Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

Happy 6th of July!
I'll bet you will just NEeeevvver guess where we went!  
We all donned our red white and blue and headed to the Fords.  We had lots of leftover food from the night before when we threw JinJIn a birthday party, so the food part was handled. 
Here is our hostess.  By now, you could pick her out at WalMart!  Our good buddies have gone back to the beach for a baseball tournament, leaving us here to tend kids and work.  Some friends!  
Staci and Don brought my sweet little niece over. 
YOu know the one who, a year ago, raided the ice chest with my heathen! 
Wow.  How time has flown.  Look at the difference! 
PauPau had all the watermelon all cut up for little hands! 
Ellie is absolutely in a phase where she will NOT stop and let me take her picture.
ANd now that Gabbi Girl is up and at em, she is a little "busy" too, shall we say.
This is Mr. Joe.  You will be hearing a lot about him in the next YEAR or so.  He is our general contractor.  And Johnnye and Linda Lou's dad. 
Gabbi and Ellie had on little matching sundresses, but would you believe I never caught them in the same frame?  Dang! 
Staci was the smart one who brought her swimsuit, so she got to be the chaperone in the pool. 
At least she didn't have to worry much about this one.  She just strolled....
and strolled.....
and strolled.....
around the pool.  Of course, gathering little knickknacks along the way to tote with her.  She is just not all that crazy about the water.  I would have never believed that if you had told me that is how she would be a year ago.  She would stay in that bathtub all day long!   
This one, on the other hand, realllllllly digs the water!  
Of course, do you see the chaperone, Emma in this picture?  Well, I don't think Ellie felt particularly safe, so that may have also been her impetus to get OUT of that water!  
Now Gabbi Girl... she is a FISH!!  
She would start screaming if we started up the stairs to get out of the water! 

And hellllllo, Bo! 
That swimming wore the pretty little thing out!  She fell asleep right on Daddy's lap, with head hanging upside down. 
That is kinda sweet, huh? 
And to finish off our day, Staci piled em on and rode next door, where I had to drive to pick up Ellie lest she miss out on this huge treat! 
and Staci and Don... thank you for that stomach bug!  FUN! 


Tammy said...

Did you say stomach bug? Yuck! They better make it up to ya, and on the 4th to boot! You and Staci could pass for twins in that picture of Staci on the 4 wheeler with the kids! She is on the weight lose wagon too I see, ya'll are looking good!! Hugs from Fort Worth!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great pictures...I love watching your family grow...

Anonymous said...

Look athere! Staci is back from the beach?! Tell her to get her tail up and blog about Shake!! I mean, she's got time to swim it up at the neighbors and doesn't even have time to blog?$$%^ I need to chat with her!!:))) The girls look so cute in their dresses....I'm just impressed you got pictures of both of them, even though they're not together! Oh, and Mo, yes, I have heard of that place in Atl....we can make a trip of it. Come on to Bham and we will shop it up. There is also another great place.....I'll send you an email. Glad yall had fun with the hoodies!!!!!

MLP said...

OH no...hope you guys aren't all dealing with the stomach bug. That's the worst!

Fun party and cute, cute girls!!!

Kelly said...


Kathryn said...

Not another stomach bug! I am sorry. I hope you are better today.

Momma and Her Doodle said...

What is that ring called that is in the poolthat holds the kids up?
That looks like something I would get for our Doodle.. can you please find out the name of it or where I can purchase one?

More great pictures, WOW Ellie's hair has just lightened up from the sun! Gabbi look like she is doing great!


Ally said...

So cute. Sorry you have the stomach bug. I hope the girls don't get it.

Holley Sisters said...

Sounds like ya'll had alot of fun! Tell Gabbi Lou and Ellie Sue hi for me, please!

Mackenzie =)

kate523 said...

Cute pictures as always! I loved the Q&A posts. You said in several of your posts that you have a video camera you love. What is it? I'm thinking of replacing my 11 year old camera.


Tina said...

Just looked at the clock a minute ago and saw 11:11. I needed that, thanks Jake!!!!!

Holley Sisters said...

Sounds like fun!! I love the outfits! GG is so cute!


snekcip said...

The bug has made his way to LOUISIANA!!! He wreaked havoc in our TX household! I was ready to be taken out to the pasture on day 2 of the "bug"! My "sweet one" brought it home from daycare and it just made it's ICKY way into everyone unsuspecting "system"! She handled it like a trooper! Me, the hubby and college age daughter was literally bed-ridden for 2-3days!! It left us with little parting "gifts" such as cold sores, ER tabs, Dr visit bills, only to be told...IT HAS TO WORK IT'S WAY OUT YOUR SYSTEM within 24-48 hrs!!! Say what!!!!

Hope you feel better soon Mo, drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest!!! Hope YOUR BUG is not as mean as the one that stop for a visit with us!!

PS Love the girls pics and dresses!! We visited my brother for the holiday and he has pool and Bree stayed in the pool the entire day, she was ZONKED by the time I got home, she slept during her entire bath (had to get the chlorine off her) and while I got her dressed for bed!!The kid didn't blink an eye!!! The pool is my new BFF!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey sorry the bug has hit your household. LOVE the dresses for the 4th on the girls, they are so cute. Looks like you all had a great time! I wanna be one of your kids lol.
Tell "Bo" aka Staci that pic is hawt and she DOES look like her in that pic, what a riot.
I mentioned ya in my blog today ;)

Beth E. said...

What neat pictures...another fun celebration in your family!

Sorry to hear about the stomach bug. Hope everyone is feeling better, soon!

Kacy said...

Hey Mel,
Did Brian Hess get to come back to your clinic? She posted Friday, but hasn't updated. I've been following them since the last time they were there to see you.