Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hey y'all!

It has certainly been a new experience for us to have Thanksgiving away from home. I really think it is my first time since I was a kid!
Then again, I suppose going out of town and TAKING your family WITH you is not exactly having Thanksgiving without your same crew, now is it?! Usually, we party Thanksgiving style with mom's family... her sisters, my cousins, and all the kids. Mom has a HUGE family, so there is always lots of people and goings on.
For us, we made a little vacation out of our trip! This day we ate down at The Wharf right on the canal, where it heads out to the gulf. Hey, by the way, if you are interested in a yacht, this one is "$40,000 below market value" at only $895,000. If you are interested, let me know... I need to get cut in on this deal! DUDE!
Us po' folks, who don't have yachts, still have FUN our own way!
Like all pretending that we can't walk to humor the baby of the bunch. Maddi had just gotten up! We had three little girls crawling along, scuffing up the toes of their shoes!

Christmas is coming to town down at the gulf, and every time Ellie sees a decoration, she proclaims, "Look, mom. More Christmas!". She is going to have a lot of fun checking out all the decorations this year!
Hey, Breanna. Likey our outfits? Both the girls wore them on this day, and they looked so dang cute! Ellie has been going through a really bad hair phase, so we are sticking with the pigtails! Remember recently when I asked WHAT I should do with this hair... cut it into a style? trim it? Let it grow?! Well, we are just going to do pigtails for a while!
Maddi loves her little cousin. Both of the big girls do, in fact. Problem is, Gabbi is doing MUCH better walking without all their help!

Both of the big girls now have "posing" all down pat too! This is Maddi's pose! Ellie's was a few pics up! too bad they weren't feeling posey at that style show a few weeks back!
Oh, and this is where we ate! Guy Harvey's. These fish themed shirts seem to be all the rage at the colleges down here in the south! Is that a country wide trend? I mean big ol' marlin and such. I find that to be a little odd, but who am I to set (or break) a trend?!
We liked this place because there was outdoor seating. ANYTIME that is available and the weather permits, WE TAKE IT!
Because we need the wide open spaces for these little rugrats!
Let's just say they like to "investigate" things!
Awwwww... that's all. Just awwwwww!!
I suppose it will be easy to remember when Gabbi Girl first started walking... Thanksgiving 20o9, in Gulf Shores! Way to go, my GG!
It was nice having JinJin down with us too. Todd's parents showed up today following a LONG drive from Orlando!
The only people we are missing is Dad and Rita. I know my girls would LOVE to have a little Pops time! Come on, dad. It is not too late! All the sitters we can stand would be more than appreciated!
Looks like my girls can't draw that line between being at home and being away! Sitting on the table! Just like that kitchen counter, I suppose!
Jin taught the girls to make funny faces. This was Maddi's attempt.
and this was Miss Ellie Sue's.
Often when she does something she thinks is funny, she will laugh and just say, "Sheeewww". Like ,"I just crack myself up!" .
Hope to share Thanksgiving feast pics tomorrow! Hope you all had a happy day! We did!

Oh and Mary Allison is on the high school tennis team. Word has it the team is in need... They are having to wear OLD polos (like from last season! ugh!) and hand me down tube socks. Some of the girls can't afford bloomers to wear under their tennis skirts. And, SOME people are wearing REEBOKS! Oh my Lord! I heard that one kid even had on Tretorns! WHAT?! This HAS TO STOP! Soooooo, they are having a fundraiser at the playoff game tomorrow night. From 5-7 pm, they are serving jambalaya, bread, salad, and a dessert. Go by there and have supper when you go to see the Rebels win! Tell em Mo sent ya! And ask for Mary Allison. Maybe she can give you a big scoop!

And by the way, I am just kidding about all that crap I said above. I would imagine they are raising money for travel and such. Wish I could be there to support! MO


Renee said...

Those girls are quite comical and no doubt keeps y'all on your toes. Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa said...


Kenzie Holley said...

I love the pics of the girls! Hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving!

Robin said...

Awww!! Look at Gabbi lou gettin after it!! They are all so cute! Hope you are having a wonderful vacation! Think of us while we decorate that tree tomorrow... I certainly hope it lives up to your standards!!! :)

Stephanie said...

Hey Mel, love the pics! Can't believe how big the girls have gotten! Wanted to find out how i can order some of your believe paintings. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
Stephanie Collins