Saturday, September 26, 2009

High Flyin' FUN!

La dee dee. La dee da. Gabbi Girl is just unsuspectingly creeping through the den...

When out of NOWHERE...
Dad snags her and starts with the tricks!
Something tells me she is a fan!
Wait. Wait. Wait. Phase two is coming!
Dontcha love how her angel wings spread when she is in the air!?
And Lawdy be. Check out all that flowing hair!
But don't you even think for a minute that there isn't a little lurker in the room who is watching all of this commotion and wanting in on the action!!
What? My turn on this ride is over?
Um hmmm. Step aboard, big sister.
Daddy. You rock! Even better than the fair that is in town and we "all" want to go to!! Except no elephant ears or chicken on a stick on this ride!
And then Daddy has to rest. After all, "someonnne" has a 40th birthday coming up next month. I am not mentioning any names!
Old or not. My girls are lucky to have such a fun daddy-O!



Dawn said...

How sweet. You both are great parents and those little girls are so blessed!

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

oh my gosh that first throwing picture is so fabulous, they look like they are having so much fun!

Bj said...

How absolutely precious....Gabbi does look somewhat like a little angel with the wings spread open...and of course, she is (as is big sister too). Your girls are so cute and growing up so fast...thx Mo, for sharing all of this with us...we all love your babies like our own...God Bless you and your little brood....huggers, Brenda (BJ)

Kathryn said...


RADstitches said...

IF Todd the Bod gets to go to NY on HIS b/d you better let me know cause I am SOOO along for that ride! LOL

Lee used to let Avery w her feet on his hands and then would throw her up and catch her.. BIG time fun right there! LOL

Kenzie Holley said...

love that first throwing pic!! really cool!


Beth E. said...

That looks like fun! The girls have such big grins on their faces! I bet there was a lot of squealing, too, huh?

Ellie and Gabbi are too cute! Their hair is growing so fast.

Have a great week!

Rohrbachs said...

Oh my goodness if you do not chuckle when you look at these pictures there is something wrong wiht you. PURE Joy in the girls faces!!!!!!!!!