Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dude. Busy Week!

Let me just say.... I have LOTS I can share and talk about from this past week! Why don't we just start from earlier in the week? Shall we?

Tuesday night, we had the good fortune of getting ROW 2 seats at the Century Tel Center to see Journey!
We headed west to Bossier City, (known better as Shreveport to those from around the country), with our friends, Polly and Bill, and family, Staci and Don.
Staci got her hair cut off, coincidentally by Polly, earlier in the day!
Todd and I enjoyed our little outing!
Here are the girlies prior to the big event in the Horseshoe Hotel. I swear, if anybody goes to Shreveport, TRY to stay there! For nothing more than the BEDS! They are SO awesome! Big, fluffy pillows of Heaven.

Has anyone seen the show, Duck Commander, which airs on The Outdoor Channel at 8:00am on 0ne of the weekend mornings. I don't really know, because we DVR it! If you want to see the kind of nuts we associate with, just watch this show! This wooly bully is Willie!

And the show begins!
Staci and Don kept making fun of me because somehow I totally missed the 80's! I couldn't tell them one song that Journey or Night Ranger sang!
Before you freak... lots of them came flooding back to me when they started playing!

These turquoise jeans certainly said,"80's"!
Rock on, Polly!! Rock on!
Here is a little taste of what Night Ranger gave us. However, I kept calling them Night Rider and thought they sang,"Twisted Sister". (Sister Christian!)

And then came the big show...Did you hear about the Phillipino cover band who had a video onYouTube, and Journey saw it and asked this dude to come audition. He did. and now is the lead singer of Journey. Talk about fortunate!
Little odd to see a short Asian dude rockin' it out with those old goats, but he was AWESOME! Wanna hear?
Have I mentioned that my favorite instrument is the harmonica?! I just LOVE it when a band member solos with a harmonica!
This is a tee shirt on the dude in front of us. See Bossier City? Yea, baby... we are on the JOurney Tour 2009!

And then, grand finale.
And can you see it?! Look at the top right, and see what time we got back in the vehicle! 11:11!! My Jakipoo has been saying,"Hi" all week long!
And now, one for the road! Enjoy. Mo
Oh, and WOW. THanks for the help on the invitation thing. Lots of good things to consider. And now I will have to disappoint 50% of you! I liked what Kristin said about the doorag pic looking better in the border! soooooo, #1 is the winner! It is more about what the doorag in the edge than which one looks best in the middle! As you can all see...Gabbi Girl is pretty dang cute no matter what! Thank you all so much for your participation and comments. That may be a record.... you bunch of lurkers, you!!


Ruby's Other Momma said...

Aww man! I'm going to see Journey in Louisville on the 21st but Heart is opening instead of Night Ranger. Not that I don't like Heart, but Night Ranger would be AWESOME to see. Glad you all had a good time. So are Shreveport and Bossier City two different places or really the same town? I don't understand LA with the parishes (sounds like church) and all.

RADstitches said...

I'm po'ed about trying to get a room at the Horseshoe! I'll fill you in when you got a minute!

Rhonda said...

ROCK ON! Looks like a BLAST from the past and fun time with family and friends! AWESOME picture of you and Todd the Bod - love it!! Also love Staci's new do - very cute and sassy! As you know, we are in Rockwall (suburb east of Dallas) and my hubby and I hit the Horseshoe about every 3 months for a quick overnight getaway! I LOVE that hotel and if you go on a Sunday night, CHEAP!!! I remember seeing Staci and her jackpot picture on the wall of the Horseshoe a couple of years ago (or whenever it was right after she won). Glad yall had fun and I'm looking forward to hearing about your exciting week!

Sandy said...

I would say you had a very busy week Journey and the Keith Urban in Lil Rock. Did you stay in the road all week?!! Glad you enjoyed your time with your buddies and your hubby

Auntie said...

I had to giggle at the picture on the back of the shirt--I was at Rock Fest in Cadott, WI a couple of weeks ago when Journey was playing there--didn't know it was part of their official tour!

Tammy said...

Looks like ya'll rocked out, I'm jealous! Is'nt funny how those oldies come right back to your memory and you find yourself just a singin along, lol! Tell Staci I love her new doo, looks really good on her, I've always wanted to go that short, but was afraid. I know just call me chicken little! I liked #1 card also, been lazy over here, but have'nt missed a post, so now who you calling lurker? Hugs from Fort Worth!

Mike and Kris said...

I am so jealous! I love Night Ranger and Journey! It looks like so much fun! Glad you had fun and thanks for posting the videos!

Sarah said...

OMG! What a fun night! We are going to see Journey (like Ruby's momma) in two weeks and I can't wait! Thanks for the preview!

Beth E. said...

I was listening to some Journey last night, on the way home from West Virginia. Thanks for letting us hear the new singer. You're right...he sounds great!

Melissa said...

Fun Fun Fun!!!
I LOVE the Horseshoe. Their beds are heavenly!

Kathryn said...

Hey! They came! There is a honking huge envelope going out to you tomorrow. In it are thank you notes. I need to find time to go get some smaller envelopes!

snekcip said...

You guys look like you had a GREAT TIME! I just gotta say....tell Staci....I LOVE HER HAIR!!!

Dee Dee said...

I love the picture of you and Todd.

Kenzie Holley said...
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Kenzie Holley said...

Wow! looks like fun. I love journey! my mom's a big fun, too!

Mackenzie =)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you made me start singing ma'am. I LOVE/LOVED Journey, they STILL rock. Now my almost 17 yr old is into them and has them on her ipod....Glad you had a great time and great seats!