Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We love Canton. We love Canton!

Staci and I took a little trip of our own this past weekend!
Canton Trade Days! Yeeeeeehaaawwww. October is our usual Canton trip with cousins!

Why don't I share with you a few things that we saw that were fun and inspiring? You know, so you can feel like you were there too! Oh. Rhonda, Jane, and Holly, you were, weren't you?!

I am looking for some funky little doors to go on a storage compartment in the potty room in my new house, because there is verrrry little storage in my new bathroom. Go figure. I liked these.
And there were all kinds of cool things made with old license plates. I have a really neat project in mind to make for the new mudroom. Will show you soon enough!
There is seriously a little of EVERYTHING at Canton! I thought these old aprons were cool. I bought several. I intend to host art retreats/ weekends/ weeks(!!) when we move into our new house. Maybe everyone can have their own apron, with all kinds of little pockets for brushes, stamps, ribbons, etc.
This is fuzzy, but it is a cute little wall hanging that one of my cousins actually bought on our last visit. It says the fruits of the spirit.
Hey, Miss Jane. I found this to show you how to use that netting in your tree. I ran into Miss Jane in Canton and she was wondering how to use the stuff in our buggy. Ironically, she never even looked up to see who she was talking to. She just started pilfering through our buggy and then when she looked up to see us, we were ALL surprised! Miss Jane has been a huge support throughout the entire Jake ordeal and continues to check on this little family!
I thought it was cool how this old screen door was used to sell necklaces.
And these old metal tins are what I want to do with the license plates for my mudroom, hang up area. These are saweeeet.
And I am determined to make my girlies one (or two) of these to swing on.
And I am all about these pumpkins. I intend to paint a few of these myself!
Staci and I both bought these humongous copper pumpkins. They are about 2' across. They are so pretty!
And I also bought a bunch of these crystal hangy things. I LOVE how this booth put them with orange and black stuff for a vintage, Halloweeny feel.
Oh, yeah! I am soooo doing this!
Here Staci is standing in a long line at a very popular booth!
And oh my word. There are so many booths that have tons and tons of ribbon and trim. I bought a bunch, and have actually already organized it, for a Halloween mini scrapbook kit. There will be a lot of ribbon involved!
Booths that I may have bypassed in the past, I am now perusing with definite intent! After all, I am ALL about a bargain!
I found this booth that had handmade, custom bedding. I liked this a lot, but would like to figure out how to use my black furniture in the girls' room in the new house. So, if you see bedding that would tie the black in, email it to me!!
I thought this was kinda funnY!
and I NEED one of these, but much bigger and much wider, and much taller, and so that it holds about 200 more rolls of ribbon than this! Ha
Ok, I am really in LOVE with this table. Toddly and I will need a new kitchen table. This one is called basket weave, and I think it is luscious! The craftsmen at Canton are quite unbelievable!
and another thing I really, really liked...
Ok, back to the show. This is a cool mirror that was decoupaged around the edges. LOVE that!
Ahhhh... what is it with me and license plates?! Dude, I am all about them! Lucky for me... I was all about them last year too! I bought about 20 of them (at least) and have stored them in my garage. Canton has a "garage sale" type area. And when I say "area", I mean ACRES! I always pick out all kinds of ecclectic pieces that I think I can use to MAKE things!
I have always liked things that are meant for one function but is used for another. Like these...
We may just have to have some of these drawer pulls!

