Monday, October 26, 2009

KK's back!!

I gotta tell you. I love all my pictures. I mean, duh. They are of my children. But. This little photo shoot has to be one of my all time faves of the year. It was early in the morning and Todd was out of town (last week). I got the big, big privilege of staying home with my girlies to wait on KK to show up for babysitting.

Because it is a FAVORITE thing for them to do, we went outside to wait on her to show up! Ellie got herself dressed, and I just threw some layers on Gabbi. In fact, she is in Ellie Sue's jacket.

You should know by now that Miss Sue is NOT going outside without full barrage of purses and accessories!
and there she is.... KK arrives. We had not seen her in a week because now she is all sorority and collegey and does things like Homecoming week.
I hate homecoming week!
But anyhoo. Now she is back. Ellie BOUNDED down the driveway to greet her. A couple of times I had to scream at her to slow down because she was about to get all gymnastics on me!
And I don't mean in a cute way.

As you can see, Gabbi Girl was pretty fired up to see her too. She just has no idea how to get off that log!
And she has a DUmDum which means she is paralyzed in bliss. Why do you think I give her so many? Instant calm!
Ellie, as she does anytime there is a new audience, ran around like a chicken with her head cut off, entertaining and doing "tricks". I swear. That kid!
She is a nutty one.
Gabbi just sat there grinning and waiting on a call she was expecting.
Again. Tricks!
KK being her calm and sweet self, indulged their every whim, letting Ellie bedazzle her fingers with rings and looked at Sue Groves lovingly, and ...

WHOA, Nellie. Next class... matching socks!
Ok, prepare to be cute-i-fied! These just melt me.

Ellie is now saying "cheeeeeeese" everytime she sees a camera. OR... she doesn't look at me at ALL. (think pumpkin patch!)
I love this early morning, sleepy-eyed, crazy hair look.
And perhaps my favorite pics of the year... I present the Unibomber!
Oh lawdy be. Look at those LIPS! I am having this made into a poster for the new house. I LOVE it!!
May photoshop out those bug bites on the side of her face, though.
and like that, our morning romp is over. KK is here, and Ellie is ready to go inside for more adventures. And mom has to head off to work. Dang!


Melissa said...

They are so cute! I'm loving that sweater that Ellie has on. Too cute!

Audrea said...

They are simply adorable! I just love the picture of Gabbi with her lips puckered out... so sweet! Heres wishing you a great day!

Carrie said...

Doesn't get much cuter than this! I am a sucker (no pun intended) for the messy hair and puffy eyed morning look as well :)

Kathryn said...

Love those pictures! Ahhhhhh.

Kelly said...

SUCH cute pictures! I'm gonna have to try the dum dum trick with Ryan pretty soon. That kid doesn't want to sit still for ANYTHING!

Kenzie Holley said...

They are the cutest girls! I love the pics!


Catherine said...

I love Ellie's Halloween sweater. I'm wearing my fall stuff too, and would love a cardigan like that one!

Mo, you might want to check out The Christmas Tree Shop, if there is one near you. They have some of the cutest "BELIEVE" stuff for 50 cents and a dollar. Little ornament pillows that say "BELIEVE" that look so homemade. If you don't have that store, let me know, and I'll send you some. They look like they should cost a lot more.

Beth E. said...

So sweet...I can understand why you love these pics so much. They're just being themselves and you've captured some great moments. :-)

KKGrimmer said...

Glad KK is back! I'm KK too to my nieces and nephews. My mom called me that when I was little, although I do not have a K in my name! hee-hee!

MLP said...

Absolutely preeeeecious!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal said...

Lol! You know some of us are just lurkers...

I did LOVE the photos! Your girlies are do cute! I agree, that one should be blown up poster size for your new house.


Mike and Kris said...

Love them! Your girls are adorable and I love little Miss Gabbi with her sucker! So cute!

Jaime said...

So precious! Love that Gabbi Girl is so in love with DumDums! Your girls are adorable!

MissyH said...

Yo! #13! I REALLY need to know what type of texture compound you use on your canvases! Puuuullllease!

Love the hoodie and sweater, by the way!

MissyH said...

well, I spent too much time monkeying around and missed #13, but I did have another comment. Do you know when you are going to post the mini-book kits? I'm going out of town for a few days and don't want to miss them!

Liloia Family said...

ADORABLE!! Those two girls are precious!! I love the pictures, you really take great shots!

Carri Russo said...

Agreed....they are some of the cutest pictures to date....But that's not hard to do, with those two little ones!

Anonymous said...

mornin'suckerlicious that GG and Ellie Sue! Oh, and that sweet KK! Love me some KK! Tell her hey for me and tell those girls sitting outside in the am in their pjs with suckers is not a special occasion, it's a way of life! They're learning early Mel!!! :))) Super pics!

Mary Allison said...

Your kids are not cute at all, not sweet, and not funny.

Just kidddiiinnggg! I love them with all my heart and think they're the cutest, smartest, sweetest babies EVER and so does everyone else! Oh, the poor girls though, their mom is S-T-R-ANGE. And stubborn, but KINDA cool at the same time.


tricia said...

Bed head and sleepy eyes....gotta luv it!

Susan Hight said...

Precious, just precious, you are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

MO!!! I love em! Those girls are so FUNNY!!!! My 11 year old has been in the hospital with Swine! I am just catching up. I LOVE seeing those girls!

The Mommy said...

My computer died...what awesome cuteness to catch up with! The just awake photos are some of my favorites. I have soooo many pics of my kiddos in their jammies and cuddled with blankies. Love it!

Have a Blessed day!