Saturday, July 4, 2009


Last batch. Seriously! And then, it is back to regular blog world.

Question #? : I lose count!
From Lisa, from Alabama: How do you pronounce, "pistolettes" ?
You are correct. or at least that is how we say in in LA! Pisto- lets!

Question# ?: From Mary... WIll you let the girls' birthmoms have a relationship with the girls?
Well, that is one of those deals we will have to wait and see. Or cross that bridge when we get there kind of things. Ellie's mom is still quite young, and she has made no effort to contact me. She is probably kinda sorting through her own life right now. When and if she makes contact, we will see where we are in life, how old the girls are and their level of understanding and what not! I suspect there won't be a whole lot of "secrets" in our lives. I think you know by now that my life is kind of an open book! And our adoption is considered "open" in that they know who and where I am and I know who and where they are. As for Gabbi's mom, I have taken Gabbi to see her, but it didn't seem all that well-received, so I will just let her contact me if and when she feels like also. And then, we will again have to see where life has us. I would not necessarily ask them to babysit or anything like that, but I think it would be healthy for them to know that LOTS of people loved them and made decisions that were healthy to give them happy lives.

Question #?: Tammy asks, "HOw do you have time to do all that you do?" I do not know! I get asked that and "When do you sleep?" all the time. Really, I do. I just dont' waste a lot of time, I suppose. I LIKE to do so many things, that I would never want to just sit on the couch and watch tv, when I could watch tv and make a mini book or organize my pics on my puter, or conjure up a new blog post. I am notorious for bringing along a rolling suitcase when we go to our friends' house on Friday nights. They sometimes berate me for not just sitting around and chillin', but I remind them, that I am there, and that I am listening and participating, I just need my hands to be busy. I've always been that way! Oh, Tammy, and might I add.  I have a staff!  You know, a lot of people who are there to help me with whatever.  Especially, a Jessi!  She is in the process of designing my girls' birthday invitations right now.  As well as cute return address labels and monogram seals for the back.  I stopped by her house yesterday, and we finalized!  She will also help me mail them out tomorrow.  And when I need to mail things out, and as you know work long hours, I have a Renee or a Cindy who make sure that stuff gets handled.  And I have  Robin who is known for making trips to Hobby Lobby when I am in a crisis situation and don't have the right color cardstock for a project!  So, let me give credit where credit is due!  I definitely ask for help when I need it.  You should find your circle of friends who will help you too!  

Question#?: From Lori... well by now, you know how Todd and I met! So, thank you for playing! But I will show you a couple of cute pics of my cute little husband since you asked and all!
Todd never really liked handling the girls when they were teeny tiny. Just so fragile, ya know?! Question #?: Kathryn. I am coming! Just keep that guest room open! Maybe in the fall. give me a date. That is how it works best. October? Maybe you could take me to cool places for buying Christmas gifts. Wait. Canton is October. What about November? Is it cold there? or maybe September? Am I asking the question or you? Just contact me, we'll hook up. August?!

Question #?: Susan from California asks: Is your new home 2 story? Yes, it kinda is. It will have a spiral staircase in the kitchen that takes you to a loft. Do you remember my cottage that I have in my garden presently? Well, I LOVE it, and knew that I had to have a similar one in my new house. The loft hangs over the kitchen, art room, and dining room. It is all open to the living space below. There will be a bedroom there for guests, and we will mainly use it as our workout room. hahahahahaha
(the cottage has the only "tan" wall in all of my house, business, or anything else! WHAT was I thinking?! )

and: Lapband info... no, you won't be able to have a great big ol' time on the cruise. But let this picture be an inspiration to you! (taken in 2006ish. We picked up trash on the road for the JOR Foundation.) You will learn what you can and cannot eat. It is definitely a big change. When I was planning to get mine, I was most concerned about social eating and dinner out with friends. I will not lie to you. It sucks at times! But did you see pictures in previous post? Ok, then! I probably like shower food the best. Dips, crackers, little sweets. I can eat sweets like nobody's business! Except cake. Just the icing for me. As for the last part of that question. She will have to answer that one for you.
(Todd decided he would bake homemade cookies from SCRATCH for our friends for Christmas. They rocked!)

Next question from Beth E, mom to newly graduated son, Bo:
How much sleep do you get? Do I ever just kick back and relax? or do you GO all the time?

Beth, I know people can't understand me, but my engine stays on "high". That is how we describe it to the kids who come to therapy for ADHD. We teach them about different engine levels. And then we teach them how to use calming techniques when they are on high. I think that maybe my calming technique involves staying busy with my hands! I have already mentioned that I sleep usually from about midnight or 1:ooish til about 6:30ish. My favorite day of the week is Friday, because I know there is nothing to get up early for on Saturday.

And Beth, how can I just "kick back" when I have so many ribbons that need a purpose?!
Denise: Thank you! Especially for the "uber inspirational" part! Come visit!

