Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And where are you going, Miss Lady?

I don't know if I have mentioned this yet or not, but my kid LOVES accessories.  

Jusssssssst kidding! 
She goes and finds them and chooses them all by herself, and as you can see has a unique way of wearing them... especially the headbands!  (and note her purple high heels with stars) 
This is Ellie telling me for the 100th time that she wants to go outside, (and I am sure for the 100th time I told her how hot it was out there!) .
Well.  Look who won!  
Of course, she had to slip into her "fancy shoes" and pared down to only one necklace.  (Mosquitos in LA are like small birds... just sayin'!) 
Ellie changes her shoes like the wind blows.  She had pink, purple, and green heels on from the time I came in from work until the time she announced to me that she was going over to Sarah's! 
"I go see Sarah."  
"NO, Ellie.  Sarah is not home."
"I go see Sarah."  
"Ellie, I don't think Sarah is home.  Stay here with mom." 
Clop, clop, clop across the deck! 
"Ellie Susanne, you better come back here.  Mom is fixing (LA thing!) to go inside."  
"Huh? (If I jussssst dont' look back...)  Go ahead, then! Do what you gotta do."  
Wait.  Is she really going in?!  
Oh who cares?  I know how to get to Sarah's!  I don't need a guide! 
Clop, clop, clop.
"Ellllliiiieee, come back here!"  
"I mean it.  You come back here right now."  
"Hey, can I see your shoes?"  
"Huh?  What? Did you say you want to see my shoes?"  

"Let mama get a close up of those granny looking feet in those granny looking shoes."  
"Oh, Ellie. You look so pretty.  Your shoes are so fancy.  You are a smart girl."  
"Duh!  I know! "

Special request tonight... the local paper has a contest for folks to go and vote for their favorite PT clinic.  Well, I have no shame, so I thought I would tell you how to do it.  Go to and look at the far right where it says vote for the best of the Delta.  Click it, and you can vote for all kinds of things.  Under Physical therapy, see Melanie Massey PT and click it.  Then, of course, go to Dance Schools and vote for Linda Lavendar School of Dance.  That is Miss Linda who we eat with every Sunday night.  Johnnye Ford is there too, under insurance agent.  So is Mr. Joe Ford under home builders.  Oh, and Staci Albritton is my favorite photographer.  Just sayin!  I want my peeps to win!  

Soooo, if you have a minute, click on over there and add your vote.  I would really appreciate it!  Gooooo, MMPT!  I have an awesome staff!! They should be recognized! 

 Speaking of awesome staff... remember Brian Hess?  Well he is back in our clinic, and I am sure he would love some love.  Send him and his wife, Kimen, some sweet words of encourgement.  They are a Godly couple who are STAYING THE COURSE!!  Tenacity.  Love.  Enduring.  FAITH!!  

You people out there in Blogland ROCK!!  Mo


Cassie12 said...

Just voted for you....Good Luck

tricia said... this is how it went down. I head over to that site to vote. Where it asks my age,it had the nerve to reject my response when I typed in "old".It only accepts numbers! Here I was concentrating so hard to remember who you said to vote for that I forgot to vote for YOU. Thank goodness it said I could come back to vote for any I left blank. Gee,I told you I was OLD! LOL

Jerry said...

Just voted Mel. Good Luck. I don't live in WM anymore but found some old favorites too. Amanda and Laura both took dancing from Miss Linda. I have been following your blog for awhile. Your daughters are beautiful and you are a great mom. I know Jin is so proud of you and Staci. Remember us from your pageant days?

Shannon said...

Just voted Mo....I have this feeling you're gonna win!!!!

snekcip said...

Mo I voted for you two days ago! HA! Check out your Facebook msg from me! Okay I gotta go back and vote for the other folks now!

Ellie is just too cute in those heels!! That Ellie is just too funny! Work it Ellie!

PS Get some SKIN SO SOFT from AVON for the mosquitos it works wonders, especially for these TX mosquitos, who are miniature vampires w/wings!

Holley Sisters said...

That's so funny! Ellie, you're gonna be some kind of super model when you grow up! =)


Sammie said...

Your wish is my command o great teacher! I went and voted. Can you only vote once??

Miss Thang is just to prissy! Gotta love her! :o)

Belinda said...

I voted....Good luck!!!

Love the post btw (as usual)

Denise said...

Gotta love the spunk and independence of Ellie Sue!!! Can't wait to hear how y'all cope when she's in her teens! :o)
Well, I did all my voting.... I used my 2 daughters' zip codes since they live in the USA. I voted for everyone you had noted (MMPT is a no-brainer!!!), but I noticed you forgot to put "Johnny's Pizza" on your list so I voted for them as well. That pizza has got to be the best this side of the south pole!!
Good luck!!
Angel hugs, Denise

SarahBeth said...

yay! go vote!!!!

Heather said...

Hey Mel-

I am an avid reader of your blog, first place I start every night, and you have inspired me to start my own!! I would love you to stop by and sign up as a follower!!

I even have my husband asking me how gabbi and ellie are everynight. He sees me reading your blog all the time! You give me a smile to my day!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

That's the dress I made Ellie!!!!!!!!!

I forgot how stinkin' cute it was! That child reminds me of one I have here at the house........and fixing is a Southern think. I tell ya!

Bring the fam and come on to Bham! We are here and ready to for company in the new house. And don't ever ask if you can come again :)))))) You're always welcome!

Carrie said...

So you have mosquitos as big as birds and man-eating crickets and it is too hot to even go outside. So, why again do you choose to live in LA???? HA! Just kidding. We have mosquitos as big as birds here in MN and it gets WAAAAAAYY too cold here in the winter so I think you are one up on me. I'd take hot over frigid ANY DAY!

connie said...

i voted for you and i love the pics of elli so precious


michelle said...

My oldest welts like that from bites too. Here, we use sedum, live forevers, not sure what you call them there, pull off a leaf, pull off the thin skin on the back and rub it on, cuts the healing time by a couple of days for us. She welts for about a week, and it cuts it down to 3-4 days, MUCH better!
Love reading the blog and have been a follower since you updated for Jake. I enjoy reading a lot!

kate523 said...

Hey Mel! You've been hearing alot from me. I voted from 5 of my different email addresses (I never realized how many I have). Good luck!

I love Ellie's accessorizing. That's the one thing I miss with having a boy. Although, he does like is Mardi Gras Beads he gets at parades. LOL


PS. Thanks for the info on the camera. My husband and I agree that it's exactly what we want since our clunker camera still works great too.