Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just Cruisin'!

This kind of orchestration requires TWO adults!
But when it is complete, it is sooooo much fun! (That is our house in the background!)
Later, Mom. We gotta go now!
These girls would do this for HOURS! They LOVE this little car!!
I would love it if we could just sit inside and watch them outside. Butttttt.....
they don't quite have the steering down yet. And Staci has the occasional tree!
Thanks, Veronicia!

These three monkeys are pretty good buddies!
and look at this girl hanging her arm out of the side door.
And Gabbi Girl has her arm all propped up on her cousin. Don't you think she has total confidence in her driving her around?
That is so sweet to me! Don't you agree?
Just total, unbridled JOY!
Now. Let's watch the "joy" of one totally cease! It was Ellie's turn to drive.
Hey, Maddi. Wherrrrre are you!?
Oh, there you are. Sulking on the stairs. REFUSING to get in the car if you can't drive.
Who do you think has the "only child" syndrome? Strange since she is baby of Four. But, when your brothers are 13 years older than you, they aren't really in any danger of sharing your dollies. So, Maddi doesn't appreciate that whole "sharing" thing yet!
Oh well... These two just decided to go on without her.
Gabbi Girl tried to get a little music going.
I love how she has her hand on the knob without even looking at it. It reminds me of how we do as adults.
Alright, alright. We are coming back , Maddi. (Can you see her up there still on the step? She would rather sit there and have NO fun than to be a passenger in her own car!)
Ellie takes one more look back and thinks....
Oh what the heck! Come on, Maddi. Let's go. You can drive!

I hope they maintain these "compromising" properties when it is time to share shoes, clothes, accessories as teens!
These three have LOTS and LOTS of adventures ahead of them.
and I can't wait to watch!


(Hey Jake. OF COURSE I realized it was 11/11! And I even talked to a friend at 11:11 on 11/11 today and made them aware of it ! )


Kathryn said...

You know, these cars weren't even invented when our children were little, let alone me! I think I was seriously robbed!

Course, I did have my ride-on pedal tractor that I loved, the children loved, and now our Girlies loved. But, shoo.

MLP said...

Oh this is PRICELESS! This is a glimpse into your future. Those little girls are going to be so close and have so much fun!!!

Carri Russo said...

These pictures are priceless. The three of them together, ready to take on the world...I love that they will always have a best friend close by......

Pepper said...

What a sweet set of pics. I loved Gabbi's hand being on Maddie. It looked so sweet and loving. They are going to be so close growing up and being next door is going to make it that much nicer. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Christie said...

These three girls will have a great relationship. I am so thrilled for them. I loved this post.

Denise said...

Ellie and her BIG hair bow!! HA!!! These pics are so cute! Three precious little girls.

Beth E. said...

Girl, wait until they each get their driver's's a scary time in their lives. Not for them, but for the parents! lol

randdmom said...

I couldn't help but think how different your emotions will be when they drive off together as teenagers!!!

Unknown said...

A pink cadillac, what more could a girl the pictures

Rhonda said...

These are some of my FAVORITE pictures yet! So fun and so sweet! Those little cousins are growing up quickly!! PRECIOUS GIRLS!!!

Melissa said...

Hands down, my favorite pictures. I love these. Adorable.
Those boys better watch out. I can see those girls being a handful in about 14 years.

Kenzie Holley said...

funny! I love those little cars!!! I wish I had one!!!!!!

MaryH said...

Melanie, please e-mail me - - I can't find your e-mail address - I need to discuss the star canvas.

Also, there was an article on Yahoo yesterday about the significance of 11:00 on 11/11 - DUH, I didn't need anybody to explain that significance!

Love the pics of the girlies in their car - shades of things to come - you are right, there are great adventures to come with these three. Enjoy the fun!

Michele said...