Wednesday, November 25, 2009

If you like spaghetti, raise your hand.

We have to take a little ride down memory lane. Well, as far back as last week anyway! I only take about a thousand pictures a week, so when I find myself in a quandry with no camera battery (thanks, Mary Allison!!), I am always A-OK! I have these from dinner last Wednesday night.

I was serving chicken spaghetti, and I said, "If you want spaghetti, raise your hand!"
Ellie immediately got it, and responded to the call!
Gabbi Girl watched her big sissy and got the hang of it pretty quickly.
She really looks up to her big sissy!
Ok, so once more... "Raise your hand if you want more spaghetti." Nowwww, that's more like it!
Nothing pleases Ellie Sue more than being a helper to her baby sister, "Sweetie"! Look at her facial expressions throughout these pics. For starters, look at the intent on her face above.
And if only I had had a video camera. Oooohweee. Talk about CUTE! She was "chooChoo"ing every bite to "sweetie".
"here it comes, Gabbi Girl. Choo Chooo. Choo Chooo."
"Hey mom. I think she is crazy!"
I know, Gabbi, I think so too!
"But dangit, she is so much fun!"
Urrrkkkkk, and now a little bite for me!
chooooo chooo. choooo choooo.
I think this would go on for as long as I would let it.
Have I mentioned how beautiful my baby girl is? Look at those sparkly little eyes!
Miss E is protecting that spoon from any loss!
Now that is the sweetest thing ever!
Ooops. So maybe a little DID get loose from the spoon!
No, Ellie. I don't think you are ready to start getting Gabbi out of her brown chair! But, I am quite sure you THINK you are!
All's well. Gabbi is safe and sound in her LSU chair. And chock FULL of spaghetti!
And may I say... HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you. I am thankful to each of you who read my blog and who love and appreciate me and my kiddos. I am thankful for all of the support I get and feel from you who comment regularly. I am just OVERLY thankful for my babies! I have a couple of birth moms (and dads) who made this possible for me, so naturally, I am thankful to them! And of course, a supportive mom and dad and sister and extended family who knew this is what was going to be best for me and who have loved them and me and been right by my side the whole time. Oh, and let us not forget the husband who had to be open minded throughout this whole process and who supported my decision to adopt. He is a great dad! LOVES his girls... all three of them! Let's face it. I am a blessed chick! and I never want to take any of these blessings for granted.

I love this phrase from a favorite song... "may the Lord bless and keep you. May His face shine upon you". "Bless me indeed, open wide my horizon." That is a prayer! and it is a strong one! Like Jabez! I feel His face shining on me!

I think some may think and actually have SAID, "how do you go on after a loss like the one your family suffered?" Well, it is a choice to be happy and to RECOGNIZE blessings.... to find MO'JOY! Jake would be so sad to see his family sulking! He is thrilled that we are happy and living life to its fullest. And we are happy that we will see him again! Confident of that!

I watched a sermon a couple of weeks ago and saw a pastor (Gloria Copeland) saying that when God sends you a blessing, you have to make a decision to RECEIVE it! I like that. It is ok to feel you are "lucky " as long as you know it is a blessing, and it is God's gift to you. He wants us to be happy and live an ABUNDANT life! He wants you to recognize this gift and RECEIVE it! I pray for you abundance! and a big ol' feeling of BLESSING and HAPPINESS and RICHES for this Thanksgiving!

Ok, whew. That was a big shift from spaghetti, huh? But it was what was on my heart! I am thankful! Mo


Claudia said...

You truly are blessed, Mo. And your girls are blessed as well. You are a wonderful mother. You're giving them a great life. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. :>)

Michelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I am thankful you love to show off your girls as I love to see their precious faces each day you post! Every once in a while I have an aweful flashback of that time when you all were gone for a break from blogland and it makes me thankful for now! :) You are so blessed and I think you shine brightly for Jake! What a boy and what a family! -Michelle

MLP said...

What a great post, my friend! You are a BLESSING in ~my~ life!!! I love reading about your precious family and seeing the pictures of your beautiful girls. I am thankful for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Bj said...

VERY WELL SAID MY are so right...God does bless us and gives us all kinds of "gifts"...BUT...we DO have to open our hearts and minds and "accept" them..He does not force His gifts upon us. I too, am truly blessed and very grateful for all the "gifts" He has given me....and watching you and your little family blossom and grow, has been one of my favorite blessings....HAPPY all...stay safe and enjoy His "gifts".....huggers, Bj

Kristina said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish a very special family a very special Thanksgiving greeting. I hope that you have a day full of love and joy!

Renee said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mo and family! Thank you for sharing your family with us.

Sharidrew said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating all God has given you. May you eat lots, (well what you can) and love even more!

Hugs from Missouri
Shari and family

Melissa said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I appreciate the way that y'all have shared your family so honestly the last few years. You all rock!! :O)

Michele said...

Not only are you blessed, you also bless us. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your wonderful family!!!

KKGrimmer said...

I'm thankful for you!!! I've told you many times that you and your family are such an inspiration! I feel blessed to "know" you, though we've never met! I hope SO MUCH to get to meet you at the St. Jude's marathon. I'll be running for TEAM JAKE!
By the way, Ellie and Gabbi learned all that sweetness fron the people around them!!!

Tammy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!!

Christie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mo to you and your family. Tell Stacy and her family Happy Thanksgiving also. I am thankful that you share your lives with us. I have cried and oh my gosh laughed til I cried over the escapades of your family. Thanks for sharing.

Kathryn said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We are in Kansas, and loving it. Blessings to all, and please thank Ms E for being such a great big sister.

Kenzie Holley said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you too! I loved what you said at the end. SO TRUE. We have so many blessings that we just CAN'T take for granted and I know having those girls is a HUGE blessing! Thanks for sharing that with us!

Sandy said...

Happy Thanksgiving. As much as I say to you Thank You for being so open with your family. I am thankful for our blog friendship.

Pining for Pinterest said...

Love the pictures! Ellie looks precious feeding her sister!