Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cheap thrills. Yankees. And YAY for Todd!

Ok, let's begin Day Three in New York.  
We made our little way down to Canal Street,aka Chinatown!  Where the deals are made!!  
Also where the intelligent lose all sense and do very stupid things.... 
would be where we found ourselves as we followed "Mr. Lin" down into an alley and ultimately a door in the subway.  Literally underground!  
Actually, I was up on the street buying myself some watches, and these three left me!  
By the time I found them (via text), I was knocking on a door I could NOT believe and hunting down my friends.  Note those black plastic bags... FULL of purses!  All styles, colors, and fancy brands!  
We lived through it, and this is our stash!!  We cabbed it back to the room, and I showed off my deals, while the girls in the backseat showed me theirs. 
Shades, and bags, and purses, oh my!  We had a HEY DAY!!  

Then, came time to go meet the boys at Yankee stadium.  We decided to take the subway.  We are big girls and like an adventure! 
The Yankees are having their inaugural season in the new Yankee stadium.  ANd we get to be a part of that.  Coooooool!!  
It is super nice. And our boys, being so nice as they are decided to take the seats that put them under an overhang, thus a big fat bunch of shade!!  

We, on the other hand, were in the bald a** sun!  UUghh! We thought it would be funny if we went to the gift shop and all wore hot pink NY sweatbands when the boys hooked up with us later.  
Dude.  We are so cool.  Maybe CPA's are bada**es afterall!   Those are tough, Tashia!  

I like these new seats, and of course, you see we got a picture of row 11.  Hey Jake. 
We had pretty good seats.  Just very, very hot! 
I finally took my sunglasses strap off and tied my hair up to get it off my neck.  I pulled a string out of a rain poncho to help Paula get her a ponytail too.  That helped us with about a 10 degree cool off.  
Did I happen to mention that me and the girls were on the jumbo tron?!  YES WE WERE!  This is a picture taken of the huge screen at the back of the field.  A crazy song came on and I decided I was hot and needed to get my energy up and just enjoy the game.  Apparently, cameraman saw my show and scanned over to our whole group.  We stood up and all danced for about 10 seconds.  Ha.  Ha.  To our boys over there in our cool seats!  Ha.  Hey, did you see THAT boys?!  

It was such a nice new stadium.  Todd has a dream to visit all of the stadiums, and I would say we are actually on a good course to meet that one! 
NOt all of them will be able to be attended with his best buddies.  So, Yankee stadium was and always will be a special memorY! 
More from girls on the subway...ALrgiht, let me see how I can tell a story and yet not tell it all in one.  Let me tell you that the four "buddies" above, decided to stay together at the stadium and continue drinking beer while the traffic was so slow.  The girls got out of their seats and hit the D train at the bottom of the 8th inning.  Ingenious!!

As things transpired, it became clearer and clearer that three of the boys would not be making the nighttime trip with us. NO, no, there party was officially over!  
Here are the players in the late night party.
There is MO...
OH, and our fearless leader, TODD!!  WHat?  Todd is the responsible one!?  WHat is up ?  
He strolled down to Restaurant Row with us to find din din for the evening.  (while the other boys needed to go to the room and sleep off a  little bit of their Yankees stadium fun!)

Todd and his girls had a ball.  We walked around and just found what we thought we felt like would fit our needs for the night.  

We considered Broadway Joe's, but decided to hold off for steak until all his "BFF's" could be there with him.  And since they should all be there the next night, we held off, in hopes!  

We checked menu after menu, and the Joshua Tree was the big winner tonight.  
Have I mentioned the cab situation in this town?!  It is an infestation.  CRAZY!! They just make 4 lanes out of 3 or whatever they need to have to get from point A to point B.
Paula found the Naked Cowboy on a photo... little did she know that one night later, NC would be facing her, and flexing full frontal for her.  WIll post that one tomorrow!  This whole place is just plain crazy!  I love it !
And so that is how it happened... how Todd was the sole man out to eat with a group of four girls. 
He is going to get a prize, MindY! 
and I dont' mean a set of MoBeads earrings.  
We are having an absolute blast.  I am going to miss this place.  But, I heard Gabbi got a tooth today.  BooooHOooooo.  I didn't want that to happen, but knew it was close!  Walking too.  THAT better NOT happen while I am gone, KK!  Just make sure it doesn't!  
See y'all soon.  MO


Melissa said...

