Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day Two. New York City.

Day two.  We awoke to rain and didn't really know just what we should do with ourselves.  As a "pack", we tried to head out together.  It didnt' take long at all to realize that we needed to divide and attack!  Todd and Don headed to ESPN Zone where they could watch about 50 TVs on every imaginable sports event, drink a beer, and even sit in a recliner if they wanted.  
Staci and I found the garment district.  Sequins, and ribbons, and fabric, OH MY!  At one point, Don said to me, "Just breathe, Melanie.  Stop and breathe!"  I get a little FIRED UP about ribbon!  I took pics, but they are all on my phone, and I don't have the appropriate cords to share those right now.  WIll later though!  
Paula and Tashia have absolutely NO interest in ribbons and buttons and leather cording and such!  Check out the bag in the background of Paula above... a Macy's bag.  Much more their speed!  An 11 story full block of a store!  Wow!!
After a day of doing our own thing, we all met back at the hotel to get ourselves dressed for Broadway!!  
We went to see Shrek the Musical!  OH MAN!!  How cool!  It was GReat!
At one point, we were eating M&M's while watching Shrek.  Don and I were having "moments" as we thought about all the coincidences occurring as we enjoyed tonight! 
It IS after all, August 29 (adds up to 11) , 2009 (another 11).  Just sayin'!  
This is the dude who played Shrek.  
We lined up with all the other little girls outside the back door to meet the cast.  This is Donkey! 
and then we headed to Stardust Diner. Heard of it?  Apparently, this is a diner where people who have an intention to work in the business here, get jobs here so they can sing publicly and get "discovered".  
This is our waiter tonight.  His name is Rusty and his family is in Bastrop, LA!!!  I mean about 20 minutes from my house.  WEIRD, huh?!  
Here are a couple of the waiters singing when their turn rolled around. 
And for one more coincidence, we settled into our booth only to hear the dude sit up on the counter and start singing Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying."  I mean, ok, ok, Jake.  HELLO to you too!  

Tomorrow am is Chinatown and Yankees at 1:00.  Lovin it all!  Missin my baby girls!!  



Ruby's Other Momma said...

How cool is it that Jake was with you even more than usual on this trip to wish Ol' Mo a happy birthday. Sounds like you guys are having a great time, but whenever you all are together the times are always great. I know you can't wait to see the girly girls (and we can't wait to see pictures!)

Unknown said...

What an awesome suprise a trip to NYC! I may be bias since I do live here but isnt it the greatest city in the world?! Looks like you've got an great day for a yankees game too!

Renee said...

Green with envy! Keep having fun!

sococo said...

WOW~ I mean if you don't believe that Jake was sending EVERY message imaginable, then you are crazy! Have fun, I know that the kiddo's are ok!

Beth E. said...

It gives me goosebumps every time I hear about Jake saying hello!

Y'all are lookin' good in that pic where you're dressed for Broadway! Sounds like so much fun...thanks for letting us live vicariously through you! ;-)

Mary Allison said...

looks lie yall are having a blast!
last night ellie said "where mama i said "in new york" she said "she habin fun" and i said yeah! she just laughed and laughed! chinatown..the best par of new york! have fun!

Brooklyn said...

It looks like Todd is wearing a cowboy hat in the "Shrek" picture!!!

Dawn said...

Gotta love all the Jake winks!! He will always be with you guys. I even got a little watery-eyed reading about the Shrek musical and eating M & M's.

Enjoy NY

Dottie said...

ahhhh i see u are going to chinatown get those purses girl all your people at mmpt will love you more! and your pocket book will love you even more than that! LOVE it that you went there...Want good food go to TONY DINAPOLIS right there in Times square its family style you all will love it!

Brooklyn said...

Dottie is right! Tony's is excellent!!! I love the adrenaline NYC gives you!!

Kenzie Holley said...

Sounds like fun! I SO wish I was there right now!

Vicki said...

Hello Melanie,
I'd love to be able to visit New York City and see a Broadway play someday, you are so lucky! I'm not sure I can ask you to visit a website here, but it benefits a child with a caring bridge site. They have cute bows for little girl's hair. Check out if you can.

Judy Cousans said...

So glad ya'll are having a great time! I can testify to the fact that all the baby girls are being well taken care of! They were here at the house this afternoon and Eric, Maddi, Ellie, and I picked muscadines. The girls thought that was the funnest thing ever! They'd yell, "I got one....put it in the bucket!" It was a chore when I asked Courtney and Julianne to do it, but the girls thought it was a game. Eric and I absolutely adore all three of them! Hope the rest of your trip is as fun filled as the first part!! Your "pack" is very blessed to have the friendship that you have!

Amanda said...

So glad you're having a great trip! Jake signs and all!!

When you get back in town and can look, not sure if you have seen this on etsy, but these are the cutest shirts EVER! I can see GG and Ellie in one now! If you've seen them already... ignore me!

Christie said...

Wow what fun. I had forgotten there was a Shrek musical. I would love that. I wanted to see Grease. I watched the tv show when they were auditioning for the parts. I wanted to see if the two who were chosen for Danny and Sandy lived up to what they thought they would.Cant wait for more pictures.

snekcip said...

That Jake is just one awesome kid!!! Talk about an adrenaline overdrive just seeing and hearing about all the happenings you guys are experiencing in NYC!! Green w/envy as the shoes you are wearing and you know that is GREEN!!!

BTW: Loved your blouse in the group picture!! Caaaaa-ute!!!