's birthday was the 12th, party the 13th, and hubby's bday was the 15th, so I was a little overwhelmed and underprepared.
I will just really have to get on the ball for Easter I guess.

Shannon said...

WOW you are lookin' good...cute skirt!!

Tammy said...

Mel, had to hop on here and let you know how beautiful you are! And your weight loss is just fantastic! You are smokin hot girl! Happy late Valentine's day!! Hugs from Fort Worth!

Pepper said...

I am up for adoption too in case you are interested. I am also ALREADY potty trained. lol

Diana said...

Oh Mo ~ The glip gloss really had me laughing. And that Ellie...she can put together an outfit that's for sure! She is a TRIP. I wonder if Gabbi will go for ALL the accessories in time, or just be happy with a necklace?? Time will tell. I just love your posts. Have a wonderful day, Diana from Colorado

Jeni said...

Mo you look incredible!!! Don't get me wrong you were beautiful when you were heavier too. Did I miss the post about the lap band? If so could you please repost it. I want to hear all the pros and cons!

Kellye Hoogland said...

This is Pam using Kellye's login because of course i can not remember mine: Dear My Sweet Friend Mel...If you continue to put my picture on your blog I will not continue to come to your house...K...Thats all I'm just sayin...and big kisses to my girls cause they were not the ones posting the pictures and i love them!!! Kellye wants to come over and get hugs and kisses and I told her I would only come If you put that BA Camera away!!!

Beverly said...

I'll say it again - I love your posts. Those girls make me smile every single day. Spoiling is good! I just love the excitement on Ellie and Gabbi's faces in your pictures. I'm always excited to see Ellie's next outfit! She is unsurpassed in the fashion arena! Gabbi is truly the sweetest little girl. You are one lucky family! You have so much fun! It's the way it should be.

Liloia Family said...

You look terrific, how much weight have you lost!!! I LOVE the skirt!! The girls are adorable!! Love their outfits and Ellie's Accessories!! Too cute!

Jen said...

Oh I am so glad someone else told you about the NEST pillow. I saw it in a picture in one of my catalogs, and then couldn't find the actual sale information. I was so upset. It made me think of you as soon as I saw it.

Anonymous said...

My 5 yr old is sitting in my lap while I was reading your blog and she saw the pic of you holding Ellie and says, "Ohhhhhh mmmooommyy, look at that girls mom, she is so pwetty, and her bootiful skirt it pwetty too." LOVE IT! LOVE it!!
Also love the V Day gift you got for Todd, might have to get one myself!