Sunday, October 25, 2009

Health Expo.

Meet a few of the girls of MMPT! This is Emily, Patchez, Melissa, and Ashley. First two are OT's, Melissa works front office in the ped building, and Ashley is a speech language pathologist.
We had a Health Expo last week at our local civic center, and MMPT was well represented!
I started out on face painting, while Ashley...
got the balloon animals rockin'!

We borrowed the balloon arch from Cindy, of AlphaKidz and extremely long toes fame.

These are two of one of my right hand man's, (Jamette), kids. This is Madison and Danielle.
Everyone was invited to come and help. INcluding kiddos.
Ashley later took over my post and did a fine job I might add.
I know, I know. The beret just makes me look all frenchy and artsy. It was all part of the plan!
I loved it when they requested the pumpkins. I loved doing those!
Jessica is one of our Physical therapy Assistants. She and her sister were just coming by to visit and they got suckered into face painting for a while!
This is Cindy. The blond. She was the head honcho from MMPT for this event! She was the ring leader and got us a primo space at the shindig. And Kristi, is an Occupational Therapy Assistant, who is also helping me some with the canvases and jewelry. YAY for her!
Aha. Here is Jamette and two of her rugrats. Good times were had by all! I don't think there is a surface left on Madison to paint!
Happy Sunday. We are going to the PUMPKIN PATCH. FINALLY!!!! It has rained just about every day of October around here! Stay tuned for pics.



Beth E. said...

Sweet! Everyone on your team looks so happy. What a blessing to have such a wonderful staff. :-)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great pictures.....

Unknown said...

I must say that you definately get your business name out there. That is great! Can't wait to see pumpkin pictures!

Kathryn said...

What fun! I love it!

kimybeee said...

Mo, go to and check out the really neat stuff this woman has on her website to dress your little girlies in - big, monster big, hairbows too!!! You will have to get the girls wigs to hold up the hairbows they are so big!