Monday, August 17, 2009

A very busy Friday!

I have continued to have computer woes and I am sick of it! I now know that Memory cards actually have a life to them and they need to be thrown out after about 200 over writes. Who knew?! At least, the people at the local computer doctor know how simple minded I am when it comes to computers and found a way to help me out!

Ok, so anyway... let me catch you up on the weekend! First, THIS greeted me in the driveway of my office on Friday morning!
and THIS was all over the gym!
My cool staff made this cute canvas of everyone's hands and signed by all my employees!
And I guess you also noticed that they ALL wore black on this day!

I got some really crazy presents!
and an awesome cake!
But my birthday was not the only thing that we celebrated on Friday! We also had an IMOT graduation. You know how we always throw a party when our patients graduate from their three week stint of intense treatment?! Well, today was no different. We celebrated Daniel's graduation with a Cars theme. Meet Daniel...How CUTE is he?!

He is from North Carolina , and is a friend of Abel T's from St. Jude. They told them about our clinic, and we are so glad they did! I made canvases for all the graduates. Since St. Jude's motto is "HOPE", I made him this one.Jackson is from Georgia. He has spent a large amount of his sumer with us at MMPT. He is a precious young un! I made him this little canvas.
Last is Miss O. She is having her second or third IMOT session since sustaining a stroke last year. This is her canvas. I really want to encourage older people who are learning to live a "new normal" , with more dependence than ever before. I hope Miss O finds her JOY!
This is the cake that we had made for our three grads! Talk about some FOOD! Everybody who hangs at our clinic for any time at all, GAINS WEIGHT! We absolutely celebrate everything! ANd then there are the goodies that our patients make for us! DUDE!
Karl always does a super duper job with the presentation. We get to brag on them and really build them up and share all that we have seen regarding improvements over the past three weeks. Usually, there are lots of tears, as we get very close to our patients and they feel very loved while with us.
This is Jackson getting his trophy and certificate. His MiMi told us that he took his last trophy to school to show it off to his class. How sweet!
Hahahahhahahahaha... I GET IT! ! All that black! Y'all are SOooooo funny!!
Daniel has the biggest prettiest blue eyes! He has been such a fun kid! We are going to miss him!
Oh, and did I mention what they did to my ride outside? The whole town knew that I was turning the big 4-0!
And later in the day... my time!
All gathered in the peds gym and fooled me into coming into the room.
I will say. I got some of the strangest presents! STICKS? Kimmie. What?!
And tee shirts that were clearly too small!
and a hat with silvery hair.
and Geritol, and hemmrhoid cream, and a fake blonde ponytail, and other weird things! It was fun! THank you to MMPT for making my day special! I LOVE the people with whom I work. THey are family!

And that wasnt' the ONLY party! More coming tomorrow!


nita womack said...

and how blessed are you??? let me count the ways--- count me among your well wishers- you have such a HUGE fan base!!! happy b'day old gal - luvya

nita womack said...

and just HOW blessed are you??? more than anyone i know.. hope it was all great, and let me be part of the well wishers. you are so special to so many. God bless u old gal !!!!

Beth E. said...

Oh, what a fun day! I can't wait to see more pics and hear more about the big 4-0 parties for you!

You are making me feel really OLD, Mo...I'm not gonna think about how much older I am than you! Sheesh...

Come over to my blog when you get a chance...I'm having a giveaway!

breanna said...

I love those 2 canvases--that little one is adorable! You're staff is hilarious...I don't get the sticks either, but still pretty funny!

MLP said...


I love seeing and reading about your amazing patients. You guys ROCK!

You look awesome, Mo!!! Young as ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see more parties!

snekcip said...

Mo you had a wonderful celebration! I have to say I love those small canvasses!! It's no doubt you not only have an awesome staff, but a loving environment! Hey DID YOU WIN the CONTEST! I can't remember what it was called, but I remember voting for you! YOU HAD BETTER WON OR ELSE!!!LOL!!!!

Kathryn said...

What fun! Such a special, special day!

Sandy said...

I don't know who is blessed more you or your employees I want to come to work with you guys. I will be the cleaning Yall are too funny. I am right behind ya sista I will be 40 in October. Glad you had a great birthday

Theresa Shirley said...

Melanie, You are loved by so many! It is very obvious how much your staff cares about you--What a blessing! That is wonderful that ya'll make your patients feel so special by celebrating their accomplishments. You really take it above & beyond what a lot of other places would do. You are really just something else--finding the time to do canvases for them too! I will be waiting for more party pictures (with those sweet girls, of course! :)

Kenzie Holley said...

How fun! =)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday MO!! Not only do I want to wish you a happy birthday but I also want to say how humble you are. In reading your post I was more touched by the things you do for others than the birthday stuff. The thought, love, compassion, and everything you put into those kids at your clinic is just awesome. Parties for those have stamped their hearts with something they will carry for the rest of their lives. Thank YOU!
Now can I get a job being your janitor, something?? I want to work there lol!

Linzay said...

You forgot about the sign for MMPT on Cypress. I noticed it when I drove by yesterday....OLE MO is 40!

Happy Birthday!
Randy and Lindsey's aunt

Avery's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday!

MaryH said...

Please, why sticks? Glad the celebrations were great!