Thursday, December 10, 2009

Therapy fashion.

This is how I first saw her.
I had put her clothes on, but she gathered a few accessories, came to the kitchen, and announced, "I'm ready to go to town."


And now that my big girl knows how to pose, we get this picture... often!
We were all dressed to go to Gabbi Girl's therapy!
And can you even believe she is walking in now?!
Mr. Karl was her therapist on this particular day.
He was so surprised at the progress she has made since he last saw her about three weeks ago. As you can tell, our little visitor participated in all the reindeer games too!
She still has quite a bit of tightness in her neck, so he worked on that area.
Not that she really liked it too much.
But hey... she bounced right back! Sweet little Gabbi Girl!
I am looking for a "big" bow. Anyone seen any? Ha.
McDonald's can make any blues go away!



Unknown said...

They are too much. 2 of the cutest little divas I have ever seen!

kelly said...

That last shot with the Happy Meal is a prize winner. They are gorgeous!

MLP said...

Talk about a post to make somebody SMILE!!! What precious little girls...GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

Yes, I saw that Gabbi Girl and Haddie have the same Christmas shirt. Is yours the brand "I'm Yours". Their warehouse is in my town.

Have a good weekend!!!

Zhohn said...

Oh I love me some Ellie Sue, she always puts a smile on my face!!! Loving that pose.

Way to go Gabbi, and love the pants!

Amy K said...

Oh my, that picture of Ellie in the parking spot - I just love that hat. Your girls have to be the best dressed girls in town!
Strike a pose...

Amy said...

It's been a really tough week for me. On Sunday my husband headed to GA for work. Monday was the 1 year anniversary of my mom going to Heaven. Tuesday I found out that my uncle (my mom's brother) had died. They both died in their sleep, in the same house almost exactly one year apart. And to top if off a so-called friend of the family for over 20 years was arrested at my uncles house stealing his tools. I'm in FL and all this is going on in IN.
When I visit your blog I am able to forget about all that drama and just enjoy your family. I can't tell you how much of a pleasure it is to want your girls learn and grow. I just love your family! I really hope that we have a chance to meet one day because I think your amazing!
Have a great weekend!!

KKGrimmer said...

It looks like they both are getting "strike a pose" down pretty good! They have cute outfits to pose in for sure! TOO CUTE!

Renee said...

Those girls have quite the wardrobe! I'm sure you have a blast shopping for them.

Great job Gabbi girl! Keep it up sista!

Audrea said...

They are simply adorable! Great Job Gabbi Girl! Merry Christmas!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I just love seeing your beautiful girls and all their fun accessories - they really are a crack-up. When my oldest was little, she REALLY wanted long hair, so I bought her a kid wig with long hair. Well, she insisted on wearing that thing everywhere, and I was not about to argue with her every day, so whenever we went out, there she was in her wig - what a trip! Fun memories. Have a great weekend, Diana from Colorado

Carrie said...

That little Ellie sure does know how to accessorize! And I am not sure you will find a bow bigger than the one perched on little GG's head. Cripes! It IS as big as her head! Your little sweeties are so very adorable.

Mary said...

i haven't left a cmmeny in way to long. the girls are beautiful.....getting so big. My question is why are people not buying the scrapbook kit. I'm going to advertise it for you. Peeps its a load of stuff for cheap. TOP QUALITY...honestly, you could do at least two books with these supplies! HELLO great christmass gift......buyit NOW I don't want her to stop putting these together.

Anonymous said...

Oh those girls are a hoot! Ellie reminds me of my girls sooo much with all the accessories, bling, and all. That bow on GG is just beyond a riot...I love bows too though!!! I hope your Christmas is full of the love happiness and joy that you bring to everyone around you!

randdmom said...

Mo - I was just thinking "sure wish Mo could find a big bow for Gabbi" when you mentioned it. I cracked up!!! Thanks for the laugh today!