Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New canvases ready to ship!!

I seriously don't know if you all get bored by these or not.  I like to post them for the people who are getting them so they can get a little preview.  I also get a lot of requests for a canvas, but folks don't know what all can be optional.  When I post these, they get new ideas of what they may want.  
For instance, this is a Bible verse that is part of a woman's testimony who will be sharing at a women's retreat this weekend. 
I was asked to use this verse and come up with something for women as a door prize or prize for a contest or something or another!?! 
I think it turned out nice. 
And at MMPT today, things were slow.  I had 17 people on my schedule, but if I have learned one thing while being in practice for the past 15 years, it is this... people miraculously do not need therapy when it rains!  

And so.... I pulled out my paints, and did not waste my time!!  
Hey Angela, here are your candy canes.  I decided to wait and see if you prefer "Merry Christmas", "the Pratts", "Merry Merry", or "Believe" 0n the canvas.  You tell me what you have in mind.  I will try to complete this and send it to you by the end of the week.  Thanks for your early payment!  
And since there was so much interest in "Christmas" canvases, I decided to do a few extras. This one doesn't live anywhere yet, thus, no name/word on it either.  If you love it, claim it, and I will paint your name or "believe" or whatever on it.  Julie, I was really thinking of you. You said you liked the candy canes, but with your THREE boys and these THREE GIFTS, I thought it was more pertinent for you.  Let me know!  
I tried to take a few close ups of this one.  
It ended up fairly detailed!  and oh so much fun!! 
I made a smaller version too!  This one is only 8x10. 
See, here is Vanna displaying its tiny size for you. 
Oh, and just to understand scale, here is the bigger one too!  Thank you, Vanna. 
The 16x20 is $60 and the 8x10 is $35.  
And by the way if you are on my usual Christmas list, and want one of these for your Christmas gift, please advise! I will get right on it.  (mom, nana, deedee, PauPau, LillaLou, Cindy, etc!!) 
And WHAT is it about these little Christmas balls?!   I sent my last one to Lori.  Did you get it Lori, in Texas?  I absolutely almost didn't send it, because I LOVED it so much.  
And so, I painted a new one.  ANd I LOVE it too!  What am I going to do?!  
It may just have to live with me!  The good news is that it isn't all that difficult to paint, so I could replicate it if someone else is in love with it! 
Oh, hey, Angela, here is another candy cane painting.  Do you like this one or the other one?  and...hmmm... let me check my list....aha!
Kathy H.  You wanted a candy cane 16x20 also.  So.... you and Angela will have to duke it out.  Whoever contacts me first will get their choice.  Sorry.  It is the only way I know to handle it . And I need to know what you want written on yours too! 
I was asked by Kim to do 5 small teacher gifts for her kids.  It is always a safe bet to do neutral whatever!  I am also often asked to do fleur de lis, so I decided that was a pretty sure fire choice too.  
When I got down to the last couple, I just couldn't contain myself, and I HAD to do one in a COLOR!!  Namely, green!  
And so, Kim... here are your 5 teacher gifts.  Hope you like 'em.  
I hope you can think of which teacher will be suited by which canvas.  
And then, well... I just got in the mood to do another fleur de lis.  See that little "believe" worked into the brown below?! 
This one is homeless, so if you want it, claim it.  Otherwise, someone from the list above may be getting it for Christmas!  
Kaye, your canvas is el-readio!  Come on by and get it.  See the little Believe in the fleur de lis? 
Oh, and because I once sent this one accidentally to Cassandra, I thought it had a home.  It does not.  It was the wrong one.  And I havent' forgotten you, Cassandra!!  This one has thick glitter wings on the white and very textural red and green.  I don't think photos really do justice to these little babies! 
I have Karen's started for the babies' nursery at church, Pepper's pink and yellow ones started, and Claudia, I am even working on a snowman for you to see if you like.  Oh, Brenda, yours is going out tomorrow, and Mary, I have started your Romans 8:28.  (What do you want on it?  cross?)  and Dank... I WILL have your football ones done for the team.  
I know that Taylor needs one for her new teenager room, and Sarah, email me, I need more details.  (pink with green dots?!).  Kerrie, I know you want a star canvas for your Godfather, adn I have another donation due for the Children's Museum for Sarah.  

And... I finished up two Roll Tide Roll necklaces today, a War Eagle, a Go Ola!, Go Mavs, and HCHS.  Oh, and Beth... got yours done too.  VA TECH!   Kim, what do you want for your MS State?  Want Go Dogs?  Bulldogs?  Mississippi State is a little long!  Any other ideas?  Beaux's is now done too, ANgie. Blanche, yours was mailed to Tyree, but with no street address, so we will have to wait and see where that one shows up!  Shan's is out the door, and our sorority sisters are going to love them.  Ok, so if I am not mentioning you, let me know... I didn't mention them ALL , but that is a pretty good start!  

