Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A beautiful fairy princess

Ohhhh, Ellie Sue, you ARE a funny child!  
Isn't she a sight?  She went and found this, "Ellie Happy Birthday present" and insisted that someone put it on her.  She was struggling to do it herself, as we are currently also passing through THAT stage too!  
and you KNOW that if we are a real fairy princess, then we have to have a couple of pigtails to boot!  
She absolutely loves to dress up.  I suppose most all kids do at some point, but isn't she a little YOUNG to be into to this degree?  I mean she has only been two by a couple of weeks!  Or is this normal at this age?  Dr. Spock?  Hello?  Paging Dr. Spock.
and mostly, I decided on these pictures tonight, because our daddy flew out today for a week.  We won't be seeing him until this weekend.  We have lots of activities planned and an agenda of visitors, but it won't be the same without dear old dad.  
So, dad, if you are reading, figure out how to sign in and give us a shout out.  Mom may be bald when you get back!  But dang our girls are cute!  Mo


Ally said...

Love the piggy tails. I hope you have a good week without your hubby, I know you will have your handsfull. Try and get some rest! HaHa!!

MLP said...

Never too young to accesorize or be a princess!!! You go, Ellie Sue!

Dawn said...

I love that she is such a busy little princess. Both of your girls are just precious. It's a treat to read about them and see the pictures of their everyday fun.

I am so happy for you and Todd. What a blessing you both are to your baby girls.

Renee said...

I've been out of town for several days, so I'm just getting to my computer to catch up. Love the pony and pigtails. I can't believe but it looks like Gabbi's hair is starting to thickin up. She'll have pigtails before you know ittoo. Your canvases are awesome. What a great gift for your patients.

Beth E. said...

Of course Ellie's a princess! She has been from day one! :-)

The princess pigtails are adorable.