Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Johnnye is 43!! Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday to Johnnye. He turned 31 today! (the 31st)
It has been a perfect time for a trip. I turned 40, Johnnye had a birthday on the trip, Tashia had a birthday on the 24th, and since Don just had his on July 31st (but if you remember that is the day his mom unexpectedly and abruptly died on his birthday, back when Jake was sick), so we are choosing him a new birthday! It may as well fall on this trip too!  (Until next year we are somewhere in June or September or January and need an excuse for someone's birthday, and then we may change it!)
So, here I am Birthday person #2.  I am diggin' New York!  Like the new hat?  Hmmm?  And that cute bag?  Sommmmmeeeeoooone will be getting one like it for Christmas! Or maybe three of you!
So, yesterday, let's just hit a few highlights.  As you realize, we are at Times Square, so there is Broadway everywhere.  Breathe, Kathryn, just breathe!!
SO, as a tribute to Lion King..."Can you feeeeel the loooove tonight?!"  
Later that same day.
And this is our whole gang.  I make them stop and pose before we go out each evening. The boys just LOOoovvve that!  They sure do like to take pictures.  Have you noticed that about your husband and his friends?  It's just "Hey mel, take one of me by this post."  or "Hey mel, here I am sipping my coffee. "  

Just kidding.  They hate it.  Or as Todd says, he'd rather have toothpicks shoved into his eyeballs. 
Ok, so you may have heard of the Naked Cowboy?!  Well, this is the Naked Cowgirl.  Classy chick!  Notice her finger.  Maybe she is just helping us with directions?! 
Ahhhh... here he is!  He is legendary! 
And here we are with the birthday boy, himself.  
We are having a blast.  And how absolutely blessed to share such a fun time with some of our closest friends!  I am already planning a return trip.  We may have to eat Raman (?) noodles for a while until the bank account recovers!  But, for now. ... it is all good!  MO


Amy said...

It looks and sounds like you may never go home!! Well maybe go home and get your girls first. You realize your the most excitment for many stay-at-home mom's like me. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Kathryn said...

I know exactly where you guys were standing! Argh. I neeeeed to go back, and we aren't until maybe November - and then only if we can ooze out a weekend from a too busy schedule.

Have a great day in the greatest city! Hey - have you taken the boat tour around Manhattan? It is seriously cool!

Dottie Phillips said...

lawwwwdy lawwwwdy who is that naked cowgirl woman??? Wow! I had heard of the naked cowboy but that lady....LOL wow!

Sounds like ya'll are having a blast and I am soooo jealous!

Kim said...

WOW....what a trip you are having!! I have been wanting to make the trip to NY City...but have yet to do so. Now I want to go even MORE! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new I HAVE to go so I can grab me up one!! ENJOY the rest of your time away with fantastic friends!!

snekcip said...

Now this is what I call a trip! Shopping, site-seeing, good friends, birthday celebrating!! THE WHOLE NINE!!!! Mo, have enough fun for me girl!!

connie said...

i love the pictures and looks yall are having a blast i love the bag i would love to have one i would love to go to new york one day. well enjoy the rest of your trip and i cant wait to see more pics and read about what all you are doing there. have fun and be safe


Tammy said...

Hey Mel, just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed coming along to NY with you and your best buds! Hugs from Fort Worth! You are the BOMB! Thanks for sharing you life with us all!

Beth E. said...

I've notice that you girls have all dressed so stylishly while you've been in NY! The guys? Well, they look very....comfortable! LOL Nah, they are lookin' good, too.

Beth E. said...

P.S. Happy birthday to ALL of you!