Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A special relationship.

WHY is Gabbi Girl so happy you ask?!
Because Miss Jean is HERE!!!
Miss Jean has been with my girls since Ellie was only a month old.
And would you believe she and Ellie have the same birthday? It was meant to be!
Miss Jean can get my girls to eat things I can't, to sit still and play when I can't and most importantly at this juncture...
to sit on the POTTY when I can't!!
She brings her granddaughter, Dee, with her in the summers, and my girls just love to play with her.
Can you tell my baby girl adores her?!
We all do!
Thank you, Miss Jean!

And by the way.  THANK YOU ALL for the new canvas orders.  I sold just about everything I posted and have lots of new things to paint!!!  I am so excited.  I LOVE the custom orders!  Fun.


stephleighjenkins said...

You can see the love in Gabbi's eyes for Miss Jean and look how much love you see in Miss Jean's eyes. Priceless!

tricia said...

Thank God for great babysitters!

Amy said...

Such sweetness in those pictures. It is so wonderful when you can find someone that loves your kids and treasures them just as much as you do. Very special lady!

Question, about the paintings that I oohed and aahed over. I did not comment yesterday because I thought it seemed like it was for people that were local as far as shipping goes. Would you make a special order for someone in Florida? My sons newly done room has bare walls because he went from puppy dogs and frogs to a basketball room. By the way loved your creativity, colors that I would never have dreamt putting together looked incredible, you are extremely artistic!!!

c.holley said...

That first picture of Gabbi is so precious. I can tell she loves Miss Jean!

Connor said...

OMG!! You won't believe this, but I taught Ms Jean's granddaughter, Dee, in 4th grade at Swayze Elementary!!! Dee is a super sweet & super smart girl! Her grandmother is the greatest as well! You definitely have some great people taking care of your girls!

snekcip said...

Ms Jean reminds me so much of my mother who passed a few years ago. She had such a special connection w/all her grandkids, and they lovingly called her Big Momma! She acquired that name by the oldest grandchild who would repeatedly call her MOMMA, so as not to confuse him, she would say "Derek, that's momma there (pointing at my sister in law) and then said "she's the little momma" to that my nephew asked "well does that mean your the BIG MOMMA?" and she answered...well I guess you're right!

The name stuck and BIG MOMMA was the name she was coined! My mom (Big Momma) had the same hairstyle as Ms Jean, same loving smile and an uncanny ability to get the grandkids/friends kids/neighborhood kids to do things with no opposition!

Boy did everyone love their BIG MOMMA!!!!I'm sure Ms Jean has that "look" that means business too!! I was a recipient of "the look" for many years! I still don't remember what the lady that sat behind us every Sunday in church looked like! That lady couldn't carry a tune in a bag!! I had better not turned around and took a gander,and HEAVENS forbid LAUGH!! BIG MOMMA DIDNT PLAY THAT! So I was left w/my vivid imagination...was it the lady w/the OVERSIZED HAT that blocked everyone view within a mile radius or was it the lady that brought the yucky green peppermint EVERY SUNDAY!

When I was grown and attending church on my own, I was still was hesitant to turn around, who knows Big Momma was probably a couple seats behind me and I sure didnt wanna be a recipient of "that look" even as a grownup!!! Oh such fun memories...Thanks Mo, for sending me back down memory lane!!!

Jennifer said...

Aww Ms Jean's lucky! When I was a nanny, I got so attached to the kiddos.

Are you taking orders on your etsy sight or by email?

MLP said...

What a blessing!!! For everyone involved!

Holley Sisters said...

Awwww! That's so sweet!

Mackenzie =)

Carrie said...

You are so very luck to be blessed with someone like Miss Jean.

As for the canvas'...I will make my order, just not sure what I want yet. I'll e-mail you when I figure it out. I'm sure you have plenty of orders to keep you busy till I decide!

Beth E. said...

How wonderful that you have such a great babysitter! Great could they NOT be great, considering how adorable your kiddos are?!

Kim said...

Mo ~ your cup runneth over! What a blessing you have in Ms. Jean!!

I WANT a canvas ~ I just am not fully sure what I want yet!! I will shoot you an email when I figure myself out!! lol...

I just was checking in on Brian Hess, and was so excited to see that he is back working with Karl for 3 weeks!! What a fantastic day he had....15 steps ~ absolutely AMAZING!! Way to go MMPT....keep up the amazing work ~ you are ALL truly heaven sent!!