Sunday, January 10, 2010

52Q Week 2.

Are you ready? Have you done week one? I have talked to lots of my friends, co-workers, and now you will see... family! I continue to hear, "I don't understand." "I don't have time." "I'm just not artsy."
And ok, ok, so I get it! We don't all have to have the same strengths. Example... my friend, Cindy, is an author. She told me today she just hasn't "gotten it" with the whole tag thing. However, she HAS gotten a journal and intends to write in it on a daily basis. She will simply be writing the weekly questions in the journal and answering the 52Q there.
My family MIGHT have THOUGHT I would let them be without their participation in the 52Q tags. ummmm. NO!
So, I got all my goodies out, taped craft paper on my kitchen cabinet and away we went!
I called Mom, her friend, Mickey, and Staci and told them to hightail it to my house or else.
We used the paints, the mists, the masks, the stickers, the rub-ons and the acrylic blocks/ stamps.

Here is how mine is coming along so far:

And ready for week 2's question?! Here you go.....

WHAT's MY VISION OF ______? (Insert your word here!)
You can do photos of what means nest to you, like this.
or you can use words to describe how you envision your life with more _____! (Kinda like I did on week one)
and then, for clarity's sake, this is how I envision my book looking come December 2010!
I hope you are participating in whatever way you want. The questions are going to be fun and very thought provoking! But at this first part of the journey, we need to get a clear picture of our year's goal. What your VISION of your word is!

Have fun! And don't forget to join our Flick GROUP, 52Q Mo Style. I am thankful to those of you who have loaded up your examples. I am LOVING seeing what you are doing!

Oh, and hey, melissa... for you and others like you... Jessi will post the downloadable tag version tomorrow. (You can still add a little glitter to it though! Just sayin'!)


Denise said...

Oh My! I've got to get my butt in gear.... like right now! Chat with you tomorrow.... I'm on my way upstairs to get crackin' on my tags!
Hasta luego, xo :)

nineisenuff said...

I get it! I worked on mine today, in fact. I am LOVING this project - what a way for me to focus on my word AND do something creative. Exactly the nudge/shove I need. Thanks! I took pictures of my tags, joined the Flickr group, now just need to get my pictures uploaded.

Sarah said...

Okay, now I am diggin' on the journal idea rather than the book of tags. That seems more my speed! I am crafty, but in a needle and thread (or sewing machine, or crochet hook) kind of way. But keeping a journal, I can so do! So now I am ON IT! I'll get my journal tomorrow and get started! Thank you for your inspiration!

Sarah Knight

jneman said...

I too am loving this project and have told many others about it at work. i am going to create my tags digitally as one of my goals is to learn Photoshop this year. hope to have the first few posted later this week.

Melissa said...

Where's the download with the week 2 question on it for us lazy people?

SarahBeth said...

lovin this idea! so give me details of supplies i should get to participate? like so i have paints, but i want to do this and be crafty! help a sista out! ha!

breanna said...

i love it! i tried to start making my tags today, but i can't find my tags!!!!! ahhhhh!!!! i guess i need to clean my own "art" {laundry} room :)

there's always tomorrow...but i did paint a little!

SamC said...

Got my first tags finished yesterday. This is so much fun! I love going through all my crafting stuff and deciding what I want to use. I am going to try to take some pictures tonight and post them.

Thank you Mo for taking the time to do this for us. (((hugs)))

Christy said...

Mo ~ the gaffer tape? do you type the words on it yourself or did you buy it with those words? you fit so much on your tag..I'm still working on mine, hoping to get my first one done tonight.

Beth E. said...

A journal sounds like a great idea...much more in my comfort zone!

Ness said...

Mel, I tried to track you down in all 3 offices today and one of your phenomenal staff took my number and having you call me. I don't get where I was to sign up for this adventure of the tags and I'm so OCD I need to get my ducks in order. Help Mel!