Monday, September 21, 2009

First day of gymnastics!

Hey, Ally... so glad you asked!  And hey, Polly!  Glad you figured out how to sign in!!

Ok, so.  It is time for a confession!

I ASKED for a class to be formed to get my child in a gymnastics class. And her new teacher, Miss Danera, obliged.
What I DID NOT know was that a "mommy and me" gymnastics class is actually VERY 
"mommy" led!  In a HOT gym.  With very unreasonable two year olds! 
For instance, here we have Maddi and Ellie doing their dead level bests to sit on their "mats" and be still while the teacher waits to start the music so they can stand back up and proceed in a circle.  
And then the gym is set up in a big ol obstacle course for the Mommys to lead their children around.  

Ellie is pretty dang agile.  But I knew that!  I WAS, after all, the one who requested the class, because I felt my dear, darling child needed a little physical outlet from being cooped up at home all day. 
She can pretty well manage all the pieces of equipment alone! 
I think in the long run, she is going to really like gymnastics.
These are more in her class.  The lead dog out there with cotton top hair is Ella Kate.  She is our new neighbor to be across the street.  Her mom is delivering her a baby (don't know sex yet) on Monday.  So that will make 5 kids in three houses 2 years old or under.  That is just so wild to me!  They are going to have so much fun growing up together.  

If Ellie were on a reservation or part of a tribe, I think she would be "Wild like the Bear".  or "Thunder Foot".  Or Crazy Hienna?!  
This kid just sucks out the marrow of life!  I LOVE IT!  She has JOY on her face just about all the time!  
And ain't that just what it's all about?!  


Kathryn said...

How fun! I can feel the heat of the room. I remember those days with our youngest who just turned 25! Argh.

Carrie said...

Oh, how fun! And good for you, requesting a special 2 year old class. I bet the girls just loved it. I can tell they did from those gigantic smiles on their faces.
So glad everything is going well :)

Kelly said...


Pining for Pinterest said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to sign up for gymnastics!

Beth E. said...

If you could just bottle some of that energy and sell it to those of us who need it, you'd be set for life!

Looks like a great class. She's gonna love it!

snekcip said...

I would love if they had gymnastics in our area for 2yr olds! Bree would be RIGHT AT HOME! This kid could climb like a MOUNTAIN GOAT! Balances on objects like a BIRD on a telephone wire and runs like a GAZELLE!! This little TEXAS TORNADO would have that class in a frenzy!! LOL!!

The class looks absolutely fun!!

Katie said...

That looks like so much fun! I need to look for something around here like that. Okay, let's do the mini scrapbook thing. I need a hobby!! =)

Kenzie Holley said...

Cool! I did gymnastics when I was little. I wanna get back into it!!!

Mackenzie =)

Ally said...

Yea!! I love it! I am glad she is taking!! She will love it!! I loved gymnastics when I was little!!!