Monday, August 10, 2009

Sugarland Rocks!

Alrighty then. Not many people concerned with my "working the land"! Thanks to the EIGHT of you who cared! Just kidding!

So let me tell you all about our trip. For starters, once again, we got to travel in style!!

Our friends, Monica and Scotty, bought the bus and tickets to the Keith Urban concert at the Shake for Jake this year. Don bought the four of us tickets, and we thought, "what the heck", let's just call and ASK if we can hitch a ride. And for our boldness, we were rewarded!

This is the group in the back of the bus. These are the dudes!I am sure there was SportsCenter and lots of Miller Lite flowing!

Up front, we had pretzels and maitais and girl talk! Oh, and as usual, there is Don, my very sensitive/ feminine brother-in-law, Don. Before I left, I was DETERMINED to grab all of my markers so I could draw all of our "tattoos"!
As you may know, Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, has a heart with wings on the inside of her right arm. Soooooo, we felt we needed to have one too!
I got one, Paula had one, Staci got one...
Gaye decided she needed TWO!
AND a cross on her neck, thank you very much! She thought it made her look tough!
And my girly brother-in-laws wanted a big one on his forearm.And of course, I needed a couple too!Just needed a little message to my new favorite man. "I Love Keith" on the inside of my left forearm!And I would say from there, things started Sliiiiiiding downhill!

Staci decided she needed a "sleeve"!WOuld you believe someone in the concert stopped her and wanted to know where she could "buy" one of these! HA. Oh, and I HAD to slip this picture in there. Friends don't let friends put on lipstick this dark and not tell them that it looks horrific!We made the almost four hour trip to Little Rock, AR and unboarded the bus.
And headed to the concert!

First up was Sugarland. I have always liked this group, but duuuuude....
I am a SUPER FAN now!
Jennifer Nettles has SO much soul! I just absolutely LOVED watching her do what she so obvoiusly LOVES doing. Passion is so evident in a person's life! Jennifer is following her dream, and it SHOWS!
By the way, Christian is too! These two have such chemistry, and they both seem to enjoy being together, being on stage, and singing. They smiled so much!
And as Jennifer started whipping out props like this sequined hat, Don looked at me and said, "Do you just love her? I think y'all are kindred spirits". I agree.
I know we can't be... but I swear I think me and this chick would be great friends! She has suchan energy about her! She has MOJOY!!!
I think Todd may have fallen in love all over again during this concert! I have to admit it... she is COOL!
And one more little video for you...I LOVE the end of this song where he sings over her.You can hear me telling Staci," Here it comes...".

Next mini concert... Keith Urban! Ummmmm.



melaniew in arkansas said...

Ok, so you like a little feedback. I'm generally a lurker, but I can do feedback too! Thanks for the mini concert...I look forward to the next one.

RADstitches said...

You could have swung by and picked ME up! Dang it woman!

Beth E. said...

I loooooove Sugarland! They totally rock! Okay...I'm a little jealous now. Just sayin'. ;-)

Melissa said...

I have to agree! I went to see them in Raleigh with my sister and mom and they put on an AWESOME show. Keith Urban was great too! My little sisters (5 and 7) love Sugarland, so I have some very similar videos. Loved the mini concert, I relived it a little :)

Julie G. said...

I saw Sugarland/Keith Urban in SC back in June and left loving Sugarland even more than I already did. I could have left the concert after them and felt satisfied and that I had my money's worth. Keith Urban was just a nice added (very attractive) bonus! :)

Kathryn said...

What fun!

snekcip said...

LOL!!!!!!! Mo I thought you were doing this post on your visit to SUGARLAND, TX (a suburb of Houston)!! Before I scrolled down,

I have NEVER heard of this group as you can tell!!! Okay I think "I'm on the same page as everyone else now"! Keith Urban is an singer/entertainer/rockstar???? I think I covered may have covered my basis on this one!!!!

LOVE THE "TATTS" and just absolutely drooled over that bus!!! That was a bus right? HA!!

SaraG said...

Great photo's.
We went to see Sugarland and Little Big Town last year!! It was an awesome show.
Looks like you had a ton of fun!!
Thanks for sharing

Audrea said...

I just love Sugarland--wish I would have been there! Can't wait to see your post on Keith Urban--who I really like too!

Unknown said...

I love Sugerland! Looks you had once again a fabulous time. Loved all the tattoos everybody got form you!


Kenzie Holley said...

looks like y'all had a great time!


Katie said...

LOVE ME SOME SUGARLAND, thanks for the videos!! I'm sooo jealous!!

MaryH said...

You guys know how to have fun! I am jealous. Even if it is "working the land" - you can see the fun(?) - okay mowing endless hours might not seem like fun to you but in blog land, it can look like a party. Your property looks wonderful - reminds me a lot of my grandfather's farm where so many great memories were made. Can't wait to see/hear the rest of the concert. Still deciding on the canvas, Mo. I will e-mail you when I have it figured out.

Ally said...

Hey dont feel bad about the whole comment thing, I never have comments on my blog (only from my mom). Ha.
I still think we should do the whole girls weekend thing...think about it!!!! Post some pics of your precious girls!!!

Lil said...

Okay so we are not so much into the working the land or the concerts. Where are the girls? What are they up too? That is what we want to see. Ha Ha Yes Give us Gabby and Ellie. And Maddy too. Pretty please.

Susan Hooper said...

Hey Mo,
I know what you mean! Sugarland does rock! We had tickets for the Keith Urban concert in California and Sugarland had to cancel. We were bummed! We have seen them before though! LOVE the Jennifer tatoos!! Hmm, I can see one of those painted on a canvas! Thanks for the mini-concert and pics of the girls!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the mini concert. I really liked all your tattoos. I can't wait to see your Keith Urban concert. Thanks for the post we love getting our Mel high