Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here come some more!!

Ok, let's start right here. I am so, so orange! I just cannot remember who was getting the 8x10 presents picture. If it was you... please, please contact me! If you don't contact me, I think I will probably find the note, email, whatever soon enough! Sorry to you!

And I am just checking... but I don't think this one has gone to a home yet either. Did I miss something? The wings are all white and glittery! It has lots of texture and the outside of the frame is black!
Ok, so for the new ones... this is what my clinic looks like right now! You can do a little PT or you can help with the MoJoy shipping department! Ha.
I work in stages. I put the textural gunk on first, and usually let it dry overnight. The next step, which is sometimes the next day and sometimes two weeks later, is to add the background color. This is a pile of paintings that are partially completed.
And these are bubble wrapped and ready to be boxed. Oh, wait. I also want to know WHO ordered that pink ornament canvas. I know. I know. Melanie, WHERE is your brain? Welllll, I have that two year old and one year old, and a full time job, and 4 or so clinics, and building a new house.... and ... well, give a sista a break! Please! Just let me know if you were the one who wanted the pink ornament canvas.
and looky looky here. Ol' Santa has joined our show! Jonette, from Texas, wanted two canvases with Santa faces. Do y'all like this Santa?!
I thought he was pretty cute.
I may practice with a new Santa in the future just for kicks.

This one is going to Mansfield to a church nursery. I added the black accents, and I, personally, am happier with it now that it is more defined. Hope you agree.
This big, honkin' order is also Jonette's! She got 6 16x20's, a 24x36, and 2 necklaces. I was thinking how cool it will be for her to get a box in the mail which is basically FULL of Christmas presents. That's neat. A ready made filled Christmas list.
She was fun to paint for! She would say, "Eiffel tower in purple, with Naomi". Or "Mann with something western."
Or, "a Santa face with a green background and another with a gold background. And 'Believe' on both of them." It just gives me all kinds of creative freedom!
DUDE! I have to say this is probably the only Eiffel tower I will EVER be asked to do.
I've been asked to do horses, but basically, the answer to that was a NO! I cannot do horses! At. ALL!
A couple more for Jonette.
And Kim, this is for the fundraiser. It is coming to Claiborne School tomorrow. It now has a tiny little "believe" along the bottom right side.
Ok, so this is what I am calling "dusty blue, sage green and taupe". You know who you are! Did you want a "believe" or a verse or a name along the bottom? Let me know!
Hey, Candy... check it out! Do you likey? I was just in an ORANGE mood! I think the color is really wild and fun!
Hope you think so too. You said bright and fluorescent. So... here you go.
Pepper. I hope I don't ruin a surprise with this one. It is a special one.
And that's all I have to say about that!
More elf shoes going out! Are they yours, Ginny?! Don't be hatin' if I get these orders wrong on the blog! I get them right when I mail them out. Unless your name is Cassandra! I haven't forgotten you, sister! and you are getting some of these too, Candy! Boxed up today.
Ok, Pepper. Here is your other one! Lime green and pink per your specifications.

Hope Miss Gracie loves it.
and so you jewelry people know I haven't forgotten you... check out the passenger side of my car. Yep. My life is completely dominated, at this time, by my arts and crafts. But I ain't complainin'! I am thankful to all of you who have ordered from me! Really. Thanks for letting me make these for you. I love doing it.
I wasn't sure if I had posted this one or not, so I decided to do it again. It has a loving home now.
and finally. This little lovely has not been claimed. It is an 8x10 and would make a nice gift or little Christmas decoration. So... if you want it, let me know. Hey, Angela, am I doing teacher gifts for you? If not claimed, this one may be going to one of your teachers!
Well, peeps. That sums up today's shipment. I am painting all day tomorrow. SOoooooo, get your orders in. I will also be posting the many, many necklaces that are ready to rock and roll!
Thanks again. Mo


Claudia said...

Hey Mo! Any chance you'll be painting a snowman picture tomorrow? Every time you post pictures of your paintings I get so excited about the idea of buying one from you. (I collect snowmen, remember?) If you need to ask me any questions you can email me at No pressure, of course. Just reminding you. Thanks!

Jane said...

You are so so talented!

I shot you an email today about ordering! So so excited!

rebeccadavis said...

These canvases are precious!!! Any chance you may do an art class anytime soon?? Would love to be your student!! You do wonderful work!!

Emily said...

The finished St Jude one made me cry....can't wait to see B's. BTW, I think the Eiffel Tower is ROCKIN! I think it may be my favorite so far!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

your work is hopping....really should be working... Hope you will stop by my Christmas blog and leave your favorite Christmas song...and enter a great giveaway. Also, a birthday letter to my daughter on my main blog...

Crystal said...

I guess I need to place my order yet again....Ha! Ok...I need a small purple believe leather bracelet for Clara. I need a copper color necklace with my kids names on it. And i need a pair of the silver believe earrings. AND.... a bill! Thank you Melanie!!! And today Miss Gabbi Lou had to get some of my Diet Coke. Just a little tho'! It had her cruising down the hall. She's such a cutie patootie! And Big Sis too!!!!!

Crystal said...
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Beverly said...

All I can say is I want to move in with you! I can babysit or craft whichever you need, whenever you need!

Debbie Dankelson said...

Hey There! All of the canvases look great - can't wait to order something for myself!! :) Did you get my email about the football team's canvases? 22 little ones and one for the "coach"!! Just wanted to make sure you know I need them shipped and can't pick them up :( Will that work?

Thanks again for your hard work - you are extremely talented...I just don't know how you get everything done........whew!


Kenzie Holley said...

COOL! I love the Eiffel Tower one!! SO AMAZING! I also like the butterfly one that says "Made in China, Loved in America." Cute idea! You are very talented!!!!!! =D


candy lett said...

That peace out soooo Rocks!!!!!!

Unknown said...

What do you use as your texture element? I love these canvases! You need to do a class on them! What's the status of the fall mini book? Did I miss it?

Ginny said...

YAY! YAY! Yep, that's my elf shoes canvas! I absolutely can't wait until it arrives. I have no doubt it will be even prettier in person!

Lakeville Vertical said...

Can't wait to see my order on here! Love the sneak peaks. You must be a busy gal!! Hang in there. The work you are doing is beauty for the soul. What a gift indeed.

Lakeville Vertical said...

Can't wait to see my order on here! Love the sneak peaks. You must be a busy gal!! Hang in there. The work you are doing is beauty for the soul. What a gift indeed.

Carri Russo said...

Can't wait to see my order on here either...I am so excited, I can hardly stand myself.. I have so many friends dying to see mine..I believe you may be getting a few orders from over here in Houston....
I finally loaded my pictures and tagged you on facebook...Hoping you got them????
Again, I think you are soooooo incredibly talanted....
and your babies are about as cute as they come!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Wow, love the Eiffel Tower. I wish I had just a tiny speck of your artistic talent.
I have to agree everytime you post your pictures my mind reels and I can't even begin to decide what I might want you to paint first.
Do you think you could paint a basketball on something around 10 X 20 for my son's room or would that be too small?

Barbara said...

Mo, how much are your canvases? I love the Jesus Loves Me one.