Saturday, November 28, 2009

New skill!

Guess what Ellie Sue can do!!

Allllll by her little self.
She can get the toilet paper, unroll it in its entirety allllll the way across the kitchen. Then I come in and clean it up. Then she starts again with my watching her this time.
She lays out the toilet paper and meticulously starts selecting her end square.
She apparently understands perforation!
Hmmmm.... keep working, Ellie Sue.
Then she can actually blow her own nose.
And like many of us do... she checks out her productivity!
and begins the pile!
Again.... sliiiiiiide. Perforation!
Perfect! A single square!
Blow the nose AGAIN! and Again. And again. and again....
as her little pile of single square wads grows.
No matter how she does it... I am really proud of her new skill! Mo


Bj said...

Oh how can see in her little face how proud SHE is of herself.....this brings back so many sweet memories of my own "little" girl (who will be 41 in Jan.)....treasure these moments'll be glad you did some day........huggers, Bj

Carrie said...

Such a big girl! I think it is funny that she uses TP instead of Kleenex!!! And the little pile of is adorable. Now if you could just get her to throw it in the garbage you'd be all set!

Beth E. said...

Hey, that IS quite an accomplishment! I think youngest son was like, ummmm...14 yrs. old or something before we could get HIM to blow his nose! ;-)

Good job, Ellie!

Unknown said...

Blowing your nose is actually a tough skill to teach. I've had to tell kids to pretend they are blowing out candles with their noses! :0) So cute she has her little pile of toilet paper.

kb said...

Awesome...but at that rate she may need some TP with some soothing lotion! She is precious!