OMG...the purses and sunglasses. I'm so jealous!! I want to go to NYC sooo badly!!
Looks like an awesome time at the game. When Little Girl gets bigger I so want to do that. I've never been!!!
YAY for Gabbi Girl with a tooth. I hear if you tie them down and carry them everywhere it will delay the walking.... :) When my little one got close to walking, I left strict instructions with the babysitter that if it looked like she was about to take off, pick her up and hold her until I got home. :)
Glad you are having a great time!

Sandy said...

OMG The purses are awesome. please bring home bunches so you can have a garage sale and I come pick buy them from you.lol Glad you guys are having a great time.

MaryH said...

Can't get enough of your NY fun! Todd - have you checked out Busch Stadium in St. Louis yet in your search to attend a game at every stadium - it is awesome - the Cardinals are AWESOME right now - we are all hoping for playoffs in ole St. Lou once again!!! Now, St. Louis can not, never, ever compete with NY City but we are a friendly, fun loving, baseball crazy, bunch of folks here in the Midwest on the banks of the Mighty Miss and we have GOOD BEER!!! Just thought I would plug my home town - St. Louis is really making strides at a come back for life in downtown and it shows - my office is only a couple blocks from the stadium and we can see inside the ballpark from some of the windows - homeplate, pitchers mound and more!! Love those afternoon ballgames!

Mo, our shopping is nowhere near the experience of NY (can't wait to see all the purses) - we do have Macy's but downtown does lack shopping - they are working on that!

Brittany..Following my Bliss said...

Love the trip pics and stories! I'm so jealous that you got to go to Yankee stadium! I'm a HUGE Yankee Fan, but have no one to go to New York with and can't see doing it alone!
Glad you're having such a good time!

Unknown said...

It looks like you are having a blast. I hope when you get back you have tons of pictures to show us. My sister in law lives in Rochester, NY and we are hoping to visit her. I think I would love to see all that action and lights going on.

randdmom said...

I am so jealous!!! NY is my dream vacation, but at Christmas time when all of the store fronts are decorated. You look like you are having a BIG BLAST!!! Enjoy it, Girl!

Kelly said...

HA HA HA...I was gonna give you the number of my "purse guy" in NY...but I see you got that covered!!! Yes...that's right...I have him programmed into my phone. Don't laugh! I'm so glad you are having som much fun in NY. I'm so soooo jealous! LUCKY YOU!!

Beth E. said...

Those purses are gooorgeous! I'm all about purses. I was looking at your pics and felt a little drool dribbling down my chin...well, not really, but you catch my drift! LOL

I need to hang out with y'all...you crack me up! Oh, and I howled at the pic of y'all with the wristbands...did ya get a load of the people around you, and the expressions on their faces? Hahaha!

Looking forward to hearing about Paula and the Naked Cowboy. That sounds like a great book title!

I bet Todd enjoyed that prize last night! He deserved it....I think he should give husbands everywhere some lessons on how to surprise their wife. I'd sign up my hubby today. ;-)

Cindy said...

Looks like u are having a great time! Enjoy!!

MLP said...

ARe you going to auction off some of that loot in the black bags?!?!??!

Let's hear it for TOD THE BOD!!! Way to goooooooooooo and way to reward good behavior like that!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Kathryn said...

What fun! Our new stadium in St. Louis is just the bomb-diggity! Come on up and we'll take you. Love us some Cards. We even go to Spring Training!

Mary Allison said...

Dude U ARE NOT supposed to take pics in Chinatown! Pammy got IN a mini van, no joke. Haha! I CAN'T BELiEVE todd, wow. Looks like your having a BLAST! Can't wait to see you sunday so you can tell me ALlLL about it! Have a safe flight!

SarahBeth said...

ok I must say that NYC is one of my FAVORITE places on earth! I am very jealous!

Mindy said...

I'm so glad you finally got your trip! I know you are all having the bestest fun ever! Stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gawdddd all those purses..a woman after my own heart. I mean how can one have enough purses. I think I need to head to NY just for some purses...
Todd you are a rockstar! WTG WTG big guy!
Oh and if you are on a mission to visit all stadiums you DEFINATELY need to come to St.Louis and see the fantastic, fabulous, hot streak, WORLD SERIES BOUND CARDINALS. BTW I will host my house and you guys can stay here, we gots plenty of room :)... AND you can bring the girls...my kids would LOVE those sweet little things to play with...