Sunday, November 29, 2009

A few more canvases. Tell your relatives to look away!

Ok, you had your warning. Sorry if I am totally ruining a surprise. Please be warned... if you want me to keep it hush hush, better tell me. (I know you did, Cindy, and again... sorrry!)

Here we go.

All new ones! I just had to try some new things!

Have you SEEN this Martha Stewart glitter from Michael's?! OMG. If you have a crafter kid in the family, get them THIS! I LOVE it!

This is what my kitchen looks like in the wee hours of the night! All of this is textured, and now has to rest overnight to dry!
Why, yes it IS 4:53 am! I got up at 2:00 am after taking a prescription med and not knowing about its side effects. I just stayed right on up through the rest of the morning. I RARELY get time alone to do this, so I was using my time wisely!

hey, Kelly Crum. I am pretty sure it was you who got a 5/$100 potluck of all new Christmas designs. Hope you like em.
No, wait... these aren't the ones! These were kinda special ordered! Wanted red polka dots and red ornaments for the teachers. I threw in the gingerbread just for spice!

and LOOOOOVED the glitter ornament!
aha... these are yours, Kelly.
I think.

And my cousin coaches at a local high school. This is a special commision by his mom. I don't think he reads my blog, so... so be it.
Sheridan. I reaaaaaallly liked doing these for you!

Such a sweet thing to share with your friends who can really understand what it is you are dealing with...
and hey, ANYONE who worked at St. Jude is a FRIEND of mine!

Oh, and looky looky who was up bright and early to "help" me.

This one turned out so cute! I send it to Texas for a fundraiser for a little boy who has leukemia. I hate cancer!

Got about this many more (at least) to post tomorrow or in a few. If you don't want it out there, email me and tell me. Don't think I can take anymore orders to get them out in time for Christmas. If not time sensitive, bring it on!



kelly said...

Hey Mo! Love the canvases and as a special bonus, I remembered my password to sign in. Feel like I just got my 15 minutes of fame on Mo Joy. You are the best. Love that little helper of yours too.

Bj said...

Hey girl...these are absolutely beautiful....I have a couple of things I want, but they are not for I may just wait till the first of the year to order. Love what you are so talented! Huggers to the little elf lending a helping hand.

Shannon said...

Oh my Mo you are so gifted!!! No wonder you don't want to sleep...if I could make things like that I wouldn't either!! Have a great week!

pickledfairy said...

Hi Mo!

The canvases were waiting for me when I arrived back from Arizona and I LOVE them!!! I just wish I could be there to see my lovely friends when they open them on Christmas morning. You captured exactly what I truly are magical at what you do.


Carri Russo said...

Your work is AMAZING!!!!

Pepper said...

Love these. Hope mine is in this next batch. I am so excited. Did I tell you to put the Glenn's on the brown one with the cross? If I didn't, no big deal. That is for me. If I'm not in this next batch, just let me know you didn't forget me.