Question from Laurie, from "Hicktown, NE". Is adoption expensive? and where do I start?
Look at these.... The very day Gabbi Girl was born! She was a peanut! Well, yes, adoption can be very expensive. But I think there are ways, such as fostering through a state program, which can greatly lessen that burden. Todd and I, as you said were very lucky (aka blessed!!) to get our girls in the manner that we did. And although the brithmoms were entitled to as much money, basically, that they could prove they needed, (including any car notes, house notes, gas money, pregnancy clothes, school tuition... and the list goes on.), neither did that. They both said they wanted the best thing for the baby. And honey, that was a GREAT BLESSING! God bless our birthmoms!! Prior to getting the girls, we had looked into adoption, briefly, through agencies.
I did a lot of homework, looking for attorneys in ours and neighboring states who were in a particular "club" of attorneys that specifically handled adoptions. This is my list! It is important that the attorney knows how to cross those t's and dot those i's. The picture above is my list! I just went right through it, checking them off as I called them.Found them online and had them mail us packets. Now that is pretty dang expensive! The biggest expense for us, in both adoptions, was the attorney fees. I would recommend you find an adoption attorney nearby and also check with a social worker who may can tell you about fostering. But the most important thing of all... tell everyone you want to adopt. You never know who knows somebody!

Zhohn, who has been MIA, asked: Have you given anymore thought to buying a van? Well, Zhohn, with you having a dream this week about our buying a van, and Todd dreaming that I was pregnant with another girl... oh my! NO, no van! and NO, haven't even thought about it again. Sticking with my Excursion (which is like a BUS )and Hummer. Those two big macs are doing great to get our passe around with all our strollers, carseats, art projects, diaper bags, and such, just fine!

Catherine: I am skipping your questions, because I am going to learn to use my scanner and I will contribute an entire post to you one day! Yes, I suppose we enjoyed the pageants, but we definitely knew when we were tired of them. Jin wanted me to make sure to say she was NOT a pageant mom who MADE us do it. She said when it was time to stop for sports, she gladly obliged! We did win all kinds of scholarships and even a nifty set of luggage. Staci and I were both state title winners! As for my babies.... Nah! Probably no pageants for them. I hardly think that would be fair to the other contestants!!

Patricia: That sounds FUN! Let's talk!

And last question: Nita: Also thanks. She asked me if I was realizing my "influence" on so many. I am definitely not aware of that. I am more aware on a daily basis of the influence I have on my patients' lives. Not only my adult patients who often need a healthy dose of encouragement, but also the hope and care we,as a clinic, give the parents of the kids who come there. That is a much more "tangible" and daily recognizable influence, and one that I am very proud to be a part of. I am thankful that you think that of me, and humbled, really!

Easter pics from around 2007. J Man is such a cutie. You reading, Vicki? Lindsey? And you will certainly know when I start my classes!

Well, people. This concludes our ASK MO for July 2009. Next time I need a break from "normal" blogging, I will certainly know where to turn. You kept me very busy indeed! Will have 4th pics and a JinJin birthday party to post soon.

Have a Happy Sunday. and a good week. It is the only of July 5th, 2009 you will ever have. So mindfully make it a joyful one.



Zhohn said...

That would be great if Todd's dream were true! I know Q & A is over but Mo, how in the world are you going to part from your AMAZING garden and all your meaningful statues? You can email me if you would rather.
I haven't edited a pic for you in forever. I feel so bad, it's probably been a year! I may get on that this afternoon. I can't manage my time like you do.

Can't wait for 4th pics! Love your babies!

Ally said...

Hey Mo. Can't wait to see pics of the girls in the cute 4th outfits! You never did answer my questions. I posted them after the shake posts.

tricia said...

thanks for answering the many questions. you do inspire people;please know that!

Now tell your sister Staci to get off that boat at the beach and head on home. We're still waiting for the rest of her house pics!

Mom2Abby&ChloeGrace said...

Hey Mel- loved the Q & A. Hope you had a great weekend.

MLP said...

You really do inpsire and I'm so glad to know you!!!

Cori said...

You were a trooper on the Q and A!! I am hopfully going to buy an external hard drive this week, because right now I'm in the same position you are with my pictures. If you want to send me the pics to edit, email them to I have a feeling you prefer color, but let me know if you like any black and white or sepia!! Excited to have new material to play with...

Holley Sisters said...

Cute pics of Gabbi and Ellie! They have the sweetest smiles!


Rhonda said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Mo Q&A segments!! I went to Canton on Friday ~ hotter than a firecracker! The patchwork pants lady had patchwork skirts that could be worn as short strapless dresses if you pulled them up to your chest! It was cute but I'm too tall for that....dress too short for a 44 year old! And not too flattering! But we do need to meet up in October!! And I saw TONS of LSU stuff and thought of yall and my new LSU next door neighbors! In fact, I let Savannah buy a LSU necklace for the little girl that lives next door to us!

Sammie said...

I think you have more influence on people than you will ever know. Last night I was visiting Mo' Joy and somehow it was still on the computer screen when my hubby picked up the laptop. He asked who/what Mo' Joy was. I told him you were the lady that taught me to scrapbook! :o)

Now he knows who got me hooked on my new hobby that has taken over our dinning room. He is on his way to pay you a visit. :o)

Ally said...

Ok Mo here is my questions:
Are the new shirts from Shake available for purchase yet? What about the other goodies that was in the store? I am in need of a new believe shirt, my yellow one from Memphis is about worn out.
Can you make me a custom jewerly order?
Thanks for visting my blog.
I have a wonderful idea: we need to have a "blog girls" weekend. We could scrapbook, make jewerly, paint and do fun girly things all weekend! Watcha think!!