Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meet our pediatrician.

And how bout I introduce you to our pediatrician, Dr. Bimle. She happens to be the mama to FOUR girls!
Lucky for us, we don't have to visit her and her staff very often! My girlies have been pretty dang healthy!

Ok, are you ready? Get ready! They are pretty cute! Sit down. Prepare to be cuted out!
Ta Da. And there they are! In matching dresses!
The only way we could get them to sit still was to eat gummies. I know, I know, they may not look a lot like gummies! They look like a rabbit passed that way!
It was time for Gabbi Girl to have her one year check up. Ellie Sue is healthy as a horse. She was coughing a little at the time, so we got going again on her breathing treatments. Didn't take long and she was back to normal.
Ellie, keep your hands off your sister's gummies!

And I also LOVE that shade of green. It seems to be my favorite color lately!
My girls look so big sitting up there on that plinthe all big-girl like!
and getting a picture of them together is a RARITY! I love it when this happens!
They sat there as long as I could expect them to.... and then...
Ellie got fidgety and needed to tear some things up!
Oh Lawdy be!
And like that... she is back to "normal".
Am I a blessed mama or what?!
My cup just plain ol' runneth over!

I'll say it again. I hit the adoption jackpot! I mean, really. HOW do you get two this cute?!
My precious girls.
Precious, healthy girls!
With big brown bows!

A happy mom.


Christy said...

precious, indeed!

Jennifer said...

Yep! Too precious!!

Claudia said...

You definitely did hit the adoption jackpot! They are absolutely adorable!

tricia said...

so happy for both you and Todd

Debbie said...

How blessed you are!! But those 2 girl's are blessed too, to have you and Todd, as their parents!!!

They are just adorable, precious and beautiful! Enjoy them!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Melissa said...

They are so darn cute!! I can't believe they sit so well at the dr's office. I am always praying for Dr. Khanfar to hurry up and come in before my kids destroy the room. About the only thing that keeps them semi-occupied is a package of crayons. I let them draw all over that paper liner stuff. But that only works for so long ya know!

Audrea said...

They are just adorable!

Pining for Pinterest said...

Love the pictures! I can never get both of my children smiling at the same time!!

KKGrimmer said...

I bet the padiatrician and staff loves your girls! You for sure hit the jackpot!

Kenzie Holley said...

That's exactly right!!! Those are the sweetest girls ever!


Beth E. said...

You definitely are blessed! Those two cuties...they sure are cute in those little dresses.

I used to take washable markers or crayons to the doc's office with us, and let the kids draw on the paper while we waited for the doctor. It helped to keep them occupied...for a few minutes, anyway! lol