Now, if McDaniel, Tim and Lucy, Mom2Fourk, Kat, Denise, Marti, Libby, and Jen at Mom's World are still interested, email me at mgroves11@comcast.net.  Thanks for all of your interest!  

Whew.  That was a lot of work.  And stay tuned for a little quiz WITH PRIZES!!! Coming soon!!  Mo


Kathryn said...

Crack me up! I love this post. You are so busy and so very, very talented. Thank you for sharing, and I do BELIEVE the Grandgirlies are going to rebel if they don't get Believes for their own rooms.

Kelly said...

Gosh the canvases are just GORGEOUS! I still want to know how much the necklaces are.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is......I'm NOW ready for Christmas! I've been "waiting" to get in the mood and all that red and green and fun fabrics I've been playin' with have certainly put me there.......It'll be here before you know it! Speaking of.....the LSU/GA game will be here before we know it too...........lets go!!

Kim said...

I would love the little present canvas. How do I go about purchasing that. Your work is awesome as usual!!

jennifer h. said...

okay mo! you asked! you are SOO talented but they are kinda boring! but i still read them. like i said. you asked!

Kris said...

I love seeing your canvas art! I kept thinking what would be good for my 4 boys and then decided I wanted one. Just can't decide. Then you start with the awesome necklaces. Some day I may actually sit down and decide - of course that is if I can sit down with my four boys running around. I think I mentioned I have the boy versions of your two. I love it. Love your blog!

Rhonda said...

Girl, you are so unbelievably talented! And creative! WOW! The canvases are AWESOME!!

candy lett said...

I want the big canvas with the presents on it if it is not claimed yet....would also love to have a ornament with believe...I am also sending you an e-mail.

breanna said...

LOVE the christmas ones! if i could ever get a free weekend--aka one without birthdays i would come home! last weekend we had 4 and this weekend 2! craziness!!!

renee will be SOOOOO excited about her baby mermaid princesses! you laugh now, but can you even imagine what miss e will be wanting at 5!? with all her creativity, you just never know!

Melissa said...

I love these posts! You are so talented.
When I finish the St. Jude's 5K I am rewarding myself with a Team Jake necklace so be thinking about how to make it adorable and I'll be buying it!

Tammy said...

Mo, you are so talented, your paintings are just gorgeous! How in the heck to you find the time, I'm just going to rename you SUPERWOMAN! You rock! Hugs from Fort Worth!

Unknown said...

Mo, I honestly don't know how you do it!!! BUT...I was wondering if you have considered hosting a couple of painting classes for those of us (or ME)that want to paint but DON'T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN!!!

Kenzie Holley said...

I love the Christmas ones!! Especially the one with the big ornament on it!!!

Mackenzie =)

Unknown said...

Mo -- I was at Target here in WA and in the bedding aisle for children, they had these canvases there also! The one they had was in pink and white with a large tiara painted on it. You should check it out. I didn't look at the price (I have no girls) but saw it as I walked through.

Beverly said...

I love the Christmas canvases - heck I love them all! I can't wait to see the snowman - may just have to order one.

Carri Russo said...

I would love the Presents canvas.
If it has not been claimed please let me know. It would look perfect over my fireplace.

Jen said...

You are soooo talented. You've inspired me to keep creating as much as I can, but I would love to purchase one of your small canvases. I adore the one with the green background and the packages. What do I need to do to order?

Thank you for all your creativeness and inspriation.

Sharon said...

I have followed your blog for sometime now and I am amazed at how talented you are, I would love to order some of the canvas paintings from you. Will you please let me know how I could place an order? I do have some colors in mind. Thanks!!

Beth E. said...

Yes!!! I'm pumped! One Christmas present down, and...well, MANY more to go. Tab's gonna love it!

Please give me payment instructions. I've got my checkbook ready and waiting. :-)


Mom2Four said...

Hey Mo! I would love to place an order myself. I would like to get a Christmas 16 x 20 with the ornament ball saying believe. Also, I would love to get a ROLL TIDE necklace. Can you let me know how to pay, and what else I need to do to order. I am in Foley, Al, so I would need shipping too. Also, what are you charging for the small ones you made for teachers gifts?

Thanks much!!!

Claudia said...

I am so excited about the snowman canvas! Can't wait to see it! Can I please have first dibs on it? I will keep checking back to see if you have finished it yet! I just can't wait! Also, can we pay for these through paypal?

Nena said...

If no one has claimed the Fleur de Lis that is brown with the small believe in the fleur de lis, I want it. I am doing a collage of fleur de lis in a bathroom and that one would be perfect! I must tell you that I (Chattin' with the Chief) can't wait to hang my Believe Christmas canvas! Is Halloween too early?

Emery Wilkerson said...

I think I saw some of your canvases in Spoiled Rotten!! As soon as I saw them I just KNEW!
:-) Love the "Happy Fall Ya'll!"

Stacy Gibson & Sarah Peavy said...

OMG....I want some canvases but you have made the choices so difficult! I want ALL of them now! I want to get with you to try and come up with some things for Madison and Emma Claires rooms!