Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 2 Tag Download

Looking for the tag download? Here it is. PLain and simple, so there is still room for lots of writing, attaching a picture, or glittering that sucker right on up. THanks, Jessi.
I think... just click and print.



Ness said...

I chose SIMPLIFY and what I'm going to do is use things around the house for my tags that are cluttering my house or take pics going to the Goodwill to take a load of stuff while I'm simplifying my duplex. As far as tags, I'm just going to make a template and make the tags out of things around the house...scrap material I have left over from sewing, newspaper, left over cardstock from making Christmas sticky note pads. So I can simplify, make my book and prove to myself that I do have some art genes hiding deep inside this fat body all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I just signed on to be the 600th follower...I love stamping so I am really looking forward to doing the Tags....I'm just getting started but I'll catch up in a hurry. I have my word and I'm ready to "create". Thanks for the great idea.

Ness said...

Monica, where did we have to sign up for this? OMG..I've already screwed up!