Monday, January 4, 2010


Ok, I am on inspirational overload. My little brain is so excited about the new year. I am having a jam session with Jessi tomorrow to get rolling on our next "challenge". I worked on it today, and we decided to make it as "crafty" as you want or as "easy" as you want. So get your little selves ready! I am so glad so many of you decided to participate. We are going to have a bang-UP 2010!

And now to shift gears and share some of the 1,000 pictures I took at Christmas...

Oh no she din't!

Oh YES she did!
Wear pigtails, that is!
Have you ever seen anything so cute in all your life?
I mean, seriously... pigtails are just a staple hairdo that never, ever goes out of style. The Ingalls girls way back on the prairie even wore pigtails. Wonder about kids from the Bible days? I wonder if they used something to tie up those little girls' hair on the sides. And now here we are... fast forward thousands of years... and what do we have?
With great bows that JinJin bought us for Christmas! Matching bows made just for pigtails!
Yep. We love pigtails!
Check back tomorrow. We shall begin the year's festivities!



Unknown said...

look at those toofies! SO cute!

Judy Cousans said...

OK-I am contemplating my word for 2010....I printed off Ali's list AND the worksheets...I'm taking my choice seriously, so don't write me off, I'm just still thinking!!

Love the pics of sweet Gabbi!

KKGrimmer said...

LOVE the pigtails, or as I would call! I wore them all the time as child.
Oh, I made my husband pick a word for the year! He needed a little help, so I suggested "mute"!! No, I wouldn't want that cause I couldn't CHERISH all the funny things he says all the time! So I gave him Ali's list and he's working on it! I'm really liking the word DARE too! Can we have two? Or do you suggest just one? Crap, maybe I need the word DECIDE! Oh, see that's a good one too! UGH!

tricia said...

that face just screams JOY

MLP said...

ADORABLE!!! The pigtails are nothing but CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Oh, that little angel baby doll! She is something else!

LOVE that you called me out BIG time on your last post! You are so right...I narrowed my words down to celebrate, rejoice, complete and then it hit me.....drum roll please..............I have chosen as my word for 2010:

During this year I plan to savor my last baby, savor moments with my other two children as we experience this new baby, savor time with my husband and savor my relationship with God. This is a BIG year for us and I love that Baby Boy Love's arrival is at the start of's the perfect time for me to begin SAVORING these precious moments right off the bat. I'm going to worry less about keeping my house clean and what I'm going to wear and what we're going to do. Instead I'm going to SAVOR the moments that the Good Lord has blessed me with!!! Savor Savor Savor!

Zhohn said...

I can't wait Mo, you have me excited!

Gabbi's pigtails are so cute!

Beth E. said... adorable! I live vicariously through all you mom's with girls. I never got to experience the bows, ruffles, lace, PINK, etc. With two boys, as long as they had clothes on, period, it was a good day! ;-)

Christie said...

I am excited about the new year!!!! I am going to ACCOMPLISH a lot this year. The pigtails are adorable. Oh how I wish I could have a little girl, but since I cant I will enjoy pics of your girls.

Kenzie Holley said...


Dianne said...

Pig-tails ROCK! My girls are 10 and 7 yrs. old, and still wear 'em.

Pam said...

My sweet gabbi girl!!

Pam said...

Yes, i finally figured it out

Lori said...
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Lori said...

I've been trying to come up with my perfect word and think I'm going with "Flexible". I am one of those crazy folks that wants to know what I am going to do each day and to have it very organized. Well, my 46 year old husband found out two months ago that he may lose his leg this year due to some major nerve damage. Not only has our income been cut by about 2/3 but the entire dynamics of our family (we have two girls ages 13 and 15) is changing due to the change in his physical abilities. So this year I want to be more "flexible". I think that will cut down on a lot of stress for my entire household.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the inspirational 52Q project... I scrapbooked for the FIRST time in like 2 years tonight and it feels great! I now have a ginormous mess all over my desk and feel something sort of peaceful about that. ;) Just wanted to say thanks and can't wait to see everyone else's stuff in the Flickr group!