Sunday, November 22, 2009

HELLLLLLOOOO!!!! We R Beachin'!

So sorry to keep you waiting! First, we travelled all day Friday and second, we are having internet troubles in the condo! Staci and Don are renting one down a few floors from us, so finally, I have uploaded new pics and am ready to rock!
What a difference a few months can make! Ellie can now operate the "Elliegator" virtually all by herself. That is great and oh so, NOT great all at once!
We were heading down to see what treasures we could find at the beach, so we stopped on the way down to grab our favorite cousin, Maddi Boo. Jin Jin was there and filled them a couple of cups full of apple slices. As is typically the case...
Ellie said, "I got it" and handled Maddi's for her too. If she tries to change her cousin's diaper one more time, I swear....
She also designates herself as the leader and caretaker often!
Is this cute or what?! Our little Gabbi Girl is upstairs taking a nap, so she didn't make this trip down.

And I am certainly not complaining. There is a BIG difference between two and three! Two... manageable. Three.... not so much!
These two just have PURE BLISS being free to run around the resort without crowds or too many strict rules. I kinda feel the same way!
Here is Ellie about to give Maddi a big ol' hug.
and Maddi simply accepting it!
Heading down to the beach. Have I cracked my head?!
Denara, Do you read my blog? Looks like those gymnastics lessons are coming in very handy!
Ta Da!!
This little missy is just so independent! She would gladly have just hung out down on that beach all alone!
We had a really good time finding shells! Or as Ellie calls them now, "Shelbys". I know our Shelby is loving that one!
That is the "clubhouse" behind Ellie. That is where we have decided to have Thanskgiving dinner, in the way of buffet! Oh yeah! More on that later!
When it is warm here, we just don't seem to have this many shelbies on the beach! But lucky for us, now that it is too cold to swim, there is something to preoccupy these two busy bodies!
And look at that beach behind them... empty!
Maddi was not quite as fired up about finding shelbies as Ellie Sue was. But she was a trooper.
Ellie STUFFED her pockets full! I will know for SHO that tomorrow we will be taking a little bag of some sort with us!
We passed a couple of joggers on the beach, and Ellie said, "What are they doing?"
I said, "Running on the beach." And like that.....
we had a couple 0f runners too!!

I LOVED seeing this! I have never been down to the coast this time of year, so I wondered how people celebrated here. So cool. Makes me wish we would be there for the holidays and could also celebrate with garland! orrrrrrrr, we could just do it at home! Which we most certainly will!
Time to take a little apple snackin' break!
and then ol' looney toon ran over to the grassy area and started being uber silly.
and just yelling out at the top of her lungs! I know the "snowbirds" down here are loving the little kids around the grounds. they come here to get AWAY from all the cold and busy-ness. Well, say HELLO to BUSY-NESS!! All kinds of Busy-ness!
I love this picture of my big girl. She has so much liveliness in her little face. Mischievous? Yes! Am I secretly happy about her curiosity and spunk? Yes!
So, Day one (of ten) of our Thanksgiving vacay! Hey, you south Alabama readers. (Foley, Hello? Hello?) We are looking for a babysitter! Any takers!? Where are you Holley girls when I really need you!?


Amy said...

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your days on the beach. Ellie looks so much more like a little girl than a baby. Her and Maddie are so cute together.

Mary Allison said...

those pigtails are cute, and the sweatsuit!
have fun.
i realllllyyyyyyy wish i was with yall:'(

I like polos.(especially sweaters and tennis wear)

ha! :)

Patricia said...

Love the beach at Thanksgiving! Usually there are lots of sand dollars in the shallow water this time of year!

Beth E. said...

I don't like crowds, so an empty beach looks great to me!

Ellie and Maddi are so cute together! I love the mischief, the sweetness, their curiosity...what a blessing!

You're gonna have so much fun there this Thanksgiving...looking forward to more posts and more pics!

Melanie Christian said...

I'd love to babysitt but I'm about 4.5 hours north of you! I wish I lived closer! Come on up to northern Alabama for a day!

Marti said...

I hope you all have a blast!!! We have done T'day in PCB and LOVE it. My parents put garland up at Christmas and red, white and blue at 4th of July!! Enjoy your time away!

Claudia said...

What darling pictures of Ellie and Maddi. So sweet to see how close they are. I have never wished more that I lived in southern Alabama. I would babysit in a heartbeat! Hope you find someone and have a great vacation. I'll look forward to reading more about your time there!

Anonymous said...

LOVE me some Ellie and Maddi and beachin' it might just be the way to go for Thanksgiving. Can I come?! Is Todd NOT cookin' this year? Oh shimminey, I hope The Beach Club is ready! You know, has 50% coupons for The Beach Club Rest.....don't know it they're good for Thanksgiving, but......just sayin'! Hey, I'll ask J. Bexley if she knows anyone....she lives close by I think! Have tons of fun! I miss that place! :(

Tammy said...

Been readin ur stuff since way before Jake went to Heaven. I live HERE-in Pensacola. Please be so very safe around that water. We have so many tourists who drown this time of the year. i love the pics and if I should get over to Gulf Shores will surely have to drop by and say hello. Have FUN!! and enjoy your holiday at the beach.

Kelly said...

Those pictures are adorable!!! Where did you get that monogrammed sweatsuit Mo??

Christie said...

Oh how nice. I miss the beach. I used to live in California and we went to the beach alllll the time. I am so unmotivated for the holidays this year. A condo and a buffett sounds wonderful to me. The pictures of the girls are so cute. I love Ellies outfit. She looks so grown up.

Holley Sisters said...

I wish we were there, too! You know we would love to babysit. We are actually going to be in Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving at our Uncle Chad's who owns the Beach Club cottage. We are going to try to help LSU finish with a win against Arkansas. My brothers are not very hopeful. Have fun at the beach, and have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Jennifer said...

Still looking for a Baldwin County babysitter? Email me and I'll give you my sister in-law's babysitter's numbers. She's great and lives in Robertsdale!