Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween Scrap Kit. Come and get it.

MoJoy Etsy Shop

That is how you get it! Just click on the link above. I think there are 25 available. Or maybe 24, so I can have one of them to do as an example. Just in case you care to have a "sample".
Here is the kit. Lots of fun little papers. A rub on alphabet. A great puffy, glittery alphabet. Our book will be 6x6 and there are lots of little embellishments that match the papers. There are some of the clear letters taht I used in a kit prior. I painted them in my last book. I think I may glitterize them this time! How awesome are these papers? Oooohhhhweeeeee. I will be doing a little mini book of my girls' Trick or Treating and likely throw in a pumpkin patch pic or two. We have had some pretty awesome fall this this season. I need to get scrappin, because, as you know... I haven't been paper, scissor, and gluin' in quite some time! We are going to the beach for Thanksgiving, so I may get to work on it there. Since we should have family to help with the rugrats. Sweet, precious rugrats, I mean.

Go get it!


Beth E. said...

You would be so proud of me...I went to a little shop in the Arts and Crafts Village in Gatlinburg, and hand crafted two pairs of earrings!

It was fun...I might have to try it again, sometime!

Kathryn said...

Ordered about a minute ago, and it still isn't here.

I can't wait to play, but I have a few things to finish. I am killing my hands with all the sewing decorations I am doing to finish the big canvas.

breanna said...

what!?! you're going to the beach! i'm coming home for thanksgiving :(

Lisa said...

Melanie - I bought a cute "trinket" for your "bracelet wearing" girlies and wanted to mail it to you. Could you email me your address please? Lelliott@trinity-umc.org (I work on staff in a United Methodist Church) I love reading about your daily life! Thanks for always sharing.

Lisa said...

I mailed the bracelets to your office today - I started thinking that you must think I'm crazy-I probably wouldn't give out my address to someone I don't know. I forget that we don't know each other because I have followed your blog for so long that I feel as if I know all of you!!