These are my cousins, Cherry and Sissy. Their moms are my mom's sisters.
Sissy was hobbling about this weekend and had to rent a scooter to get around the grounds! She is still not over a knee surgery.
My My, Staci. Don't you look all chipper and ready for the day!?
And speaking of the butt crack of dawn....
For some reason, Staci had this infatuation with all the crows in the parking lot at WalMart. I got home and checked out my pictures on my camera, and there were like, 10 pictures like this! We definitely hit the road before it gets daylight!
We leave early because Cherry, aka "Captain" of our trip, knows how to get us to the BEST parking lot on the grounds. One that Staci and I came to LOVE because...
we had to carry our load back to our car by 8:45! Now, that may be a record!!
But, look. Before you think I am a nut... A lot of my buys were BIG. Like the THREE scarecrows I bought for my clinics!
ANd finally, we had a group meeting at Posada's, only my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant in the world!
See these buggies that we used to cart out stuff around the grounds?! Well....
they didn't make it home with us, because we needed room for THIS! Dude. Staci. We need therapy! And I don't mean physical!
Ugh! I have to go to work. I have to pay for this crap!
But might I add... I HIGHLY recommend Canton, Texas!



breanna said...

OOOOhh...I can't wait to see all the stuff in your new house!!:) guess what i'm doing RIGHT NOW!?! Making shirts...lots of purple! They are SO cute, that I want to make one for myself!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I go almost every month but it had been a long time since I had seen such a large crowd..Hope you will visit my Christmas blog...

MLP said...


You girls ROCK!

Jennifer said...

oooh how I love Canton!

Bj said...

Well, it certainly looks like Canton was the place to be this past glad you girlies had a good time....huggers, Brenda (Bj)

Kathryn said...

Oh! I. Want. To. Go.

I really do. That looks like so much fun! I am fiddling around with ideas for ribbon storage, too. I have used all but three file storage drawers full of ribbon, so now I can begin think of organization. Then, we need to discuss paper storage. We really do. I can't find a way to safely store a gazillion pieces of paper!

Can't wait to see the new kit!

Christie said...

I live about 2 hours from Canton and have never been. I have heard lots about it. I dont know if I can afford to go A girl I work with and her friend went this last weekend to. They both spent about $1800 each....yikes!!!! They got A LOT of neat stuff. I would be

Firemom said...

I wish I would have known about Posadas! I got there Friday morning after I dropped the kiddo at school and spent all I could spend. It got increasingly warm and increasingly crowded and THAT is the benefit to living down here...I can go back next month!
Don't you adore the Sunday House - Oklahoma guys (the line Staci is standing in)..where else can you shop and they only take cash or check! Who takes checks anymore!!!


Unknown said...

That looks like the best place ever! I love the pumpkins with their names on it and, well, everything! Good ol' Washington state has NOTHING like that.

RADstitches said...

OHHHHHHH I have wanted to go to Canton FOREVER and EVER! Without Lee. LOL YOu know so he can't stand there and huff and puff.. I just can't take the pressure of being stalked by the hubby that don't want to be there!

Nana said...

Oh shoot...I got busted...But, I do love me some ribbon. I like the open weave kind too. Going back next month on the way home from the Smoky Mts. to get some more..thought of more uses.. Did you find what you were frantically searching for when I saw you?
Y'all really did some damage...did you get any of the outfits for the girls?
I saw some bedding that was the black and white toile with the pink and lime green accent...for a girls' room. Now where was it?

Rhonda said...

I recognize many of the spots where your pictures were taken! As you well know, I LOVES ME SOME CANTON! Every single month!! Fortunately I am only an hour away so I can do that. This month was a ZOO ~ way too crowded! But as always, such treasures to be found! Let me know if you and Todd make it back that way!!

Casey said...

I was in Canton this past weekend, too!

As big as the place is, I think I saw everything that you photographed.

Ironically, I thought about you several times when I was there and saw "Believe" stuff (mainly in the Arbors).

It looks like y'all had as much fun as we had!

snekcip said...

I have got to go there one day! Love all the neat stuff!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can I come next time pleaseeee? OMG that is my kind of place. I was drooling all kinds here looking at the pics....can't wait to see finished products that you do.

Anonymous said...

It's just NOT fair! I am going next time! Seriously!!!! That's NOT, just NOT right! Can't wait to see the new house and all your goodies! You did really good!