Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Party #2!

Hey. It's ME!
Have I told you that my husband and my good buddies all went together to throw me a cool party. This was a MExican fiesta.

and of course, my favorite cake maker, Kelly, made this awesome cake for me! She is making one for my Gabbi Girl for this coming weekend! ALREADY?! Yep! JinJin was present for the big blowout.
and we all admired the decorations all around Paula's house. (and her three children's portraits, I might add!)
Cindy Lou Who put together all the arrangements in a very big and vivid fashion. She is our resident florist. Actually, she is not a florist. She is just our talented friend who is very good with arrangement of flowers.
We had a taco/nacho bar with guac, sour cream, salsa, chicken and beef. This is my present lapband meal of choice!! My best friends, of course, knew this!
And speaking of my best friends. Here they are!
I LOVE being 40. It is so much more of a celebration than 36, 37, 38, or 39 was! I even got PRESENTS!!
Jin gave me the frame above that is going to be so dang cute in my babies' new bathroom!

And this is a Tiger Chardonnay. Shall we pop the top!?

Jin also gave me this super sweet vase. It was made by an artist and came from one of my favorite places to shop, Folette Pottery!
But this has to be my BEST gift! It was from the hubby and was a TOTAL SURPRISE! The dudes just hung out, as usual, being cool and all!
Then there were those few who mingled girls and boys!
Emma had a big time with the cups that were used for my big Mexican fiesta. Then, when she was being funny and tossed her pillow across the room and knocked her own creation over! She pouted and pouted and pouted!
My little buddy, Emma Lou and Cindy's daughter, Angel Grace, decided I needed a Queen Bee (although I think it is a Queen ANT!) for my garden.

These four women are all in the 40 Club and all were born in 1969 and all graduated from high school in 1987... together!
Can you say 40 and FABULOUS?!


Don't know why I couldn't move this picture.  It is another cute example of my buddy, Breanna's creative party touches!  She also did the big pompoms on the table!


Melissa said...

Your cake is totally adorable!! I want something similar for my party next year!

MLP said...

SO FUN!!! I love all of the decorations, your gifts and that cake!!! What great friends and super hubby!

Unknown said...

Happy 40th Birthday! I think it is a great that you have some awesome friends like you do. That is hard to come by!! The decorations, cake and food all looks great!


Ally said...

Fun Fun!! Glad you had a great party!!! Love the pics!! Your cake looks awesome.

snekcip said...

Was that a ROLEX??? What a beautiful cake! Now that's what I call bringing in 40 with style!!

Beth E. said...

Oh, to be 40 again! Looks like a great party. Your friends are all so creative and clever!

Todd did good with your birthday present...WOW!

Christy said...

I guess turning 40 isn't so bad when you are surrounded by such great friends and family! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. Can't wait to hear all about Gabbi Gull's party!
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

How much fun did yall have?!#$%^ Why didn't I come? Oh, yeah, you only live 5 hours away!! I know you had a blast celebrating the big 4-0! See, it's just a ticket to dream.....a front row seat......a reason to BELIEVE! So, get on it! Oh, and hey, football season is upon us and I am in need of a coral necklace!! I want lots of chunk....like big fat coral everywhere. Can we work this out? Pretty pleeease :))))

Carrie said...

Okay, so that party actually made turning 40 look like fun! Not quite convinced though...you think ya'll could come up here in 8 years to throw me one of those??? I never got a 30 party (boo-hoo) cause I was 9 mos pregnant with Audrey so I'm thinkin' a big 4-0 party is in the cards!!!
So glad you had a great time. The gifts you received are awesome. Oh and you look fab-u-lous!!! Happy 40th Mo!!

tricia said...

pictures look great! where's staci and don??

Cori said...

What a fun party!! LOVE the frame especially!! Where did she get that?

Dee Dee said...

OMG...Todd did good!!!
Tried to call you on your birthday but didn't get an answer..was in WI for mom's 85th..Looks like you had a great 40th...Love you!

Kenzie Holley said...

FUN! I like that queen ant (unique!) and that picture frame (cute!)!!!!

Amy K said...

Happy 40th! What a blessing your friends and family are. That cake is fantastic -- wish she lived closer to me! :-) Can't wait to see GG's beautiful creation.
Thanks for sharing your celebrations with us!